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Reading strategy

  1. 1. Reading Strategy
  2. 2. Reading Strategy• Prediction• Connection• Vocabulary• Summarize• Question Tower• Inference• Visualization
  3. 3. Prediction• Before you read a book or a text, you guess what will happened next based on the context.• Then, you give some evidence to prove your PREDICTION
  4. 4. Prediction• P : Greg had joint a soccer club. The coach lets him to be the team goal keeper. I predict that the team will lose.• E: Greg always try to dodge the ball when it came.• When he was young, he just played with the tulip during the game.
  5. 5. Connection• Type of connection• Text to text• Text to self• Text to world
  6. 6. Text to Text• Compare a text you read to another text
  7. 7. Text to Text• Text I read: Greg’s father tried to enlist Greg in organized sports and other manly endeavors• Compared text: Nobita’s father wants him to play baseball.
  8. 8. Text to self• Compare text you read to your self or experiments you had.
  9. 9. Text to self• Text I read: Rodrick bet Greg 50 cents that he couldn’t tie his shoes while he was standing up, and he totally fell for it. But during he was tiding a his shoes, Rodrick shot him in the butt with a paintball gun.• Compared text: I sometimes challenge my brother to do hard things with 10000vnd, but when he did it, I don’t give money to him.
  10. 10. Text to world• Compare what you read to what happened in the world.
  11. 11. Text to world• Text I read: Greg always try to be cool when he talk with beautiful girls.• Compared text: Boys wants to attrack attention of the girls with their awesome tricks.
  12. 12. Vocabulary• When you have a word that you don’t know, write it out, see the situation and type of word to guess the meaning, then check in the dictionary
  13. 13. vocabularyWord Situation Type Guess MeanBrownie His face is Noun Colour Brown, or full of brown chocolate brownie cookie with nuts
  14. 14. Summary• Summary a text after you read.
  15. 15. Summary• Greg comes up with a resolution at the beginning of the year. He is trying to help his family to improve their weakness. But he doesn’t success and Rodrick is being worse.
  16. 16. Question towel• Before, in the middle, and after you read, you write questions, answers, prediction, inference, and evidence.
  17. 17. Question towel• Before:• Greg’ ll have a lot of fun in new year.• Middle:• I like the part when Greg has a list of things to do, I have that, too.• After:• How is his first day back to school?
  18. 18. Visualization• After you read, draw a picture, and write why you like this sense, why it’s so important.
  19. 19. Visualization
  20. 20. Visualization• I like this sense because it tells me that Greg isn’t a good soccer players, me too.• It’s important because now, I know that Greg Heffley will never change his wimpy ways. Somebody just need to explain that to greg’s father.
  21. 21. Inference• Write your opinion and evidence about what is happening.
  22. 22. Inference• I: Rodrick is bad.• E: He treats his brother badly and has a lot of terrible tricks to trick him.