PGC Newsletter 9th August 2014


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PGC Newsletter 9th August 2014

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PGC Newsletter 9th August 2014

  1. 1. PGC N P N 9th A SE • • • RB • • NEWSLETTE GC NEW August 20 " The w EBI/COM Amendment 1/18/2013-C In Schedule inserted, na Explanation mean any a State Gover the time bei State bank o exposure of talks to app company. One of its b the Securiti penalty of R SEBI began clauses und (Regulation) DEPS. BI / TAX RBI/2014-1 15Modificati The Reserve companies a as continge per cent. HC orders s complex du Ltd. v. Addit ER 9th August C WSL 14 THOUG world has of t MPANIE t in schedule CL-V] Govern e VII, after ite amely:-"(xi) s .- For the pu rea declared rnment or any ing in force." of India (SBI f Rs 40,000 point a manag biggest penal ies and Exch Rs. 13 crore adjudication der the List ) Act for no X LAW UP 5/170 DNB ion of Guideli e Bank on Fr and said that nt liabilities, special audit e to multiple tional Comm t 2014 LET GHT OF s never ha the word l ES UPDA VII of Compa nment of Ind em (x), the fo slum area dev rposes of this as such by t y other comp ) and other c crore to scam gement agen lties for non- hange Board on Reliance n proceedings ing Agreeme t disclosing PDATES BS (PD) C ines on Mortg iday revised t guarantees for which cr of ‘DLF’ as e sale transac issioner of In TTER F THE DA ad a good liberty” ATES anies Act, 20 ia Ministry of ollowing item velopment. s item, the te he Central G petent author commercial b mridden Bhu cy to monito -disclosure of of India, S Industries L s to probe th ent and the the Diluted S C. No.20/M gage Guarant guidelines fo provided by edit conversi its accounts ctions HIGH ncome-tax R AY definition 013-[File Num f Corporate A m and entry sh erm `slum ar overnment o rity under any banks have a ushan Steel a r the operati f a key earni SEBI today im Limited. Subs he violation o e Securities Earnings pe MGC/03.011.0 tee Companie or mortgage y them may b ion factor wo were incom COURT OF D n mber Affairs. (1) hall be rea' shall r any y law for combined and are in ons of the ings ratio, mposed a sequently, of relevant Contracts r Share - 001/2014- es (MGCs) guarantee be treated ould be 50 mplete and DELHI DLF MARK SENS 25,343. CNX 7,579.5 DOLL 61.23 MCX 44128.0 MCX 28977.0 MCX 6052.00 Dow J avera 16,368. Nasd 4334.97 www.p KET UP SEX .04 -245 NIFTY 55 -69.7 LAR/ R -0.28 SILVER 0 314.0 GOLD 00 207. CRUDE 0 52.0 Jones age .27 -75 daq Com 7 -20.08 progloba PDATES 5.97 70 RUPEE R 0 .00 E OIL Indust .07 mposite 8 1 S trial e om