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  • 1. The PRINCE2 Themes projectingIT 1 PRINCE2 pre-course reading
  • 2. What is a Theme? Describes the aspects of project management that must be addressed continually 2 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 3. The PRINCE2 Themes... ...provides guidance on how to do the activities defined in the PRINCE2 processes 3 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 4. Each PRINCE2 Theme... like a lesson or an induction on a specific project management area and covers the essentials that one should know to perform the project management work 4 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 5. Each PRINCE2 Theme... ...covers the purpose, terms and definitions, important aspects of that specific theme and the responsibilities of each PRINCE2 role specific to that theme 5 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 6. so a theme... a specific subject...knowledge...information...guideline... get started in project management. 6 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 7. The 7 Themes of PRINCE2 Business Case Progress Organization Change Quality Risk Plans 7 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 8. Business Case Guidance on how to justify the project Development path of a Business Case What does a Business Case contain Who and how of confirming the project benefits Responsibilities relevant to the Business Case 8 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 9. Organization Guidance on the project management team structure Identifying and engaging the project stakeholders Project management team roles and responsibilities The levels of management and their reporting lines How to keep stakeholders informed about the project 9 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 10. Quality Guidance on ensuring products are fit-for-purpose Project quality management related documentation Quality planning, assurance and control activities What, who and how of the project quality reviews Responsibilities relevant to the Quality theme 10 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 11. Plans Guidance on how to prepare and maintain the plans The different levels of plans Product based planning technique The Plans template Responsibilities relevant for the Plans theme 11 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 12. Risk Guidance on how to manage project risks Where to log the project risks Risk management procedure Risk related reporting Responsibilities for managing the project risks 12 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 13. Change Guidance on how to manage project issues Issue and change control procedure Procedure for configuration management Managing and controlling the project baseline Change related decision making 13 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 14. Progress Project monitoring and control guidelines Project assessments, review and decision making Time based and event based reporting Setting up tolerances and escalation path Progress related roles and responsibilities 14 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 15. Ready for a Quiz? 15 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 16. Match the following 1. Identification, assessment and control of issues A. Business Case 2. Monitor and compare planned vs. actual achievements B. Organization 3. Mechanisms to judge whether the project is viable and worthwhile C. Quality 4. Where, when, how, by whom and how much (the targets) D. Plans 5. Create and verify products that are fit for purpose E. Risk 6. Define and establish the project’s structure of accountability F. Change 7. Identify, assess and control the uncertainty G. Progress 16 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 17. Question#1 # Which is a purpose of a Business Case theme? a) Define the responsibilities for managing teams b) Establish method to judge whether the ongoing project is justified c) Assess and control uncertain events or situations d) Describe how, when and at what cost product can be delivered 17 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 18. Question#2 # Which is a purpose of the Organization theme? a) Set the tolerance on the cost resources b) Provide project management training to the project team c) Define the structure of accountability & responsibilities on the project d) Implement the controls to enable management by exception 18 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 19. Question#3 # Which is a purpose of a Plans theme? a) Define the means of delivering the products b) Determine if the project is desirable and achievable c) Capture the project acceptance criteria d) Implement the controls to enable management by exception 19 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 20. Question#4 # Which is a purpose of a Change theme? a) Prevent changes to the baseline plan b) Ensure potential changes to baselined products are controlled c) Assess and control uncertainty d) Assess changes to only the specialist products 20 The PRINCE2 Themes
  • 21. Question#5 Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence. The Quality theme provides a set of rules and procedures which ensure that the [ ?] created meet(s) the customer requirements. a) controls b) products c) project management team d) stages 21 The PRINCE2 Themes