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Project sales aerosls

  1. 1. DON’T BREAK YOUR HEAD OVER A NUT Quick Maintenance Aerosols for Trouble Free Operations All products marketed in this region by Project Sales Corporation 28 Founta Plaza Suryabagh Visakhapatnam 530 020 Phones: 0891 2564393; 5566482 Fax: 0891 2590482
  2. 2. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Electrical Cleaners and Degreasers Molykote® Electrical Contact Cleaner LPS CFC Contact Cleaner ICC Electrical Contact Cleaner ICC On-line Cleaner/ Degreaser Penetrating Oils and Lubricants WD-40 Rustlick 631 3-in-One Professional High Performance Penetrant Molykote Supergliss Dow Corning Penelube Dow Corning Moly Penelube Assembly and Anti-seize Sprays Molykote G Rapid Spray Molykote 1000 Spray Corrosion Protection Sprays Molykote Metal Protector Plus Molykote Zinc Coating Spray ICC Clear Polyurethane Coating Repair and Detection Sprays Permatex Form-a-Leak Repair Permatex Gasket Remover Magnaflux Dye Penetrant Kit Lubrication Sprays Molykote Chain Lubricant Spray
  3. 3. Molykote Open Gear Spray Molykote Wire Rope Lubricant Spray Molykote Food Grade Lubricant Spray 3-in-One Lithium Grease Spray Insulating Sprays ICC Red Insulating Varnish ICC Green Insulating Varnish World Foam Triple Expanding Spray Special Products Hylomar Universal Blue Spray Molykote 321R Dry AF Coating
  4. 4. Introduction Q uick maintenance products are designed to assist you in your maintenance, repair and overhauls of critical components during your routine activities in running the plant smoothly. There is no rocket science in a maintenance product designed for such applications. Certain things are kept in mind, however. That it must be able to perform the primary function it is designed to, quickly and conveniently, with the press of a trigger. Certain brands have strengths in some areas and hence sometimes you will find their performance better than other products. Like, mos2 based assembly sprays from Molykote®, cleaners and degreasers from LPS, or a penetrating lubricant from WD- 40. Lately, there has been a trend to move towards environment friendly CFC free propellants. And the use of a CO2 as a propellant is gaining popularity. These are certain features of a spray can for your information: Head Valve Propellant Actuator Valve Cap Stem Product Stem Gasket Spring Can Housing Dip Tube Base If the propellant is CO2, the active content in the spray can will be more delivering more quantities for the can volume. Some sprays have inverta valves as in LPS that allows you to spray upside down. When you need to choose a spray, you need to frame certain criteria as the number of available products for one application is many – Project Sales Corp alone has over 200 varieties of products and not all of them are featured here.
  5. 5. What to look for in quick maintenance spray ? We are using this category as an illustration of what’s normally the criteria when it comes to a right selection of a quick maintenance spray product. A cleaner and degreaser should ideally have: - a low surface tension allowing it to penetrate into the depositions quickly and thoroughly. - a better kauri-butanol value denoting stronger solvents for better cleaning - fast evaporation allowing you to finish your job quicker allowing for assembly of component - compatibility with the components to be cleaned. Many sprays can affect plastic parts and hence are not suitable for electrical or electronic applications. - a CFC free propellant and environmentally safe. Similarly, a better penetrating oil/ lubricant would have the following features: - a better film forming capacity to separate metallic elements - should have better penetration properties with low surface tension - should be able to displace water and inhibit flash corrosion - a extreme pressure lubricant for high load application should have certain amount of solid lubricants for better load handling, emergency lubrication and thin-film lubrication under hydro-dynamic conditions. - Similarly, a spray for use in food and beverage plants should be USDA certified and contain additives that will not harm in case of incidental contact. - And, the product should be easy to use, rightly priced, easily available and from a recognized source. Project Sales Corp, is associated with world leaders in their respective fields of specialization in sprays and maintains sufficient quantities of stocks at all times, and sells direct to key accounts and to hundreds of other customers through its network of dealers and sub-dealers.
