The Most Comprehensive Range Of Power Plant Maintenance Cosnumables From One Source


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The Most Comprehensive Range Of Power Plant Maintenance Cosnumables From One Source

  1. 1. Explore the world of MRO solutions for Power Plants from - Project Sales Corporation 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh Visakhapatnam 530020 Call 0891 2564393, 5566482
  2. 2. The Power Brands we represent in your region Explore your options™ We help over 30 power generation, transmission, and distribution companies in this region in keeping their equipments stay in service longer, with less maintenance under some extremely challenging conditions. Today we are a stop source for most of your maintenance consumables. Explore your options with us. Chose products from the world’s leading MRO brands in the power industry: Dow Corning® Molykote® WD-40 ® Sylgard® Silastic® Recoil ® Hylomar® Stag B Hylogrip Devcon ® 3M™ Permatex LPS ® Magnaflux ®
  3. 3. Turbines Press-fit Surfaces: Molykote GN Plus Paste for easy assembly and disassembly. Parting Plane Bolts/Studs: Molykote 1000 or Molykote P37, premium antiseize pastes. P37 recommended by GE, Siemens, Rolls Royce, MTU, etc for stainless steel alloy fasteners. Pedestal Bearing Parting Plane: Hylomar non-hardening gasket compound. Blade Root and Hub Areas: Molykote 3402C/ P74 Spray. Parting Plane Flanges: Stag B Jointing Compound Trunion Support: Molykote P 74 Paste/Spray Repair of damaged threads: Recoil Thread Repair kits NDT Inspection of Critical Components: Magnaflux Components Spotcheck Dye Penetrant Kits and Accessories
  4. 4. Valves, ‘O’ Rings and Oil Seals Steams/Spindles: Dry lubrication with Molykote 321R AF coating Gland Packings in steam zones: Molykote Z Powder for better sealing Oil seals and ‘O’ rings: Molykote 111 Compound to prevent leakages. Use also on solenoid valve ‘O’ rings. LNG Applications: Use Molykote 6169, resistance to natural gas. Repair of worn out areas: Devcon Metal Repair Epoxies
  5. 5. Gasketing/ Sealing From the highest temperature sealing compound for the turbine parting planes, to all metal-to-metal joints in your power plants, we have a complete range of jointing compounds, RTV silicone sealants, Non-hardening jointing compounds, Anaerobic sealants for virtually any maintenance, gasketing, jointing and sealing application. The brands we represent in this product category includes Stag B, Hylomar, Silastic, Dow Corning, Silite, Holdtite, Hylogrip, Permatex, etc. 24-48 hours delivery for all your requirements from one-source.
  6. 6. Actuators, Boilers, Blowers, etc Application Product Benefit Valve actuator and Molykote Long-term High load carrying capacity, thrust bearings 00 Grease soft semi-fluid grease Burner Tilting Molykote P 74 Paste/ High temperature resistance, Mechanism Spray long-term lubrication Pneumatic actuator of Molykote 55 M Grease Prevents jamming of burner tilting mechanism mechanism ID Fan bearing Molykote BG 20/ High temperature resistance G-0100 and long-term lubrication
  7. 7. Pulveriser Mill Plant: BHEL Recommendations Skirt Insulation: Use Molykote 41 Grease for pillow blocks and rope packings. Bowl Hub and Vane assembly: Molykote 1000 Journal Opening Cover and spring parting planes: Molykote 1000 Bowl Hub and Air Seal Insulation: Use Molykote 33 Silicone grease as a lip seal coating. Recommended by BHEL. Mill Loading Shaft Seals: Dow Corning 736 High Temperature RTV Silicone Sealant. Recommended by Babcock Energy Services
  8. 8. Corrosion Protection of Stored/ Assembled Mechanical Components With one of the most comprehensive range of products for rust loosening and tough disassembly applications, Project Sales Corp can provide the following brands from one source: WD-40, Rustlick 631, 3-in-one Professional, Dow Corning Penelube, Dow Corning Moly Penelube, etc. 24-48 hours stock delivery for all products. Specify the nature of the application, we can suggest the right product. In most cases, the Rustolene that is used in your workshop is also supplied by us. For corrosion protection of critical components after disassembly and prior to reassembly, we have corrosion protection wax coatings from Molykote – Molykote Metal Protector Plus and LPS Rust Inhibitors that can protect your machined components for as long as 2 years. For shorter duration rust protection Molykote Supergliss is recommended. Dow Corning Penelube is today one of the most widely used penetrating oils when it comes to turbines, boilers, mill areas in power plants. WD-40 is popular for its universal use across all rust loosening application.
  9. 9. Mechanical Components- Chains, Open Gears, Wire Ropes, etc From the most critical chains where you require complete dry lubrication to open gears exposed to dusty environments, we will have a product just right for you. Stocks of about 200 plus varieties of lubricants are maintained by us from Molykote, LPS, ICC, Dow Corning for various applications. Project Sales Corp services over 30 power plants with the most complete range of specialty lubricants from Molykote. Lubricants are available in various form depending on the application – greases, sprays, pastes, dry lubricants, dispersions, oil, etc for brush, spray, drip, and dip applications. Any problem, Many Solutions. Explore your options with us.
  10. 10. Electrical Motors •Sealants for lead wire entries •Cleaners and Degreasers •Sealants for flanges •Sealants for end covers •Protective Coatings for motor windings overhang portion •Air drying Insulating Varnishes •Motor Bearing Greases •Assembly Paste & Anti-seize compounds •BASEEFA Approved sealants for flameproof motors
  11. 11. Disconnect Switches Knife Type Electric Disconnect Switches: Molykote 41, electrically conductive, oxidation resistant grease. Square D safety Switches 600 V and below: Molykote BG 20 Synthetic Grease. Switch Contacts: Dow Corning 5 Compound, passed Pascor Rating. Switch Contacts Metal Free Paste: Molykote P 37.
  12. 12. Insulators Silicon grease to prevent arcing and flashovers – DC 5 and 3099 High voltage insulator coatings for long term flashover protection – Sylgard HVIC Repair of chipped insulators with putties – Devcon WR Putty Brushable coatings to restore IR values – Devcon Brushable Ceramic Cleaners and degreasers from LPS OE Approved Reactor Coatings
  13. 13. Transformers Sealants for transformer flange sealing Silicone Transformer Fluids Online repair of leakages in flanges with putties Silicone greases and coatings for bushings Protection products for animal induced flashovers on transformer exposed terminals Sealants for cable wire entry points Fire barriers for small penetrations
  14. 14. Miscellaneous Applications Structural Protection Cold Galvanizing Sprays Bright Galvanizing Sprays Rust and Corrosion Protection Rust Inhibitors Wax Coatings Contacts Cleaning and Degreasing On-line and Off-line Cleaners
  15. 15. Miscellaneous Applications Conductive Greases for Electrical Contacts Dry Lubrication for Circuit Breaker Components Lubricants for O ring and plastic component lubrication Silicone Elastomers for PCB potting applications Conformal coatings and conformal coating removers Insulating Tapes for HV terminals Heat Sink Compounds and Thermal Conductive Materials Fire resistant barriers for large penetration openings
  16. 16. Fire Protective Barriers For Cable Trays: 3M Composite Mats for large through penetrations. Telecommunication Ducts: 3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putties. Structural Columns: 3M Interam Mats Cables: 3M Firedam 2000 Coating Pipes: 3M Fire restricting collars Sealants: Dow Corning Firestop Sealants
  17. 17. Circuit Breakers Contacts: Molykote 41 Grease, conductive silicone grease. Sliding surfaces, linkages, guides, ways, cams, and open gears: Molykote 321R AF coating. O rings: Molykote 55M Grease where swelling effect is desired. Bearings where temperature goes below –40 degree C: Molykote 33 Grease. Non-conductive threaded connections: Molykote 1000 Anti-seize paste.
  18. 18. Our Contacts Phones: 91 891 2564393, 5566482 (Shivram) Fax: 91 891 2590482 Email: After hours: 91 891 2566293 Mobile: 98851 49412 (Satish Agrawal) Also you can log onto:,,,