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Brady SFI case Study - Drilling Rigs - Project Sales Corp
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Brady SFI case Study - Drilling Rigs - Project Sales Corp


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  • 1. Oil Rig SFI Case Study Malaysia Oil Rig Collated by Project Sales Corp Visakhapatnam, India For Internal reference/ training
  • 2. Rig- MalaysiaPipemarker Project for Oil Rig View from Oil Rig
  • 3. Oil Rig SFI Case Study Assessment and Proposal
  • 4. BradyGloTM Glow-in-the-dark tapeApplications: Marking of• emergency egressroute.• handrail.• hazardous obstacles& restricted heights 81874: High intensity Glow-in-the-dark tape (2.5cm x 76.2m)90973: Glow-in-the-darkarrow tape (5.1cm x 4.6m) 81870: High intensity Glow-in-the-dark hazard tape (2.5cm x 76.2m)93275: Glow-in-the-darkdie-cut arrow (100 / pack)
  • 5. BradyGloTM Glow-in-the-dark productApplications:Identification of• emergency egress exit• Life-vest storage• Enhance visibility ofevacuation map. Standard IMO Glow-in-the- dark signs (6” x 6”) 102853: Glow-in-the-dark holder for evacuation map (17.5” x 15”)
  • 6. High visibility signsApplications:Enhances visibility of SP818V: Tall Fire Extinguisher acrylic• fire fighting equipment signs / 18”H x 8.5”W x 3.25”D• first-aid; especially effectivealong narrow walkway 45368: Polystyrene V-sign (Fire extinguisher) / 5.5”H x 10”W x 4”D V1FEG1G: Glow-in-the-dark V- sign (Fire Extinguisher)/ 6”H x 9”W x 4”D LOFAO3A: Standard acrylic L-sign (First Aid) / 6”H x 9”W x 4”D
  • 7. ABUS industrial grade padlocks Applications: Locking of cabin drawers / lockers.Standard IMO Glow-in-the-dark T84MB/30:signs (6” x 6”) to mark out life-vest Spark-free, non-corrosive brassstorage area. material with colored vinyl casing (red, blue, green, yellow, orange). Key aliked option—several locks with same key.
  • 8. ABUS industrial grade padlocksApplications:Outdoor locking & securingapplications. 37/55 S&S: Cathodic dip coated padlock to weather extreme outdoor corrosion. Optional Master-keyed: one key opens multiple locks. 70IB/45: Sealed lock body with cover seal for protection against water, sand & dirt.
  • 9. B418 Durable TagsApplications:Identification of valves & equipmentunder harsh environment. 41922: Small, yellow, non-corrosive, non-conductive, impact resistant plastic tags (1.5” x 3”, -40 to 127C). Stainless steel, Teflon, Fiberglass tags are also available.
  • 10. B418 Durable Tags 41923: Yellow, non- corrosive, non- conductive, impact resistant plastic tags (2.5” x 4”, -40 to 127C). Tag id can be printed using Brady industrial printer on self-sticking vinyl
  • 11. LOCKOUT TAGOUT Applications: Provide visual warning & physical constraint / locking of energy sources, so as to prevent accidental release of hazardous energy. B837 heavy duty polyester tags. Standard or customized text / logo. Exceeds OSHA’s 50 Ib. pulling strength for tagout.99552: Light weight non-conductivesafety padlock—designed forelectrical lockout. Corrosionresistant. (red, blue, green, yellow,orange, black).
  • 12. LOCKOUT TAGOUT Patented Miniature circuit breaker lockout devices. 105942: Lockable & highly visible Lockout station for storage of Lockout devices. 105932: Lockable & portable padlock station for storage of Lockout tool kit: choice of standard or padlocks & tags. self-assembled Lockout/Tagout devices .
  • 13. LOCKOUT TAGOUTApplications:Lockout gate valves during maintenance or to detertampering of process settings. Eliminates the use ofwarning tapes which are not physical constraint.Gate valve Lockout: Madeof rugged Polypropylene(-31.7 to 93.3C)
  • 14. LOCKOUT TAGOUT Applications: Lockout to ensures valves to emergency showers & eye washes, are kept “ON” at all times. B450 polyethylene V-sign (Emergency shower) BS07A: Red ball valve lockout device made of polypropylene; can lock valves in “open” or “closed” position.
  • 15. LOCKOUT TAGOUTApplications:Provide physical constraint / locking of energysources, so as to prevent accidental release ofhazardous energy. 51394: Patented small universal Lockout devices with great versatility of locking up butterfly valve, ball valves & gate valves
  • 16. Rig Case StudyCalculation – Proposal
  • 17. Rig Case StudyBefore Pictures
  • 18. Rig Case StudyAfter Pictures
  • 19. Rig Case Study