Proactive Industrial Assembly Techniques – Saves your company
time and money and gives you peace of mind !
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Proactive assembly & maintenance mailer


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Proactive assembly & maintenance mailer

  1. 1. Proactive Industrial Assembly Techniques – Saves your company time and money and gives you peace of mind ! No one services the Industrial Assembly and Maintenance Markets better than we do ! Our products are designed to assist you at the time of assembly. Our adhesives and sealants, anti-seize and assembly lubricants are designed for peak performance in wide temperature ranges, severe weather, and chemical exposure. No matter you are looking at pipe fittings, gaskets, press-fits of bearings or keyways, nuts and bolts or O rings and Oil Seals, we can help you improve your equipment reliability, reduce downtime, increase your productivity, and best of all provide you peace of mind. Several equipments failures are a result of mechanical assembly failures. Failures can happen through O ring and seal failures, alignment problems, loosening, leakages, scuffing, scoring, galling, seizing, fretting and more. These can be avoided by adopting proactive maintenance procedures. Let’s look at how a few of these can be avoided in your organization. ‘O’ ring and oil seals come in contact with media and become brittle and a leak starts. This can be easily avoided with the use of rubber assembly lubricants1 that help lubricate and protect rubber components and form a protective barrier preventing the rubber from becoming brittle. When you do press-fits, we recommend using a press-fit assembly paste2. This avoids scuffing and scoring of the shafts or components being press-fitted and prevents fretting corrosion that cause seizure. These pastes also allow easy disassembly after long periods of time. There is more to following fasteners cross tightening sequence in assemblies. If a thread paste is not used, varying torque tension can occur in assembly and cause flange failures. In high temperatures, fasteners can seize if a proper anti-seize paste3 is not applied. Pipe Threads can leak due to thread failures or gaps that can exist after tightening. Pipe Thread Sealants4 help in sealing metal and plastic pipes against steam, water, gas, etc and avoid leakage. Non-hardening products are always better. Metal-to-Metal joints can have leakages due to asperities on the surfaces. These asperities can be filled up using appropriate sealants5 that can handle the required temperature, pressure, media and gap fill characteristics of the joint. Contamination induced during an assembly can cause premature failure of several components including bearings. Preventing contamination at the time of assembly is easily avoided with the use of appropriate cleaners and degreasers6 and wipes. Products Referenced in this mailer are some typical example of products available from Project Sales Corp. For a complete range, please drop us a mail or call us on +91-98851-49412 1 Molykote 111 O ring Lubricant 2 Molykote GN+ Paste/ G-Rapid Spray 3 ASV Copper Lube/ Molykote 1000 4 Laco Slic-Tite/Pipe-tite Sealants 5 732 RTV, Arexons, Marston, Birkosit, etc 6 ASV Cleaners CS50, CS60, CS35 Explore your options with us.™       Write to us today at 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, AP or mail us at You can fax us at 0891 2590482 or call us on 0891 2564393; 5566482.