The prince2 business case


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The prince2 business case

  1. 1. Business Case Presented by Ashish Dhoke, PRINCE2 trainer @ projectingIT, a PRINCE2 ATO PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office 1 The PRINCE2 Team
  2. 2. Discuss PRINCE2 - benefits and strengths The PRINCE2 Business Case AGILE - benefits and strengths Why integrate? theme to justify WHY the project is required Integrating PRINCE2 and AGILE 2 The PRINCE2 Team
  3. 3. About ME Ashish Dhoke, PMP PRINCE2 and Agile trainer Project management consultant [PMO] Around 17 years work experience Software project management Lead trainer and consultant @ projectingIT projectingIT > APMG ATO for PRINCE2 / AGILE 3 The PRINCE2 Team
  4. 4. Business Case Template Executive summary Reasons Business Options Expected Benefits       ExCreed ed  inenefits ting  a    Work  Package  activty pect at Dis-b  Accep ting  a Work  Package  activiity     Created  in  Accep Timescale Costs Investment appraisal Major risks 4 The PRINCE2 Team
  5. 5. Business Case > Reasons 5 The PRINCE2 Team
  6. 6. Business Case > Business options 6 The PRINCE2 Team
  7. 7. Business Case > Expected benefits 7 The PRINCE2 Team
  8. 8. Business Case > Expected dis-benefits 8 The PRINCE2 Team
  9. 9. Business Case > Timescale 9 The PRINCE2 Team
  10. 10. Business Case > Costs 10 The PRINCE2 Team
  11. 11. Business Case > Investment appraisal Compare cost and benefits Scorin g mod els iod Discounted cash per ack flow ayb P Cash fl Value ow f or m statem oney? ent 11 r n on Retu ent vestm in ROI] [ nt ese PV] pr N et e[ N lu va The PRINCE2 Team
  12. 12. Business Case > Major risks 12 The PRINCE2 Team
  13. 13. The development path of a Business Case Detailed Business Case is verified and approved Benefits are confirmed outline Business Case is verified and approved Business Case is verified and approved Pre-project Initiation stage Final delivery stage Subsequent delivery stages Post project Business Case is kept under review outline Business Case is created Business Case is reviewed and assessed Detailed Business Case is created Business Case is updated 13 The PRINCE2 Team
  14. 14. The Project Board Senior User Executive Senior Supplier Review and verify the Business Case and ensure the project remained justified. Throughout. 14 The PRINCE2 Team
  15. 15. Executive Hi..I