iPhone & Java Web Services


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A first-steps intro to Java Web Services and their role with iPhone applications. We code an iPhone app and connect it to Java Web Services and discuss how they are already playing together in today's commercial iPhone app market.

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iPhone & Java Web Services

  1. iPhone Development and Java Web Services 101 a Practical Tour And Demo Matthew McCullough, Ambient Ideas, LLC
  2. Thanks for calling to upgrade your DSL
  3. What operating system do you use?
  4. Mac OS
  5. Is that before or after Vista?
  6. ...umm
  7. I’d say, about 10 years after
  8. Ok, thanks for confirming that sir.
  9. Why the iPhone?
  10. Overtaken Blackberry in sales
  11. even Overtaken Moto RAZR in sales
  12. 2,000,000 apps sold as of Oct 21, 2008
  13. Why Web Services?
  14. Web Service Languages ★Java ★Perl ★.NET ★Python ★Ruby ★C ★PHP
  15. Independent of platform Consumed by any type of app •Desktop •RIA •Headless
  16. Nearly EVERY app is becoming network aware
  17. Java Web SOAP/REST/HTTP iPhone Services Objective C
  18. Java Web Services
  19. JWS Tools •IntelliJ •NetBeans •Native support •SOA Plugin •Eclipse •Maven •SOA Plugin •Axis Archetype
  20. RESTful vs SOAPful
  21. SOAP
  22. REST http://localhost/drawing/
  23. Java Web Service Servers • JAX-WS • Axis • JAX-RS • JSR311, Glassfish component “Jersey” • Java 6 • Local HTTP server • APT, or BARE needed for SOAP
  24. iPhone Objective C
  25. iPhone Dev Process Free Membership • SDK • Simulator Paid Membership • Provisioning • Deploy to Dev Device • Digitally Sign Apps • App Store
  26. iPhone Dev Tools • Dashcode = JavaScript •Interface Builder, NIBs •XCode
  27. Objective C • No Garbage Collector • GC only on Mac OSX Desktop • Manual Release of Memory •C with Objects
  28. Objective C REST • Minimal Parsing • Text Based (Primarily) •Simple HTTP request • Changing of request types • @GET, @POST, @PUT
  29. iPhone REST Demo
  30. Objective C XML • SOAP • Heavy Wrappers, Headers, No Libs • Help with XML Parsing • NSXMLParser API
  31. iPhone SOAP Demo
  32. Other dev Tools
  33. •SOAPui •Apache TCPMon •TCPDump •Firefox Poster •Netbeans WS/REST Tester
  34. What’s next • Java • Native? Sun has promised • Flash • Native? Adobe has pledged • JavaFX • Does anyone care • Let’s get it on the desktop first (Dec 2)
  35. Takeaways • iPhone Dev is Challenging • Application process painful • Manual memory management • Cryptic APIs • Java Web Services are Easy • Minimal Gotchas • Rest vs SOAP decisions
  36. Q&A Email questions to: MatthewM@AmbientIdeas.com Slides & Source Code at: www.AmbientIdeas.com/engineering/engineering-presentation.html
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