When Demand Generation is a Waste of Money


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Instead of preaching to the choir about different demand generation strategies that you already know about, let's look at something completely different. BUT, something that most business owners and marketers don't consider to be a part of their demand and lead generation strategies - reputation marketing.

This webinar will be great for small and mid-sized businesses, especially with physical locations - but every business will be able to benefit and learn:

- What is reputation marketing?
- Why you are wasting money with your demand generation strategy
- How reputation marketing can increase your demand (and sales!)
- Practical tips to build a better reputation
- Actionable steps to start now!

Download Reputation Marketing Action Checklist

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When Demand Generation is a Waste of Money

  1. 1. @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  2. 2. Demand Generation 101 Demand generation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company's products and/or services. Wikipedia @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  3. 3. Drive Awareness & Interest Inbound Marketing •Content Marketing •SEO •Social Media •Pay Per Click •Email Marketing @v1ktor Outbound Marketing •TV/Radio Ads •Print Ads •Email Spam •Direct Mail •Telemarketing @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  4. 4. Are You Wasting Money? @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  5. 5. Reputation Check Local Business Online/Other Business Whatever makes sense for your business! Local businesses checkout free businessreputationgrader.com @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  6. 6. Signs of Trouble: Reviews Very Rude Overpriced Poor Service Dirty Tables @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  7. 7. Signs of Trouble: Other @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  8. 8. Clogged Funnel @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  9. 9. Game Changer #1 of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. BrightLocal, 2012 @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  10. 10. Game Changer #2 of consumers are more likely to use a local business if they have positive reviews. BrightLocal, 2012 @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  11. 11. Game Changer #3 @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  12. 12. Clogged Funnel = @v1ktor @projectarmy - Losing leads/customers - Generating customers for competitors - Wasting marketing budget - Looking bad - Out of business Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  13. 13. Remember Having no reviews is as bad as having negative reviews. @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  14. 14. Help?!! What can I do? @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  15. 15. Reputation Marketing Build & market your 5-Star reputation online to get more customers. @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  16. 16. Reputation Marketing Pie @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  17. 17. Build Reputation To build reputation you need to get •Business reviews (Google+, Yelp, etc.) •Product/Service reviews •Testimonials (text and videos) •Social media mentions/updates •Press mentions and interviews •Positive search results for branded keywords @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  18. 18. Market Reputation To market reputation you need to •Use positive reputation indicators in your marketing collateral (including your website) •Aggregate/Share indicators through social media and social networks •Use indicators to boost demand generation •Use indicators to boost lead generation •Use indicators to close more sales! @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  19. 19. Manage Reputation To manage reputation you need to •Monitor review websites •Monitor social media mentions/updates •Monitor search engine results •Reply to BOTH negative and positive reviews •Have a crisis management policy/plan in place •Bonus: Monitor top competitor’s reputation @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  20. 20. Create Culture Create and nurture reputation culture •Customer service training (that’s a given) •Train staff how to ask for reviews/testimonials •Train staff how to respond to positive and negative reviews •Empower your staff to act, not delay resolution •Help them change their language @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  21. 21. Remember You’re only one customer away from having a bad reputation. @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  22. 22. Action Checklist Download PDF checklist -http://j.mp/1aNkh2a -This checklist can be found on slideshare.com/projectarmy @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  23. 23. Contact Me Viktor Nagornyy, Business Guardian • Email: viktor@projectarmy.net • Twitter: @v1ktor • Blog: viktorsblog.com @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  24. 24. About www.projectarmy.net Twitter: @projectarmy Email: ask@projectarmy.net We simplify business owners' lives by offering affordable a la carte marketing services to help them get more customers and increase sales. The practical, affordable marketing services are designed to trim the fat and get to the heart of lead generation. Every client has access to one of our amazing Business Guardians to get free advice, resources and make informed business decisions. We're always there with you! @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
  25. 25. Bonus: Reputation Report @v1ktor @projectarmy Questions? Comments? #bizedu
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