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  • 2. What will prevention services look like?
  • 3. How will providers receive the most up-to-date SUPPORT?
  • 4. Is success…
    • The number of clients served ?
    • Their satisfaction ?
    • The size of your staff ?
    • The size of your annual budget ?
  • 6. Prevention: A Changing Approach
    • Accountability Providers must detail a proven track record of community successes
    • Focus on Outcomes Providers must generate a plan that responds to the negative consequences of ATOD use
    • Organizational Capacity Providers must demonstrate the ability to provide service and deliver outcomes
    • Community Connectedness Providers must have a track record of partnering with communities in a meaningful way
  • 7. Prevention: Focused on Data
    • SPF + RFP Now, providers detail how they will use the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to tackle substance abuse problems
    • Data-Driven Now, community coalitions use data to solve crucial AOD problems
    • National Outcome Measures Now, outcomes should affect “ population level change ”
    • Sustainability Now, many CBOs view the SPF not just as a prevention framework, but as a tool that encourages long-term stability
  • 8. The Strategy Behind the SPF Strategic Substance abuse problems are seen from a “ public health model. ” Prevention Only evidence-based programs are used Framework The 5 step process builds capacity for agencies and coalitions as they assess needs, strategize, implement and evaluate Sustainability and Cultural Competence Emphasis placed on long-term change that serves communities effectively and appropriately
  • 9. How can states help CBOs navigate this new environment?
  • 10. The Evidence is Clear
    • Major funding streams now aligned with
    • Strategic Prevention Framework:
    1) SPF-SIG 4) Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) 2) Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CDC) 5) Block Grant 3) Drug-Free Community Grant (DFC) 6) Safe and Drug Free Schools (Dept of Ed)
  • 11. The Evidence is Clear
    • Congress requires National Outcome Measure (NOMs)
    • US Cabinet-level departments Justice, Education, and Labor embrace the SPF as a planning tool
    • Emergence of infrastructure building grants (eg, SAMHSA coalition grants)
  • 12. Change is Happening Across US Communities
    • San Diego County has been using a SPF-aligned system since 1997
    • In 2005 California aligned their State Incentive Grant with the SPF
    • Since 2008 ALL California counties have been required to use the SPF
  • 13. How will your agency remain competitive in the future?
  • 14. Being Competitive Means…
    • Building a healthy organization
    • Improving program effectiveness
    • Leveraging community support
  • 15. Building a Healthy Organization
    • Is your agency satisfied with its ability
    • to receive and ADMINISTER
    • prevention programming?
  • 16. Increasing Program Effectiveness
    • Can your agency prove that its
    • programming is EFFECTIVE
    • and appropriate?
  • 17. Leveraging Community Support
    • Does your agency use the “HUMAN
    • CAPITAL ” of the community to push
    • for needed outcomes?
  • 18. Is your organization ready to ask itself some hard questions? Questions that might be in your next RFP?
  • 19. Is your organization ready for the next step ?
  • 20. Preparing Communities for Coalition Success Training, TA and Project Management Strategic Planning and Alignment with Funding Sources Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) for Community Based Organizations Reaching Outcomes in Community Health by Building Capacity
  • 21. Prospectus Group. The future. Prospectus Group Atlanta / San Francisco T. 415.508.4051 Case Study 1: Case Study 2: