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Premium Welding Workwear from Project Sales Corp !
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Premium Welding Workwear from Project Sales Corp !

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  • 1. BLUE BEAST® RED RAM® WELD-A-BEAST Select heavy side leather with reinforced Select side leather Select side leather palm Chrome tanned to assure softness and Heavy select side leather Full sock lining, in-sewn at all finger tips, durability while resisting heat, sparks, Full sock lining, in-sewn at all finger tips; All seams fully welted, slag and cuts. Foam lined reinforced palm Turned leather hems All seams are double lock stitched and 14” one piece back, extra large size Flame-resistant sleeves sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fully welted seams Extra-large die cut, Gunn Pattern All cow premium select side leather Reinforced wing thumbs Sewn with super-strong, heat-resistant 13” length, flame resistant, Sewn with super-strong, heat-resistant DuPont™ Kevlar® thread, Size XL Size XL DuPont™ Kevlar® thread, Size XL Order Code PSC-4600, INR.900/pair Order Code PSC- 4720, INR.900/pair Order Code PSC- 4602, INR.850/pair Welding Blanket Memphis Welding Jacket Memphis Welding Cape Natural pearl color heavy side split These 30 inch jackets will give you When the heat is on and the sparks leather approximately 1.5mm thick protection from neck to waist. The Heavy are flying, this Heavy Side-split leather welding blanket. Side-split leather offers outstanding offers outstanding protection from 6 x 3 dimensions in approx. 5 protection from heat, sparks, slag, and heat, sparks, slag, and cuts. Keep pieces with Kevlar stitching, cuts. Keep yourself safe! Protect you most yourself safe ! Hold it together ! Stay seams constructed to prevent valued possession - your safety! safe with Memphis Welding - Welding spark penetration. Apparel. Order Code PSC38063 Order Code PSC-38030MW Order Code PSC-38100MW, Size L INR.3500 Ea INR.3500 Ea, Size Medium and XL. INR.3000 EaArriving June 2012. VAT Extra @14.5%  Red Ram® and Blue Beast® are registered trademarks of MCR Safety USA.  Will be available direct and through select resellers