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Fermit provides a comprehensive
range of products for heating
and sanitary equipment
which meet all the requirements
in the areas of heating construction
and sanitary technology.
Sealing of threaded
connections, glued and
plug-in connections
Plant maintenance as well as
materials for sanitary and
heating installations and for
domestic equipment units

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Fermit India, Call +91-98851-49412, sales@projectsalescorp.com

  1. 1. Productcatalogue 2012 Fermit GmbHProductcatalogue
  2. 2. A little bit aboutthe history...In the early 20th century, paints forsteam locomotives were already beingproduced under the trademark FERMIT.The business field was rapidly widenedwith the production of sealants and inthat way accompanied the developmenttowards more comfort in the home. becomes Productcatalogue
  3. 3. Thanks to cooperation with the BARTHELEMY Group, the company now has a product re-search centre at its disposal which makes possible the launching of new products and ma-terials in keeping with technical progress and the regulations, the company being able atthe same time to retain its autonomy, its specific orientation and the response times whichestablished its reputation.Thanks to the presence of the Group in several European countries, FERMIT will benefitfrom the promotion of its development activity in Germany and Europe and is strengtheningits ability to provide customers from different countries with assistance and support. The German company with its head office in Vettelschloß/ Kalen- born (near Bonn) in Rhineland-Palatinate has more than 1800 m3 of land built-upon for production, logistics and customer service. With its 18 machines for production and conditioning the company of FERMIT and its employees set everything in motion for the sat- isfaction of their customers. Fermit provides a comprehen- Their quality makes products sive range of products for heat- from Fermit indispensable help- ing and sanitary equipment ers with which users can always which meet all the requirements be sure to deliver faultless work. in the areas of heating construc- tion and sanitary technology. Fermit sells its products via the specialised trade: Sealing of threaded connections, glued and  Trade in sanitary equipment plug-in connections and heating construction.  Direct selling to industry. Plant maintenance as well as materials for sanitary and heating installations and for All product information can be domestic equipment units viewed on our Website: WWW.FERMIT.DE Certified according to DIN EN or ISO 9001: 2008 WWW.FERMIT.COM For more detailed information we will be pleased to be available to you during our office hours. Productcatalogue 3
  4. 4. CERTIFIED ACCORDING TO DIN EN ISO 9001: 20084 Productcatalogue
  5. 5. SANITARY EQUIPMENTTHREAD SEALS  clean and non-toxicNEO FERMIT UNIVERSAL  non-sticky For metal threaded connections in conjunction with hemp  does not irritate skin Suitable for gas and drinking water in domestic equipment installation.  solvent-free  non-shrinking Area of use:  non-hardening Water- for drinking water, hot and cold: Temperature range: 0°C to +95°C / Pressure: 16 bar Area of use: Heating: Temperature range: 0°C to +130°C / Pressure: 7 bar  does not dry up Area of use: Gas: Temperature range: - 20°C to +70°C / Pressure: 5 bar  dismountable Use: for all types of gas including natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas in the gaseous phase 150g tube 325g tube 450g tin 800g tin 4kg Eimer 01002 01003 01004 01005 01007 PU 15 PU 15 PU 24 PU 18 PU separately According to DIN EN 751-2 and DIN 30660 approved by DVGW (German Gas and Water Association) for domestic installation of gas and drinking water under: DVGW – Reg. No. NV-5142BM0052  easy to work withFERMIT SPEZIAL (service water)  seals immediately Light-coloured thread sealing paste,  can be dismounted at any time can be worked easily and quickly and does not harden.  does not dry up Application in conjunction with hemp.  reliable and safe Not for gas and drinking water units in domestic equipment installation. Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C / Pressure: 10 bar 70g tube 650g tin 5 kg bucket 02001 02003 02004 PU 24 PU 12 PU separately For all threads according to DIN 2999 up to a diameter of 2 inches. Gas, water, heating and compressed air units up to a maximum pressure of 10 bar. In the case of flange seals coat both sides with Fermit-Spezial.  easy to work withSOLAR-FERMIT  seals immediately Thread-sealing paste for solar installations using hemp  can be dismounted at any time Solar Fermit is a thread sealant that has been developed specifically for  does not dry up use in solar installations. It is ideally suited for the most common heat  resistant to glycol, etc.. transfer medium in solar circuits. Solar Fermit is easy and fast to apply, and is used in conjunction with hemp. Not for gas and potable water supply in domestic installations. Temperatur range: to +160°C suitable / Pressure: to 15 bar 250g tin 08001 PU 6  easy to work withHOCHDRUCK-FERMIT  does not dry up Pressure-proof and heat-resistant putty, also in conjunction with hemp  connections can be undone again Non-toxic, pasty putty for sealing threads,  heat and high pressure-resistant flanges and faces on high-pressure equipment,  reliable/safe turbine casings, steam lines etc.  can be stressed immediately Temperature range: up to +160°C / Pressure: 16 bar 650g tin 5kg bucket 03001 03003 PU 12 PU separately For all threads according to DIN 2999 up to 2 inches in diameter Coat flanges, faces and intermediate shims on both sides with Hochdruck-Fermit Productcatalogue 5
  6. 6. SANITARY EQUIPMENTTHREAD SEALS HEMP Flax Use together with the sealing pastes Neo Fermit Universal, Fermit-Spezial, Hochdruck-Fermit and Solar-Fermit. Improves the stability of the connection under pressure. Temperature resistance: +140°C 200g tress 80g bobbin 40g bobbin dispenser 40g flax dispenser 80g flax dispenser 24002 24003 24007 24004 24005 24006 PU 8 PU 12 PU 15 PU 15 PU 12 PU 6  easy to work with FERMITOL liquid  seals can be put into  service immediately Versatile liquid synthetic resin sealant  integrated brush Universal sealing compound and glue, resistant to oil; liquefied petro- leum gas, petrol, benzene, paraffin/kerosene, greases, water, steam,  practical in use acid, alkaline solution, brine, seawater etc. ..., once set also resistant to  instant sealing spirit and all fuel mixtures  reliable - safe  economical For the sealing of threads, flanges and faces on water, petrol, grease and oil lines, oil  can be used with and heating units, propane gas units, engines, engine casings, gearboxes, machines, process  without hemp equipment and tanks. Fermitol is suitable for many purposes and numerous materials. Temperaturrange: -10°C to +130°C / Pressure: 4 bar 125g bottle 250g bottle 1kg Nachfüll bottle 04001 04002 04004 PU 24 PU 12 PU separately  use without hemp FERMITAN service water  suitable for hot and cold water Anaerobic sealant for cylindrical and conical metal threads  can be subjected to for hot and cold water circuits . pressure quickly  enriched with PTFE Temperatur range: -30°C to +90°C, briefly up to +110°C Pressure: After 15 min = 4 bar, after 2 hrs = 30 bar Polymerisation time: 1-3 hours Max. thread diameter: 2 inches / Max. tread play: 0,25mm Storage: for at least 18 months 75ml bottle 05001 PU 6  use without hemp heating  suitable for hot water, gas  and oil circuits Anaerobic sealant for cylindrical and conical metal threads for hot water circuits in the heating field as well as oil and fuel oil and for all  can be subjected to pressure quickly combustible gases such as butane, propane, natural gas and for compressed air.  enriched with PTFE Temperatur range: -30°C to +110°C, briefly up to +120°C Pressure: After 15 min = 4 bar, after 2 hrs = 30 bar Polymerisation time: 1-3 hours Max. thread diameter: 2 inches / Max. thread play: 0,25mm Storage: for at least 18 months 75ml bottle 05002 PU 6 According to DIN EN 751-1 class H, DVGW-Reg.-No. NG-5146 BU 0219.6 Productcatalogue
  7. 7. SANITARY EQUIPMENTTHREAD SEALS  dismantlablePTFE tape  easy and quickly applicable PTFE thread sealing tape for metal threads  not flammable and does not burn Application in all sanitary and heating circuits in the hot and cold water  no use-by date areas. DVGW tested. DIN EN 751-3  resistant against fungal attacks Temperature range: -60°C to +260°C / Pressure: 20 bar  does not swell up FRp; DN ≤ 10 / GRp: 10 ≤ DN ≤ 50 PTFE-Goldenband DVGW and BAM tested and approved, DIN EN 751-3, DIN 30660 KTW; for natural gas, oxygene, lye, chemicals, oil, water, gasoline, and so on Temperature range: -400°F to +500°F / -240°C to +260°C / Pressure: 30 bar for oxygen: up to +60°C and 40 bar. Liquid and gaseous FRp GRp Golden Band 24010 24011 24012 PU 40 PU 40 PU 10  dismantlablePTFE pipe sealing thread  easy and quickly applicable FERMIT PTFEpipe sealing thread  not flammable and does not burn • DIN-DVGW for gas and water installations according to EN751-3 FRp  no use-by date and GRp and DIN 30660 (NV-5143BP0261), tested & approved up to  resistant against fungal 100 bar pressure in accordance with EN751-3 for gases of the 1st, 2nd attacks and 3rd family and for hot water  does not swell up • DIN DVGW tested & approved for pipe adjustments up to 45°, for hot  for all types of threads out of & cold & drinking water in accordance with KTW recommendations of metal or plastic the German Health Ministry  for solar installation • WRAS listed product for U.K. Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for  with integrated cutter use with hot and cold water (Ref. 0212515)  no drying • ASTM F423 Steam & Cold Water Cycle Test - passed  remains soft and pliable • BAM tested & approved for use with gaseous oxygen at 30 bar and 100°C (for use with the installation aid, II-2742/2004E) • BAM tested & approved for use with liquid oxygen at 30 bar and 100°C (use without installation aid, II-2742/2004E) • UL Listed Seal Material 10BN File MH26734 according to Outline 1321 for use in assemblies handling gasoline, petroleum oils, naphta, pro- pane, butane, benzene, kerosene and natural gas (<300 psig) • KIWA GASTEC Qa (NL): norm. 31, class ”20” • Absolutely chemical resistant to most aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuels and acids, completely resistant to surface fouling, oxidation, em- brittlement, fungal or bacterial growth, enzymatic or microbiological attack Installation: Beginning at the end of the thread, wrap in a overlapping haphazard fash- ion in the direction of the thread, apply 2 or 3 drops of the installation aid directly from the separate dispenser and smear over the PTFE with the finger, concentrate at the end of the pipe and cover only 10 to 15 mm of the thread The manufacturer`s guidelines on the number of wraps are: 1/2” pipe 12 (fine threads) to 18 (coarse threads) wraps 1 1/2” pipe 16 (fine threads) to 24 (coarse threads) wraps for other pipe diameters adjust the number of wraps Temperature range: -200°C to +240°C / Pressure: 30 bar up to +100°C for oxygen, up to 100 bar for hot water Thread sealing tape 175m 24013 PU 12 Productcatalogue 7
  8. 8. SANITARY EQUIPMENTPRODUCTS FOR PVC PIPE INSTALLATION  gel-like FERMITAC ADHESIVE  does not drip Universal hard PVC adhesive for pressure and drainage systems  does not leak out Suitable for connections of tubes and threads made of hard PVC in the  effective after only 1 hour hot and cold water area as well as for drain pipes and buried PVC pipes.  slight odour  clean Working temperature: +5°C to +35°C / Temperatur range: bup to +90°C  easy to use Curning time: at a diameter < 90 mm = 1 hour Colour: transparent Storage: for at least 18 months for diameter from 25 up to 160 mm (for other diameters please contact the manufacturer) for pressures up to 25 bar (for other pressures please contact the manufacturer) 125ml bottle with brush 125ml tube (on request) 250ml bottle with brush 500ml bottle with brush 1l bottle with brush 22106 22102 22103 22104 22105 PU 12 PU 12 PU 12 PU 12 PU 6  easy to apply FERMITAC CLEANER  takes effect immediately For the cleaning of connections made of PVC and PVCC before gluing  reliable and safe The product cleans the surface to free it from dirt and grease, etches the surface and hence helps to improve gluing. Storage: 24 months 125ml bottle 1l bottle 22001 22003 PU 12 PU 6  water-miscible FERMIT LUBRICANT  suitable for drinking water Lubricant for plastic pipes out of synthetic based raw materials  suitable for all diameters Use in the installation of plastic pipes above all in the sanitary but in the  very good lubrication and civil engineering too. sliding caracteristics  skin-compatible Temperature of unse: -5°C to +40°C / Storage: +5°C to +25°C Colour: white In line with the guidelines of the TZW Karlsruhe (Technology Centre for Water) 250ml bottle 500ml bottle 21001 21002 PU 9 PU 68 Productcatalogue
