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Sylgard Hvic Plus Pds

  1. 1. c d Product Information Electrical System SYLGARD® HVIC+ Maintenance One-part silicone coating designed for high-voltage insulators, instrument transformers and other high-voltage devices where surface contamination causes insulation problems FEATURES " Imparts arc resistance and APPLICATIONS hydrophobicity SYLGARD HVIC+ can be used in applications including: " Exhibits a unique ability to recover water " On glass, porcelain and composite insulators where improved surface dielectric repellency after contaminants are properties are needed. deposited on its surface " On line and station insulators, as well as bushings, instrument transformers and " Contains a special arc resistance additive related devices. that minimizes surface damage from " Increasing the surface resistance of bucket truck booms. electrical activity during extreme weather " Other applications requiring arc resistance such as barrier boards used in switch events gear and in large motors. BENEFITS TYPICAL PROPERTIES " Flashover protection Specification writers: These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. " Long term hydrophobicity Please contact your local Dow Corning sales representative prior to writing specifications on this product. COMPOSITION CTM* ASTM* Property Unit Value " Silicone RTV dispersion coating " Pourable liquid As supplied Color White or gray Percent solids % 75 0001A D1298 Specific gravity, wet 1.219 0095 Tack-free time minutes 30 As cured electrical properties 0112 D150 Dielectric constant at 60Hz 4.26 0112 D150 Dissipation factor at 60Hz 0.024 0114 D149 Dielectric strength at 50mils volts/mil 556 0171 D495 Dry arc resistance, track seconds 183 * CTM: Corporate Test Method, copies of CTMs are available on request. *ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials.
  2. 2. DESCRIPTION HOW TO USE HANDLING PRECAUTIONS SYLGARD HVIC+ is a one-part Before use, SYLGARD HVIC+ should Caution: SYLGARD HVIC+ is silicone RTV dispersion designed to be thoroughly agitated on a paint supplied in a combustible solvent. improve the performance of ceramic shaker or can roller to ensure When using combustible solvents, and non-silicone high voltage uniformity. keep away from heat, sparks and open insulators and similar apparatus. When flames. Use only with adequate properly applied and cured, a smooth SYLGARD HVIC+ should be applied ventilation. Avoid prolonged breathing elastomeric coating is formed over the in several coats over a clean, dry of vapor and prolonged or repeated surface of the insulator. The silicone surface. Any surface previously coated skin contact. Always follow solvent surface is highly hydrophobic when with a silicone grease should be container label instructions. new and exhibits a unique ability to cleaned thoroughly before applying the recover water repellency after coating. Product safety information required contaminants are deposited on its for safe use is not included. Before surface. Interaction between the Surfaces other than glass or porcelain handling, read product and safety data silicone coating and the contamination may require use of a primer to ensure sheets and container labels for safe use, occurs, which results in the adhesion. Consult Dow Corning physical and health hazard information. maintenance of high surface resistance Technical Service and Development The material safety data sheet is and reduced leakage currents, for primer recommendations. available on the Dow Corning website interrupting the process that leads to at You can also contamination flashovers. SYLGARD HVIC+ can be reapplied to obtain a copy from your local previously coated surfaces after Dow Corning sales representative or SYLGARD HVIC+ also contains a pressure water washing. Distributor or by calling your local special arc resistance additive that Dow Corning Global Connection. minimizes surface damage from The product is normally spray applied, electrical activity during extreme but can be applied by brushing or USABLE LIFE AND weather events such as salt storms. The dipping. An average dry thickness of STORAGE coating has been used to impart arc 20mils (0.020 inch) is recommended When stored at or below 32ºC (90ºF) in resistance and hydrophobicity to other on insulators. Two to three sprayed the original unopened containers, this devices, such as barrier boards used in coats are needed to attain this average. product has a usable life of 12 months switch gear and in large motors. Depending on temperature and from the date of production. humidity, full cure takes 2 to 6 hours. This product is designed to reduce Additional coats can be applied after When using SYLGARD HVIC+ from maintenance on insulators and 20 to 30 minutes. a previously opened container, any associated equipment by reducing or, cured skin must be removed from the in many cases, eliminating the need for For dilution, a high flash point surface. repetitive water washing, or 38ºC (100ºF) naphtha spirits solvent eliminating the need for repetitive is recommended. Acceptable solvents PACKAGING greasing. include Kwik Dri Naphtha Spirits 66 This product is available in 10, 45 and from Ashland Chemical and Solvent 450 lb (4.54, 20.4 and 204.1kg) 360 from Shell Oil. Equipment containers. recommendations can be obtained from Dow Corning. SYLGARD HVIC+ 2 Ref. no. 45-1121-01
  3. 3. LIMITATIONS LIMITED WARRANTY SYLGARD HVIC+ is a non-chalking, INFORMATION - PLEASE weather-resistant material; however, READ CAREFULLY electrical activity can cause erosion of The information contained herein is the coating. To provide maximum offered in good faith and is believed protection, a dry thickness of 20 mils to be accurate. However, because (0.020 inch) ±3 mils is recommended. conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this This product is neither tested nor information should not be used in represented as suitable for medical substitution for customers' tests to or pharmaceutical uses. ensure that Dow Corning's products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory SHIPPING LIMITATIONS for the intended end use. Suggestions DOT Classification: Combustible. of use shall not be taken as inducements to infringe any patent. HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL Dow Corning's sole warranty is that the INFORMATION product will meet the Dow Corning To support Customers in their product sales specifications in effect at the time safety needs, Dow Corning has an of shipment. extensive Product Stewardship organization and a team of Product Your exclusive remedy for breach of Safety and Regulatory Compliance such warranty is limited to refund of (PSRC) specialists available in each purchase price or replacement of any area. product shown to be other than as warranted. For further information, please see our website, or DOW CORNING SPECIFICALLY consult your local Dow Corning DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER representative. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. DOW CORNING DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. We help you invent the future. SYLGARD HVIC+ 3 Ref. no. 45-1121-01
  4. 4. SYLGARD HVIC+ We help you invent the future. is a trademark of Dow Corning Corporation. 4 28/08/2003 Dow Corning and SYLGARD are registered trademarks of Dow Corning Corporation. Ref. no. 45-1121-01 DC 4420 ©2003 Dow Corning Corporation. All rights reserved.