  6. 6. Electrical Cleaners and Degreasers In the case of heavily soiled applications where carbonaceous depositions can play From the cost-effective havoc with electrical equipments, cleaners and degreasers help in T Molykote® contact smooth operations. cleaners to highly efficient cleaners from LPS, Project SalesMolykote S-1002, the rightly priced fast evaporating contact Corp, has it all, and cleaner is safe on plastics, residueless (hence no further cleaning sold over 1000 cleaner cans in 2004.T required) and can be used for electrical as well as electronic equipment. It can replace electrical cleaners and electronic PCB cleaner, with single product. 400 ml spray can. LPS CFC Free from world renowned LPS Labs, USA with a low surface tension, high KB value delivers better cleaning efficiency than most other electrical contact cleaners. 340 grams net weight indicates a CO2 propellant and more active contents delivering a powerful performance. ICC Electro Contact Cleaner, imported from Aztec, USA is also a fast evaporating, fast penetrating, residueless contact cleaner for cleaning and degreasing all electrical and electronic components of oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. 500 ml spray can. All the cleaners above have to be used off-line as they could contain solvents which could cause a flash-fire. ICC On-Line Cleaner/ Degreaser (OLCD): This is a non-conductive, non- flammable solvent designed for cleaning and degreasing while equipment is in operation. Contains all the features that a good quality cleaner/ degreaser should have. Also known as safety solvent, due to its non-flammable ingredients. 700 ml spray can, imported from Aztec, USA and marketed in this region by Project Sales Corp, the one- stop source for most of your maintenance consumables. Penetrating Oils and Rust Looseners Whether you call them mere rust looseners, or water displacers or corrosion inhibitors, this class of products are designed for loosening rusted components. So that you don’t have to break your head over a nut in the field. With so many products and brands available, it’s difficult to conclusively says which is the best. Hence, Project Sales Corp, as a key stockist for all these brands let the customers decide what’s best for them.
  7. 7. WD-40: Undoubtedly, the world’s most popular rust loosener with over a 1000 other applications. This multi-functional product, in 311 grams, comes from WD-40 company, US which probably is the single largest penetrating oil brand in the world. Rightly priced, delivers value and widely available from a network of dealers and sub-dealers. Rustlick 631™: Convenient, easy to spray multi-functional product, as the name implies, is designed for quick loosening of rust from components in 3-5 minutes. Just spray and leave for sometime and clean with a dry rag. Also used for short-term corrosion protection, displace moisture and prevent battery terminal sulphation. 370 ml spray cans. 3-in-One Professional High Performance Penetrant (From WD-40): With the highly successful WD-40 used for more applications than mere rust loosening, WD-40 company now introduces a fast acting formula for loosening rusted parts in a 311 grams spray can. Molykote® Supergliss: The cost-effective rust loosening product for general purpose dismantling applications of rusted components. The special feature of this product is that it has a very good salt water resistance, making it ideal for short-term corrosion protection of components disassembled for re-assembly after a certain period. 400 ml spray can used extensively at Nalco, NTPC, VSP, etc. Dow Corning® Penelube: Where nothing else works, try this product. A premium penetrating oil from Dow Corning, with white solid lubricants that penetrates into the minutest of crevices to loosen the most critically seized and rusted components, as in turbines, engines and gear boxes. 340 grams can. Dow Corning® Moly-Penelube: The Penelube as above fortified with MOS2 for completely seized assemblies that has to be dis-assembled. Probably the only proven product for critical turbine applications. Use it when you have to be absolutely sure, it works. All the above products are designed, as mentioned in the beginning, for quick maintenance applications. However, keep in mind that certain assemblies may have to be sprayed with the product, left overnight, slightly hammered in the morning to respond to the treatment as the case study on the right suggests.
  8. 8. Assembly and Anti-seize Spray Probably not known, but true, that the one of the key waste of time in the field, is the dis-assembly of corroded and seized components. Whether be it nuts and bolts or bearings, gears or key ways, what’s assembled must be dis-assembled one day for maintenance, repair or overhaul. And that is the reason, we assume for world-wide popularity of penetrating oils and rust looseners. Smart engineers need not do the assemblies the old way now. Molykote®, the 50 year old brand with perhaps the strongest pedigree when it comes to maintenance product, and with the most solid fundamental research in the field of solid lubricants and its use in assembly applications, has two products that would be useful in over 90% of the assemblies that happens in either the field or the workshops. As the illustrations and pictures show, whether it is assembly of a fastener or any other component that is press-fitted, application of assembly aids like Molykote® G Rapid Spray or Molykote® 1000 Anti-seize sprays are important to ensure dis-assembly after long periods are easy. In addition to smooth assembly and subsequent dis-assembly, the products from Molykote® also help in the following ways: Molykote 1000 Anti-seize spray ensure correct torque tension ensuring uniform clamping. There is no loss of force due to dissipation caused by friction. With a co- efficient of friction in the range of oiled bolts, Molykote 1000 prevents seizure of fasteners at temperatures operating at temperatures beyond 600 degree C also. Available in 400 ml imported cans from France, the product is a real value for money for the function it serves. It saves time, allows non-destructive dismantling of expensive fasteners, ensures uniform torque, and is effective even after repeated assemblies and dis-assembly operations. Molykote® 1000 is used whether high temperatures prevail or otherwise. The product apart from the industry’s most popular use on turbine studs is also used during assemblies of all threaded components in gear boxes, engines, valves, etc that must be protection from fretting, corrosion, galling, and seizures. Molykote® G Rapid Spray: Based on Mos2 and other solid lubricants, Molykote G- Rapid spray exhibits a co-efficient of friction of 0.04µ without the need for rubbing-in or burnishing. Just sprayed onto the components meant for press-fit, it prevents scuffing and scoring and allows for a smooth press-fit. During operation, it forms a thin separating film between the components which prevents fretting. This allows the component to be easily disassembled after long periods. The load carrying capacity of the product and pressure absorption is exceptionally good. Technical Advantages include :Very low co-efficient of friction; Prevents fretting and scoring; Suppresses stick-slip; Emergency running properties when grease or oil run low; Easy non-destructive dismantling after long periods; Excellent surface coverage.
  9. 9. The Application Areas include: Press-fit of bearings, keyways, splined shafts, etc; Steam Joints, hinges, etc; Boiler Mountings; All high temperature threaded connections upto 450 deg C; Turbine Pedestal Gibs; Chains operating in high temperature areas; Couplings, Valve bonnets, etc With the use of Molykote® G Rapid Spray, you save time, prevent scuffing and scoring of shafts during assembly and dis-assembly and avoid the use of expensive metal repair putties. Corrosion Protection Sprays Dry Wax Film When components have a lead time before re-assembly or finished parts are kept in storage for long periods, especially T Coatings when they are in the open environments exposed to fumes, T salinity and industrial contaminants, they have to be protected against corrosion. Molykote Metal T Molykote® Metal Protector Plus, is as the name suggests, used Protector Plus for protection of all kinds of metals against corrosion and rust, T when stored in damp, wet or saline environments. Once sprayed onto the component, the product forms a dry waxy clear film that allows visibility of part numbers and other identification marks, but forms a durable corrosion protection film that has a very high salt spray resistance. Once a component is sprayed, it can be stored for over a year in the open without any corrosion development. More ever, when the parts or components need to be assembled, the coating need not be removed as it is compatible with most metals and lubricants that will come in contact with the components in operation. Available in 400 ml spray cans, for easy and quick application in hard to reach areas with its extension tube. Molykote Zinc T Molykote® L-0500 Zinc Coating Spray is one of the most Coating Spray T popular Molykote products for protection of galvanized surfaces which have got damaged due to any reason. It is also used for junction boxes, cable trays, structural equipments and provides a cold galvanizing coating with one spray application. Proven in the most saline of atmospheres, pure 99% zinc based spray, is very cost-effective method to protect expensive and not so expensive electrical equipments in the switchyards and utilities. ICC Clear T When it comes to sensitive electrical and electronic Polyurethane devices, PCBs, electrical panels, motor casings, etc, Coating T there is ICC’s Polyurethane Clear Coating which forms a durable clear film over the components with good electrical properties and excellent protection against rust and corrosion. 500 ml spray can. To know more about these products, or their prices, please contact your nearest specialty retailer or fax us T on 0891 2590482.
