Effective Lubrication & Maintenance Solutions For
… Shipping & Marine Industry
Multipurpose Grease For Extreme Pr...
Shipping & marine industry
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Shipping & marine industry


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Shipping & marine industry

  1. 1. Effective Lubrication & Maintenance Solutions For … Shipping & Marine Industry Bearings Multipurpose Grease For Extreme Pressures Heavy Duty Bearing Grease For High Loads Exposed To Humidity, Steam or Saline Conditions Under Heavy Loads & Slow Speeds High Temperatures Molysulf BRB 2EP Grease ASV MT 10 Grease Molysulf NMG 47 Grease Molysulf RG Paste Molysulf NMG 47 Grease / ASV MT 25 Grease / ASV NMG 30 Grease Gearboxes Gearbox - Oils Gearboxes - Oil Lubricated Gear Tooth Flank Assembly (Refer to Product Bulletin # 11040 on Industrial Gearbox Oils) Molysulf R 55 Dispersion (Industrial Gear Oil Additive, addition level 5-10 % by vol) Molysulf RG Paste (as a pretreatment prior to assembly) Anti Seize Thread Compounds All threaded and flanged connections, steam joints, heat exchangers, valve bonnets, pipeline connections, nuts, bolts, fasteners, screws Molysulf ASTC Paste / Molysulf RG Paste / ASV STP Paste / Molysulf Copr Lube Paste Molysulf Nikkel Lube Press Fitting & Assembly All interference fits, gears, bearings, bushings, pins, newly built or repaired assembled surfaces Molysulf RG Paste / Molyrap Spray Valves, O-Rings, Gaskets & Mechanical Seals Valve Stems Sealing O-Rings / Water Washout / Chemical Resistance Mechanical Seals & Gaskets ASV DF 8221 Dry Film Lubricant Spray ASV 620 VG Silicone Grease ASV 620 VG Silicone Grease Molysulf RG Paste (pretreatment prior to assembly) Open Winch Gears, Other Open Gears Open Winch Gears Open Gears Under Extreme Loads ASV GR 10S Grease ASV KG 415 Open Gear Grease Wire Ropes Wire & Steel Ropes ASV RL 1 Grease / ASV RLF 1 Dispersion Grease Motors & Pumps Bearings - Non Melting Grease Bearings - Heavy Duty Grease Molysulf NMG 47 Grease Molysulf BRB 2EP Grease Chains Chains Exposed To High Temperatures ASV 1330 Oil (Bulk & Spray) ASV KL 460 Synthetic Chain Oil Mechanical Maintenance Gear Couplings Moisture & Steam Resistant Grease Multipurpose Maintenance Spray Instant Rust Penetrant Cleaner / Degreaser, Non Flammable ASV Coupling Grease (for grease lubrication / ASV 1330 or ASV GPS 460 Oil (for oil lubrication) ASV 642 Silicone Grease ASV Penetroil Spray ASV SFP Spray ASV CS 50 Spray Electrical Maintenance Contact Cleaner - On Line Cleaning Contact Cleaner - Off Line Cleaning Electrical Parts & Motor Degreaser Printed Circuit Boards ASV Premium Spray ASV Enviro Spray ASV CS 60 Spray ASV Elecpro Spray Corrosion Protection Spare Parts Corrosion Inhibitor Repair Of Damaged Hot Dip Galvanized Surfaces ASV RNC 30 / ASV RNC 60 Spray & Bulk ASV Bright Zink Spray ASV Specialty Lubricants Private Limited 334, Champaklal Industrial Estate, Sion (E), Mumbai-400 022, India Tel: +91 22 2409 3275 / 2409 3851 • Fax: +91 22 2407 5474 • Website: www.molysulf.com • Email: sales@ molysulf.com No. 11025 0 / 99 Molysulf & ASV are registered trademarks of ASV Specialty Lubricants Private Limited The information contained in this catalog is accurate to the best of our knowledge or is obtained from sources believed by us to be accurate. All products should be tested for suitability on a particular application prior to actual use. We make no representations of any kind and data mentioned herein is offered without warranty.