  9. 9. SANITARY EQUIPMENTINSTALLATION PUTTIES  permanently plasticPLASTIC-FERMIT - white  ductile a permanently plastic sealing compound  economical Plastic-Fermit is a permanently plastic, kneadable sealant compound  can be worked quickly based on plastic which meets the highest demands made on sanitary  does not become brittle installation.  good adhesion power Is particularly suitable for the insertion of drain valves in, for example,  storable indefinitely washstands, baths and is suitable for hot and cold water. Temperatur range: 0°C to +120°C / Do not use for marble or other natural stone! 250g tin 500g tin 1kg tin 5kg bucket 06001 06002 06003 06004 PU 24 PU 18 PU 12 PU separately  viscoplasticAQUA-FERMIT - red  easily kneadable Sealant and sleeve putty  strong adhesion power Putty with strong adhesion power for washstands and water closet  without hardening bowls as well as sewerage units or sleeves on buried lines.  reliable - safe Temperatur range: 0°C to +100°C 250g tin 500g tin 5kg bucket 07001 07002 07004 PU 24 PU 18 PU separatelyLUBRICANTS  food-safeGLISSA VALVE AND FITTING GREASE  non-dripping Non-dripping lubricating grease for hot and cold water valves and fittings.  ductile Ductile, smooth, non-dripping lubricating grease for valves and fit-  reliable tings, that with regard to food law is beyond reproach and is there- fore also suitable for drinking water pipes. Can also be used for machines and equipment where Glissa valve and fitting grease comes into contact with food or drinking water. Temperatur range: -20°C to +140°C 60g tube 30g tube 14g tube 15001 15002 15003 PU 20 PU 40 PU 60 In conformity with the KTW recommendations of the German Federal Health Office, is approved according to NSF-H 1 and to DIN 51502.  syntheticGLISSA ALLGAS VALVE GREASE  non-dripping High-grade lubricant for gas valves and fittings and actuators in ac-  ductile cordance with DIN EN 377.  suitable for gas valves Glissa all gas valve grease is resistant to all gases and gas mixtures and fittings mentioned in DVGW worksheet G 260. It is also used for greasing cock plugs or sealing elements such as membranes, packings or elastomer seals etc. Temperatur range: up to +150°C 7g tube 20g tube 15012 15010 PU 100 PU 12 Corresponds to DIN DVGW 96.01e 1055 Productcatalogue 9
  10. 10. SANITARY EQUIPMENTSEALANTS  lightfast FERMITOPP N  odourless Neutral cross-linked silicone joint sealant  elastic Elastic, odourless silicone joint sealant with fungistatic incorporation,  cleaner-resistant lightfast, cleaner-resistant and reacting with atmospheric moisture.  fungal growth For sealing, above all in sanitary and damp rooms, in the kitchen area and in sectional furniture, suitable for acrylic. Temperatur range: -40°C to +120°C / Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C Colours: transparent, white, grey / Storage: for at least 12 months cool and dry 310ml white cartridge 310ml transparent cartridge 310ml grey cartridge 16001 16002 16003 PU 12 PU 12 PU 12  lightfast FERMITOPP E  elastic Acetic cross-linked silicone joint sealant  cleaner-resistant Elastic silicone joint sealant with fungistatic incorporation, lightfast,  fungal growth cleaner-resistant and reacting with atmospheric moisture. For sealing, above all in sanitary and damp rooms, in the kitchen area and in sec- tional furniture. Temperatur range: -40°C to +120°C / Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C Colours: transparent, white / Storage: for at least 18 months cool and dry 310ml white cartridge 310ml transparent cartridge 16010 16012 PU 12 PU 12  100% invisible MS POLYMER GLASKLAR  for all materials 100% Invisible - for sealing and fastening  densities & secure MS polymer plain glass combines aesthetics, performance and versa-  general purpose tility. This MS-polymer can be used to self-seal joints to damp surfaces with no drilling, weights up to 20 kg/cm2. MS is 100% transparent and a perfect clear glass polymer for bonding and sealing of glass, proving to be an ideal tool for crafting. Application: transparent applied waterproof caulking on tubs, in showers, washbasin or sink. Fixing of shelves, mirrors, towel rails, baseboards, trims, and hooks. Production of mosaics: for bonding and sealing glass on glass, pottery, and enamel. Perfect adhesion to plastics, enamel, earthenware, glass, wood, steel, concrete, PVC, stainless steel, Plexiglas, ceramic, and melamine-coated surfaces. Temperatur range: -40°C to +90°C / Processing temperature: +5°C to +50°C Colours: invisible - transparent / Storage: for at least 18 months cool and dry 280ml cartridge 16040 PU 12  simply in the handling PUTTY SPRAY GUN A-ZAHN  quick and clean Putty spray gun with rack sturdy toothed connection rod for pressing out of standard cartouches 310 ml (silicone, glue, refractory boiler putty, ...) 1 Putty spray gun 17002 PU separately10 Productcatalogue
  11. 11. SANITARY EQUIPMENTSEALANTS  quick and cleanGASKETS FOR WALL-MOUNTED VALVES AND FITTINGS  adhesive film on one side New sealing technology for wall fittings  mountable without tools Can be used for the sealing of wall fittings/S bends in the sanitary area.  no more wall closing with Prevents moisture from penetrating into the masonery, plaster, dry  silicone construction, ...  again dismantlable  no dirt on screw rosette  or S bend Two-Set 23001 PU 18SANITARY MAINTENANCE  soluble in cold waterFERMITEX Powder  automatic Chemical pipe cleaner  highly effective Eliminates blockages, unpleasant odours and dangerous bacteria in the  effervescent drains from sinks, wash basins, water closet bowls and urinals simply,  takes effect quickly quickly and reliably. Does not attack metals (apart from aluminium and  simple to apply zinc), glass or porcelain. In the event of use on enamel separately dis- solve Fermitex beforehand and do not leave it standing in the enamel too long, as the latter can otherwise become dull. The pipe cleaner is corrosive, so use suitable means of protection. 1kg tin 5kg bucket 12001 12002 PU 12 PU individually  scentless Liquid  automatic Chemical pipe cleaner  highly effective Eliminates blockages, unpleasant odours and dangerous bacteria in the  colourless drains from sinks, wash basins, water closet bowls and urinals simply,  takes effect quickly quickly and reliably. Do not use in connection with alumi- nium, zinc or  simple to apply gold-plated fittings. In case of regular use it is preven- ting from block- ages and bad odours. The pipe cleaner is corrosive, so use suitable means of protection. 1l bottle 12005 PU 12 Productcatalogue 11
  12. 12. HEATING EQUIPMENTREFRACTORY PRODUCTS  easy to work with FROSCHMARKE REFRACTORY BOILER PUTTY  asbestos-free Sealing putty on potassium water glass basis.  non-shrinking Non-shrinking refractory boiler putty e.g. for sealing off from flue gases  seals well during the use of boiler equipment, ovens and stoves.  adheres well to metal and other materials Temperature resistance: more than +1000°C / Storage time: 12 months in cartridge  non-crumbling 250g tin 500g tin 1kg tin 6kg bucket 20kg bucket 310ml cartridge 11001 11002 11003 11005 11006 11007 PU 24 PU 30 PU 18 PU separately PU separately PU 12  very good adhesiveness REFRACTORY GLUE HT 1100  very high temperature resistance Adhesive for fireproof construction units  no smoke development Refractory glue HT 1100 is for sticking together fireproof construction units and for fastening of glass fibre or ceramic fibre sealing cords, fire-  easy to apply clay materials to metal parts, gluing of jacket tubes, sleeves and other fireclay parts, setting fireclay bricks in stoves and heating units, de- signed to adhere insulating board, ... Temperature resistance: +1100°C Colour cartridge: beige / Colour tube: black Storage time: 24 months cool and dry in a closed packing 310ml cartridge beige 17ml tube black 11301 11302 PU 12 PU 160SEALANTS  highly refractory FERMITOPP HN 300  odourless Highly refractory, neutral cross-linked  hot air-resistant elastic single-package silicone sealant  reliable - safe Fermitopp HN 300 is used for sealing expansion joints on heating flues,  uv resistant ovens, reactors, chimneys, stacks, etc., also applicable in the automo-  colourfast tive sector. Temperatur range: -50°C to +250°C / Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C Skin formation: approx 10 min / Time to complete cure: approx. 2mm per day Storage time: 12 months cool and dry 310ml cartridge red 310ml cartridge black 16004 16005 PU 12 PU 12  highly refractory FERMITOPP HE 300  odourless Highly refractory, acetic cross-linked sealant  hot air-resistant elastic single-package silicone sealant  reliable - safe Fermitopp HE 300 is used for sealing expansion joints on heating flues,  uv resistant ovens, reactors, chimneys, stacks, etc., also applicable in the automo-  colourfast tive sector. Temperatur range: -50°C to +250°C (in spikes up to 300°C) Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C / Skin formation: approx 10 min Time to complete cure: approx 2mm per Day / Storage time: 18 months cool and dry 310ml cartrige red 16013 PU 1212 Productcatalogue
  13. 13. HEATING EQUIPMENTMAINTENANCE  transparentTHERMOSTOP  odorless Protection of sensitive surfaces and parts  non-toxic against the heat generated during soldering and welding  does not run Thermo Stop is a gel that absorbs the heat during welding or soldering,  absorbs the heat it decomposes gradually and protects the area behind it. Thermostop  suitable for many materials acts as a shield and prevents e.g. the loosening of gaskets, allows parts to expand as needed, or protects sensitive components. Do not use on surfaces that can not be washed off with water. Shelf life: 18 months Application: Suitable for metal parts, plastic parts, brass, copper, wood, paint, paper, glass, concrete, natural stone, enamel, acrylic surfaces. 1l spray 19001 PU 6  protection from rustNIVO GRAPHITE PASTE – Flexoperm  highly refractory Highly refractory sealing paste  versatile for threaded and flanged joints  reliable - safe Prevents the sticking of gaskets, bolts, screws etc. which are expo- sed to intense heat. In the case of flange gaskets and surface seals, coat both sides with the paste. In the case of use as sealants for threads (DIN 2999) at over 160 degrees C, the use of aluminium hemp with Nivo Graphite Paste is recommended as normal hemp becomes scaly at these temperatures and then leaks can occur. Temperatur range: 0°C to + 300°C 500g tin 13001 PU separately  low cost3-D-SEALANT  versatile Liquid sealant for small leaks.  easy to use 3-D-SEALANT closes pores, cracks or damage to gaskets and seals on heating boilers, radiators, pumps, cylinder blocks and car radiators from the inside so that they are absolutely water and steam pressure- tight. 3-D-SEALANT is not suitable for the sealing of particularly narrow pas- sages such as, for example, in the case of thermostat valves. Input quantity: 1kg of 3-D-Sealant for 150 l of heating water Preparation: thoroughly mix 1 kg of 3-D-Sealant with approx. 10 l of hot water 1kg bottle 14001 PU separately Productcatalogue 13
  14. 14. General Terms and Conditions of Business of Fermit GmbH1. Conclusion of contract1.1 For the business relations between Fermit GmbH and the Purchaser the following terms and conditions governing sale and delivery shall apply in the version applicable at the point in time of the purchase order. Any terms and conditions of the Pur- chaser deviating from them shall only apply to the extent that they have been expressly recognized in writing in the individual case.1.2 Our quotations shall be without engagement. Orders shall be deemed to have been accepted by us if we have confirmed this in writing to the person placing the order or have executed delivery tacitly.1.3 Collateral agreements, amendments to, or cancellation of the contract shall require to be made in writing in order to be legally effective. This shall also apply to any departure from the requirement of the written form.1.4 To the extent that personal data are stored or are otherwise processed, we shall meet the requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act. We shall store and process personal data only to the extent that is necessary within the scope of the contractual relationship.2. Prices2.1 Our prices shall be net prices. The sales or value-added tax applicable in each case shall be separately charged and shown openly.2.2 The basis for pricing shall be ex Vettelschoß – Kalenborn. The cost of transport, packaging and storage shall be charged separately by us. From a minimum order value of € 500.00 we shall offer the Purchaser the refund of the cost of trans- port. In that case a credit for the cost of transport applied shall be made when the invoice is issued.3. Delivery3.1 The Purchaser shall be obliged to take over and to accept the goods ordered. If the goods are damaged in transit or if the goods listed in the consignment note is not completely delivered, the consignee must have the damage noted in detail on the consignment note by the deliverer and confirmed by signature. The consignment note with the entry concerning the damage is to be passed on to us.3.2 The statement of delivery times shall be without engagement, unless a delivery time has been promised in writing by us.3.3 If disruptions of operations, force majeure, fire damage, traffic slowdown, shortage of raw materials or other events which are beyond our control – regardless of whether they have happened to us or to one of our external suppliers – prevent the fulfilment of our supply obligation, the delivery time shall be extended by the duration of the disruption. Otherwise both parties shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract if as a result of such unforeseen events delivery subsequently becomes impossible or unreasonable.4. Terms of payment4.1 Our invoices shall be payable within 30 days of the date of delivery and invoicing or within 10 days with 2 % discount for early payment. The acceptance of bills of exchange or cheques shall be done on account of performance.4.2 If the time permitted for payment is exceeded, we shall be entitled to demand default interest in the amount of 5 % above the respective base interest rate at the latest as from the 31st day after the due date and receipt of the invoice. If we have provably incurred a higher loss as a result of the delay we shall be entitled to claim for it.4.3 Against our accounts receivable offsetting shall only be permitted with such accounts receivable as are undisputed or which have been recognised by declaratory judgement.14 Productcatalogue
  15. 15. General Terms and Conditions of Business of Fermit GmbH5. Retention of title5.1 The goods shall remain our property up to complete payment of all of the accounts receivable due from the Purchaser.5.2 In the event of default on payment or any other behaviour not in conformity with the contract, we shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and to demand the surrender of the goods subject to retention of title if we have beforehand fruitlessly allowed the Purchaser a reasonable period of time for the settlement of payment.6. Warranty6.1 The Purchaser shall be obliged to complain about any obvious defects without undue delay.6.2 If there is a defect in the goods for which we are responsible, the Purchaser can demand subsequent performance in the form of reworking or substitute delivery. As long as we meet our obligations of subsequent performance, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to demand any reduction of the purchase price or to declare withdrawal from the contract.7. Liability7.1 Unless stated otherwise below, further claims by the Purchaser – no matter on what legal grounds – shall be excluded. Therefore we shall not accept any liability for damage which has not been caused to the item delivered itself. Neither shall we accept liability for any loss of profit or for any other property damage/loss incurred by the Purchaser. To the extent that our liability is excluded or restricted, this shall apply also to the liability of our employees, representatives and vicarious agents.7.2 The restriction of liability subject to a ruling under Item 7.1 shall not apply if the cause of the damage or loss is based on intent or gross negligence, or personal injury (damage to life and limb or impairment of health) is involved. Neither shall it apply if the Purchaser makes claims under the German Product Liability Act on the grounds of the absence of a warranted characteristic or on the grounds of a breach of material contractual obligations.8. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction The place of performance and place of jurisdiction shall be Linz/Rhine9. Discounts Arrangements concerning discounts shall be made solely in individual cases and only in writing. Status: as of January 2006 Productcatalogue 15
  16. 16. Fermit GmbH Zur Heide 4 · D-53560 VettelschoßPhone: 02645-2207 · Fax: 02645-3113 · www.fermit.de or www.fermit.com · E-Mail: info@fermit.de CONTACT FERMIT GMBH Baden-Württemberg / Bayern / Switzerland Mr. Guido Wiest Sternstraße 20 88471 Laupheim Office +49 (0)151 - 22 68 75 77 Fax +49 (0)7392 - 91 24 29 Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Nord-Niedersachsen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Fa. Theodor Renner Mr. Jürgen Wendler von Borstel Schenefelder Landstraße 16 25421 Pinneberg Phone +49 (0)4101 - 552 433 Fax +49 (0)4101 - 552 403 Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen Herr Christian Rischow Planitzstr. 32 12621 Berlin Phone +49 (0)30 - 32 66 89 12 Fax +49 (0)30 - 32 66 89 11 Süd-Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, PLZ 32 and 33 from NRW Herr Walter Stremming Hahnenstr. 5 31241 Ilsede Phone +49 (0)5172 - 93 322 Fax +49 (0)5172 - 93 323 Nordrhein-Westfalen (without PLZ 32 and 33) Fa. Fritz Ostermann Mr. Boris Jankiewicz Rensingstr. 36-38 44807 Bochum-Riemke Phone +49 (0)234 - 53 557 Fax +49 (0)234 - 53 558 Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Thüringen Mr. Michael Lotz Postfach 13 47 65703 Hofheim / Ts. Phone +49 (0)6192 - 36 061 Fax +49 (0)6192 - 37 580 Austria Mekisan Handelsgesellschaft mbH Mr. Max Mensing Gratweinerstr. 63 A-8111 Judendorf-Straßengel Phone +43 - 664 105 27 93 Fax +43 - 312 42 35 70 Productcatalogue