  10. 10. Repair and Detection Sprays The products in this category include specialty like dye Penetrant kits, on-line leak repair of cables, and products used during repairs and overhauls of major equipments. Permatex® in a way taught the world about gasketing. So we start with the brand and its products used for repairs, but limited to those available in quick to use spray cans. Permatex® Form-A-Seal Leak Repair 6 oz Aerosol Can. Forms a durable rubber barrier that stops leaks in minutes without part removal. The sprayable sealer eliminates the need for liquid additive sealers and is resistant to common shop fluids. Used for engine and transmission leaks, cooling systems, etc. Part # 82096. In industry, you can find application in cables, flanges for on-line repairs of oil-leakages, and other rubber components that are developing cracks as a filler material. Permatex® Gasket Remover 16 oz Aerosol Can. Removes gaskets from any type of assembly in 10-12 minutes. Reduces scrapping and sanding. Prevents damage to flanges. Also cleans surface of oil, grease, adhesives and sealants for preparing for new gasketing. Part # 80646 Both the above are examples of specialty repair products that, if made part of an Engineer’s maintenance kit can help simplify jobs in the field. Also, in this mailer, for the sake of comprehensiveness is included a range of aerosol products that is extremely critical for quality. The dye-Penetrant kit. With all major turbine overhauls, engine components, or critical components like twist locks in container handling, to hinges and latches exposed to extremes of conditions where early detection can avoid failures, now using the DPT kit as it is popularly known, we decide to include the same here. As distributors for world’s leading brand, Magnaflux® which has the most complete range of dye Penetrant kits, equipments and accessories, and supplying to most of the leading quality testing and quality conscious organizations, we take this opportunity to list here that Magnaflux® Cleaner, Magnaflux® Developer and Magnaflux® Penetrant are available with us in 400 ml spray cans. For people aware of the brand or having past experience, Magnaflux® symbolizes the best in quality, justifying the need for a 10-15% premium over other brands if DPT kits. With its higher coverage area, certifications from ISO, conformance to all major specifications, its use in the general industry is likely to grow, when prevention of failure can not be an option, it is a must.
  11. 11. Spray Products Available for Lubrication Chains Molykote® MKLn is a mineral oil chain grease with solid lubricants dispersed in a safe, non-toxic and non-flammable solvent which assists penetration into critical areas such as link pins. The product provides long-term chain lubrication and reduces friction and wear, operating noise and increases the service life of the chains. Molykote Mkln has excellent adhesion after evaporation of the solvent with a viscosity over 4000 cst, excellent temperature resistance with over 160 degree C and is resistant to hot and cold water. The product is used for high-speed chains and precision chains of all sizes. The aerosol version contains environmentally safe propellant in a 400 ml spray can. Open Gears Molykote® 1122 is a synthetic grease designed for open gears including slewing rings with extreme tackiness to prevent run- off from the mating areas of the drive and pinion. With complete resistance to steam, hot water and cold water, and high temperature resistance, the product can be used for most open gears working in difficult environments. The synthetic base helps in improved lubricity, the tackifier additives prevents fling-off and the solid lubricants has a very high load handling capacity. With the availability in 400 ml sprayable cans the product is a very convenient way to lubricate open gears, chains, and wire ropes in extreme conditions. Wire Ropes Wire ropes must be protected from wear and corrosion in open environments. The strands and core must be protected against premature failure with proper lubrication, to prevent corrosion, rope breakage and extend relubrication intervals. The ideal wire rope lubricant must be adhesive, have high load bearing capacity, resistant to moisture and water, and penetration abilities. Molykote S-0104 available in 400 ml spray cans has all these qualifications as an ideal wire rope lubricant for hoist wire ropes, cranes,etc. For food and beverages industry, Molykote® has general purpose food grade lubricant spray. Information and data sheet available upon request. From the makers of WD-40, is also available the 3-in-1 Lithium Grease in spray form when you want the properties of grease in a convenient to apply spray form. Used for general purpose lubrication of chains, hinges, joints, and other machinery lubrication, this product comes in very handy in the field when you require a heat and water resistant formulation for long lasting heavy duty lubrication. Use it on trailer rollers, winches, turnbuckles, shackles, bearings, slides, motor pivot points and all external moving parts in the industry. Sprays as a liquid and settles as a thick dry grease coating. Available in 290 grams spray can. From the house of WD-40, brought to you by Project Sales Corp, reason enough to trust it works.
  12. 12. Insulation Products in spray cans Again in the range of quick maintenance products are insulation products available in easy to apply spray form. The products from ICC, include the air-drying insulating varnish in pigmented colors of green and red, and from Helena, Korea a product that’s extremely convenient to use for various sealing and insulation jobs. ICC Red Insulating Varnish/ Green Insulating Varnish Description: Tough, flexible, air dry insulation & protection coating, thoroughly penetrates into windings & coils and seals out air, dust & moisture. Protection on unprotected Motor surfaces. 700 ml spray cans. Key Features: High arc resistance & non cracking properties. Class-F insulation. Air curing. Non-ageing. Fast drying. Thermal conformal coating. Epoxy finishing coat. Excellent resistance to tracking, acids, alkalis, oil and moisture. Excellent Adhesion and flexibility. Dielectric 1300 v/mil. Application Areas: Motor windings, transformers, commutator ends, field coils, armature, bus bars & ring frames, stator windings, switch board parts, transformers. Sealing electrical and electronic components. Prevents leakage, short-circuiting and flash-off in bus bars and cable termination, jointing and connections. Seals out dust and moisture. One component expandable foam – World Foam World Foam, a one-component type polyurethane is an excellent sealing product to seal around holes, voids, cracks, joints, etc in few minutes. It ensures good insulation in terms of temperature, sound and heat transfer in various electrical utility sealing applications. The product is available in aerosol cans of 750 ml (Product Code: 523706) and is to be used with the applicator gun accessory. The tack free time is 10-15 minutes and material cures to a fire class of ASTM D 1692 & B Class 2 Flame Spread – Self Extinguishing. No shrinkage, can be painted over after 24 hours. Also available World Foam Cleaner to clean or dissolve excess spray or where rework is required. Application Areas include: windows and door frames, AC duct shafts, pipe openings, air conditioners wall voids, electrical openings, etc where immediate sealing is required. Technical assistance in use is provided. 11
  13. 13. Special Products There are certain products that are difficult to be classified into one group or other. Two such products find mention here. One of them is the world’s leading brand of non- hardening sealants developed by Rolls Royce for sealing of metal to metal joints where oil resistance is required in aero-derivative gas turbines, and the other product is a dry lubricant spray that works in the most extremes of conditions and hence finds mention in this special products section. Hylomar Universal Blue: Many often you will find flange leakages in transformers. Happens because either the alignment is not ok, correct torque is not applied across the flange and many a times due to the poor quality of gasket. Hylomar Universal Blue when sprayed over the gasket as a dressing material, prevents degradation of the gasket and eliminates oil leakage. As it does not build thickness but merely covers up the asperities, there is no concern on the design side. Comes in 340 grams spray can. Molykote® 321R anti-friction coating spray air dries in about 5 minutes to form a film of solid lubricant providing dry lubrication in dusty environment. Does not attract contaminants. Low co- efficient of friction and high load carrying capacity. Application areas for the product includes: Dry lubrication of valve stems in dust contamination areas for easy twisting Lubrication of chains and lead screws in dusty environment Running in lubrication of newly machined gears Instruments operating in vacuum or near radiation environments Aircraft engines for air foil lubrication Cylinder head bolts in diesel engines (temp. resistance 450 degree C+) Cutting tools like broaches, gear cutters, drills, reamers, etc Lubricating sliding surfaces in furnace car bearings Lubricating circuit breaker components inaccessible for further lubrication This sums up the current mailer on aerosol quick maintenance products. Just to remind you once more, that aerosol products are meant for quick maintenance applications. There is no rocket science involved. Look for the right product, make sure it is priced right, comes with some pedigree and serves the function for which it is bought. 12