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Psc gloves selection chart

  1. 1. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart1When Project Sales Corp brought in the KONG Glove to India in 2009, it was the firstcompany to market a glove that would be a mandated requirement in the oilfield industry.Most glove guidelines are being re-written. One thing is clear from the new guidelines followedby global oil and gas companies - Improved-technology impact resistant gloves (examples:KONG, GGT5, Oil Rigger HD, etc.) must be used for daily routine tasks.The use of gloves will not prevent all hand injuries; the primary focus should always be toeliminate hand exposure to pinch points, crush points, impact zones, etc.Does your company have a task specific Glove Policy?Jobs MUST be evaluated to determine what specific hand protection is required. Appropriategloves (i.e., impact resistant, cut resistant, electrical resistant, etc.) for the specific job taskshould be worn until that task is completed.Project Sales Corp has spent several years researching the best options for the new improvedtechnology impact gloves and brings in the finest choices those are approved by major oil andgas companies.Attached is a copy of our gloves selection chart for your reference.By the way, did you know about our new Glove Clips?When changing from gloves used for daily routine tasks, consideration shouldbe given to using break-away glove clips to ensure that other appropriate gloves(e.g. specialty or gloves used for greater dexterity) are available at all times.To know more:Sarika RathiProduct Manager – HSEProject Sales CorpKakinada | Vizag | MumbaiMobile: +91-9821181084Email:
  2. 2. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart2Applicable PPE Specific type(example)Characteristics ApplicationImpact protectionglovesKong OriginalRoughneckMechanix ORHD“ImprovedTechnology” dailyroutine / generalpurpose gloves withdorsal / full fingerimpact protection TPR(Thermo Plastic Resin)All work exposed toimpact injuries (e.g.daily routine / generalpurpose work;handling pipe, handand power tools, andmaterials with roughsurfaces)Impact protectiongloves with cutprotectionHexArmor GGT5HexArmorRig LizardHexArmor ImpactHi-vis“ImprovedTechnology” withdorsal / full fingerimpact protection TPR(Thermo Plastic Resin)with added feature ofcut and punctureresistance.All work exposed toimpact injuries andinvolving cut andpuncture risk.
  3. 3. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart3HexArmor ImpactSlipFitCut resistancewithout impactprotectionSteelCoreTwo strands ofstainless steel wrappedwith polyester.Ideal for applicationwhere you need cutprotection.Impact protectiongloves with oil gripHexArmor GGT5MudKong HPTMCR Force FlexProvides impactprotection and grip inlight to medium wet /oily condition.All work exposed toimpact injuries andinvolving wet / oilycondition. Oil basedmud application.Oil grip withoutimpact protectionOil Grip by NorthImproved grip and highprotection achievedthrough improvedtechnology nitrilecoating.For handling oily orwet objects
  4. 4. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart4Oil grip withoutimpact protectionJokaOiler 45Built from PVC plasticlayers. Linings are100% none—allergeniccotton knit fabric.For handling oily orwet objectsImpact protection formechanical workMechanix MPACT 2Impact absorbingmolded rubber fingerprotection and EVAdeep ribbed accordionknuckle protection.Mechanical, electricaland subseaapplicationHeavy chemicalresistant glovesJokaOiler 45Built from PVC plasticlayers. Linings are100% none—allergeniccotton knit fabric.Handling andtransporting of oilsupplies and industrialchemicalsLiquid and basicchemical resistantglovesSingle Dipped PVCPlastic gloves withseams. PVC dipped,interlock liner.Handling abrasivematerials coated withgrease and oil,caustics, acids andsolventsGeneral purposehandling glovesNinjaFlex(Rubber Latexcoated)UltraTech(Nitril coated)Coated / dipped onpalm side. Nylon shell.General maintenancework, providesprotection from lightchemical exposure.
  5. 5. Project Sales Corp – Gloves Selection Chart5General purposehandling glovesDuro Task NF14(Rubber coated)Nitri Task NF13(Nitril Coated)Provides excellent gripand longer life. Coatingon the finger tips andthe area betweenforefinger and thumbprotect areas thattypically wear out firston string knit gloves.Open back designallows gloves to“breathe” for morecomfort.General maintenancework, providesprotection from lightchemical exposure.Heat resistant glovesWeld-a-BeastBlue BeastRed RamHeavy select sideleather. Foam linedreinforced palm. Sewnwith super strong, heatresistant DuPont KevlarthreadWelding, all generalpurpose applicationsrequiring heat, flameor spark protection.