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Progemec s.r.l. General Presentation

  1. 1. engineering servicesVia Filetti Superiore - 03031 Aquino (FR) Tel. e Fax: +39 0776 726167 Mobile: +39 340 4552123 E-mail:
  2. 2. COMPANY HIGHLIGHTSPROGEMEC is an expert provider of advanced and specialized engineering and R&Dservices focused on process and mechanical engineering, serving as a technical partner toits customers.Since the beginning of its activities, PROGEMEC’s philosophy has been focused ondeveloping close collaborative relationships with its clients.This objective is achieved by becoming an extension of our clients’ engineering andtechnical staff, working together to face any challenge.In order to meet all of the client´s requests, PROGEMEC takes one each and every projectguided by the company´s three main principles: Specialization, Flexibility and Adaptation. PROFILE AND STAFF STRUCTURE• Foundation: January 2011; Mechanical Engineer• Current staff: 8 resources Draftsman (7 technical + 1 administrative) Electrical Engineer Languages Graduate 2/22
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITYSince its foundation, at the beginning of 2011, PROGEMEC has been involved ininternational projects working together with Italian and Spanish customers and partners.Currently PROGEMEC has been developing its international operations with a principalfocus on Europe.The company estimates that foreign markets will comprise nearly 25 per cent of thecompany´s total revenue in 2011.International operations are focused oncreating value by establishing strongbusiness to business relationships withclients and partners that are involved inall stages of industrial production.This value consists of acquiring a deepknowledge of differentmarkets, industrial fields andtechnologies in order to detect newbusiness opportunities and technologicalneeds. 3/22
  5. 5. INDUSTRIES SERVED RENEWABLE AEROSPACE AUTOMOTIVE MARINE OIL & GAS INDUSTRIAL ENERGIES• Aerostructures • BIW • Hull and • Pressure Vessel • Home Appliances • PV plant & CSP• Aero Engines • Seating Structures Design & Analysis • Medical Devices Preliminary, components • Powertrain & • Machinery & • Heat Exchanger • Off-road Definitive and• Aero Interiors chassis Systems • Towers and Equipment As built design• Aero Systems • Interiors & • Deck Machinery columns • Machines for • BioGas plant Exteriors • Accommodation • Piping routing Food & Beverage design• Manufacturing support • Mold design & Interiors • Piping detailing • Sheet & Tube • Windmill • Life Saving & Metal Forming design• R&D specific • Die design • Bill of Materials projects Fire Fighting Machines • Development • Cooling system • Detailed Equipment • Machines for of special • Jigs & Fixture engineering • Navigation & pharmaceutics mechanical Design • Water components communication desalination • HVAC • Process • Support Equipment Equipments Automation • Boilers structure • R&D specific • Special purpose • Assembly design and projects machines Automation validation • R&D specific projects 5/22
  6. 6. SERVICES PROVIDED CIVIL & PLANT MECHANICAL CAD CAE ELECTRICAL AUTOMATION ENGINEERING DESIGN ENGINEERING• Data • Structural • Piping Routing • Product Design • Preliminary, D • Production Conversion Analysis • Piping Detailing • Value Engineering efinitive, Execu Automation• 2D to 3D • Metal Forming • Pressure vessels • SPM Design tive & As Built • Pick & Place Conversion Simulations design Design; design • Presses & Dies• 3D modeling • Composites & • Heat Exchanger design • Health and • Assembly• 2D detailing Plastics design safety in the Automation • Medical Simulations construction • Testing• Data Migration • Heavy Equipments design • Static & Dynamic industry Automation Fabrication • Food & Beverage Analysis Drawings • Construction • Vision Equipment design • Thermal design & inspection • As built • General and Transient management systems documentation specific purpose Analysis • Project • Leak testing • Material machine design • CFD management Equipments Handling • NVH • Design Validation & Optimization 6/22
  7. 7. SERVICE DELIVERY MODEL • Concept GenerationCONCEPT TO • Concept Development DESIGN • Preliminary design • CAD Modeling DESIGN FOR • Design Validation • Design Optimization MANUFACTURING • Manufacturing or Assembly Drawings (BUILDING, ASSEMBLY) • Tolerance Analysis • BOM • Tools & Fixtures Design MANUFACTURING • Die Design (ASSEMBLY, BUILDING) • Process cycle definition • As Built design SUPPORT • Project Management 7/22
  8. 8. CAD SERVICES Concept Design Detailed ManufacturingEngineering Engineering Engineering Support Drawings conversion: paper -> digital; 2D -> 3D Concept and product design 3D Modeling and Assembly Manufacturing and Assembly drawings Design validation and optimization Reverse Engineering Production cycle definition Technical documentation 8/22
  9. 9. CASE STUDY INDUSTRIAL: Validation & Optimization of a handling line componentORIGINAL COMMERCIAL SOLUTION OPTIMIZED INTERNAL SOLUTION 9/22
  10. 10. CASE STUDYINDUSTRIAL: R&D projects of special purpose machines 10/22
  11. 11. CAE SERVICES Model Building Engineering Design Post-Processing and Pre-Processing Analysis OptimizationFEM Modeling OptimizationStatic Analysis NVHDynamic Analysis Composites & Plastics AnalysisNon-Linear Analysis Welding SimulationsComputational Fluid Dynamics Sheet Metal Forming SimulationsBuckling Analysis Crash & Impact AnalysisFatigue & Creep Analysis Thermal Analysis 11/22
  12. 12. CASE STUDYAUTOMOTIVE: Feasability and Validation of BIW components • CAD binder development • Forming simulations • Metal formability  wrinkling analysis  thickness analysis  thinning analysis • Die process development • Production simulations • Assembly simulations 12/22
  13. 13. CASE STUDYINDUSTRIAL: Thickness Optimization of a polimeryc thin film for pharmaceutical blister 13/22
  14. 14. CASE STUDY INDUSTRIAL: Feasibility study by Hydroforming and process optimization1 24 3 14/22
  16. 16. CASE STUDY OIL&GAS/ENERGY: Pressure equipment analysis• Study of thermal-structural response at critical parts.• Fatigue analysis• Dynamic/Static performance• Design criteria/code compliance• Thicknesses optimization• Nozzle to Shell junctions• Nozzle allowable stress• Skirt to shell to head junctions• Shell Transitions• Internal pipe sand supports 16/22 Courtesy of CADE Soluciones
  17. 17. CASE STUDY OIL&GAS/ENERGY: Heat exchangers • Thermal design • Mechanical Design • Fatigue analysis • Performance analysis • Exergetic analysis • Dynamic/Static performance • Thicknesses optimization • Nozzle to Shell junctions • Nozzle allowable stress 17/22Courtesy of CADE Soluciones
  18. 18. CASE STUDY OIL&GAS/ENERGY: Waste Heat Boilers• Thermal & Process Design• Mechanical Design• Tubeside Lining• Wind shields• Fatigue analysis• Performance analysis• Exergetic analysis• Dynamic/Static performance 18/22 Courtesy of CADE Soluciones
  19. 19. RENEWABLE ENERGIESSite search Design for Preliminary Definitive& Contract construction & Project Projectnegotiation As BuiltRooftops or lands research and Feasibility evaluationEconomical and Legal Contract negotiation with customer or ownerPreliminary project and TICA requestDefinitive project for AU and follow upExecutive project for constructionAs built project after the constructionFinal validation of the plantConnection request and registration 19/22
  20. 20. CASE STUDYRENEWABLE ENERGY: 7,5 MW PV Plant in Manduria - ITALY Design for Construction: • Electrical design • Civil design:  drainage system, buildings  internal road  perimetral fence  PV support structures layout • Surveillance & Security System • Meteo Station • Lightningh As Built design Technical memories for ENEL & UTF Procedures for “Genio Civile” Final Validation of the plant 20/22
  21. 21. CASE STUDY RENEWABLE ENERGY: ON GOING PV PROJECTSID Project Specification Activities • Design for construction • As Built design1 7,5 MW Manduria (TA) - Italy • Technical memories for ENEL & UTF • Procedures for “Genio Civile” • Final Validation of the plant • Land search • Economical and legal negotiation with2 3 MW Capitignano (AQ) - Italy the landowner • Preliminary project for TICA request • Definitive project for AU request • Land search • Economical and legal negotiation with 3 MW San Vittore del Lazio (FR) -3 the landowner Italy • Preliminary project for TICA request • Definitive project for AU request4 1MW Guardiagrele (CH) – Italy • Definitive project for AU request5 1MW Mozzagrogna (CH) – Italy • Definitive project for AU request 21/22
  22. 22. PUBLICATIONS1. Del Prete, A. Mentella, M. Strano, Design of a Flexforming operation by Sequential Optimization and by Adaptive Loading, VII AITEM Conference (2005), Lecce.2. A. Mentella, P. Castrichino, L. Nocente, M. Strano, Studio automatico ad elementi finiti della process capability di un processo di stampaggio lamiera, Lamiera (July 2007).3. A. Mentella, M. Strano, R. Gemignani, A new method for feasibility study and determination of the loading curves in the rotary draw-bending process, Esaform Conference, April 2008, Lyon.4. A. Del Prete, A. Mentella, T. Primo, M. Strano, Localized warming of sheet metal parts for the reduction of springback, Numisheet Conference, September 2008, