Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluid now at Project Sales Corp


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Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluid now at Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. Product Safety Data Sheet LPS Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluid Bulk / Liquid Revision 2 Revision Date: 29/6/04 Supercedes 23/1/03 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND THE COMPANYPRODUCT NAME: LPS TAPMATIC #1 GOLD CUTTING FLUID (BULK / LIQUID)PART No.: M40320 , M40340SUPPLIER: Geocel Limited, Western Wood Way, Langage Science Park, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 5BG United KingdomTEL: +44 (0)1752 202060FAX: +44 (0)1752 3343842 COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTSINGREDIENT NAME EINECS CAS No. CONTENTS SYMBOL RISK No. (R No.)DIALKYLONYL/PHOSPHOROUS 139496-98-3 1-5 % XI 38ACID / ALKYL ALKANOLAMINEThe full text for all R-phrases are shown in section 16.COMPOSITION COMMENTS: Risk phrases in this section apply only to individual constituents and notthe finished preparation. 3 HAZARDS IDENTIFICATIONNot regarded as a health or environmental hazard under current legislation. 4 FIRST AID MEASURESINHALATION: If inhaled, provide fresh air. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.INGESTION: DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately and show this safety data sheet.SKIN: Wash affected area with soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical attention.EYES: In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water until irritation subsides. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. 5 FIRE FIGHTING MEASURESEXTINGUISHING MEDIA: This material is not flammable. 6 ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURESPRECAUTIONS TO Do not allow entry into drains or watercourses. If this occurs inform thePROTECT ENVIRONMENT: local authorities at once.SPILL CLEANUP METHODS: Use an absorbent material, e.g. sand, to mop up residues. See section 13 Disposal Considerations. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Product Safety Data Sheet LPS Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluid Bulk / Liquid Revision 2 Revision Date: 29/6/04 Supercedes 23/1/03 7 HANDLING AND STORAGESTORAGE PRECAUTIONS: Keep in original container. Keep container closed.8 EXPOSURE CONTROLS AND PERSONAL PROTECTIONINGREDIENT COMMENTS: OES = Occupational Exposure StandardPROCESS CONTROL MEASURES: Exposure to this material may be controlled in a number of ways. The measures appropriate for a particular worksite depend on how the material is used and on the potential for exposure. Use of the basic principles of Industrial Hygiene will enable this material to be used safely.VENTILATION: No specific ventilation requirements noted, but forced ventilation may still be required if air contamination exceeds acceptable level.HYGIENIC WORK ROUTINES: PERSONAL PROTECTION: Wear personal protective equipment appropriate to the task. 9 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIESAPPEARANCE: Liquid. COLOUR: Clear. Gold.ODOUR/TASTE: Mild (or faint). VAPOUR PRESSURE: <1mmHg @ 20 °CSOLUBILITY Insoluble in water. EVAPORATION RATE: <0.1(BuAc=1)DESCRIPTION:BOILING POINT (°C): 241 @ 760mmHg FLASH POINT (°C): 149SPECIFIC GRAVITY 0.84 @ 20 °C FLASH POINT METHOD: PM Closed cup.(Water=1):PARTITION COEFF. >1 AUTO IGNITION >200(Water/Octanol): TEMPERATURE (°C): 10 STABILITY AND REACTIVITYSTABILITY: There are no known stability problems associated with this product when stored and used under the conditions recommended.MATERIALS TO AVOID: Strong oxidizing agents.HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION Combustion will generate: smoke, possibly thick and choking,PRODUCTS: resulting in zero visibility. Combustion may also generate: oxides of sulphur. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Product Safety Data Sheet LPS Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluid Bulk / Liquid Revision 2 Revision Date: 29/6/04 Supercedes 23/1/03 11 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATIONHEALTH An acute toxicity study of this product has not been conducted. Information given inHAZARDS, this section relates only to individual constituents contained in this product.GENERAL:INHALATION: High concentrations of mist may irritate respiratory system and lead to headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.INGESTION: Harmful: small amounts of liquid aspirated into the respiratory system during ingestion or from vomiting may cause lung damage.SKIN: May cause defatting of the skin, but is not classified as an irritant.EYES: May cause slight transient irritation. 12 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATIONENVIRONMENTAL An ecotoxicity study of this product has not been conducted. However, this productHAZARDS: contains no substances that are classified as dangerous for the environment. 13 DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONSDISPOSAL Recycle empty containers if facilities are available. Dispose of in accordance withMETHODS: local authority recommendations. 14 TRANSPORT INFORMATIONThis product is not classified for the purposes of transport. 15 REGULATORY INFORMATIONRISK PHRASES: Not ClassifiedSAFETY PHRASES: Not ClassifiedUK REGULATORY Chemicals (Hazard Information & Packaging) Regulations.REFERENCES: Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Product Safety Data Sheet LPS Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluid Bulk / Liquid Revision 2 Revision Date: 29/6/04 Supercedes 23/1/03 16 OTHER INFORMATIONUSER The purpose of the above information is to describe this product only in terms of Health andNOTES: Safety requirements. The information given therefore, should not be construed as guaranteeing specific properties or specification. Customers should satisfy themselves as to the suitability and completeness of this information for their own particular use, bearing in mind any other Health and Safety legislation or regulations. The information and recommendations in this publication are to the best of our knowledge reliable. However, nothing herein is construed as a warranty or representation. Statements concerning the use of the products described herein are not to be construed as recommending the infringement of any patent and no liability for infringement arising out of any such use is to be assumed.INFORMATION SOURCES: HSE EH40 Occupational Exposure Limits. Suppliers health & safety data sheets.R-PHRASES (Full Text): R-38 Irritating to skin. Page 4 of 4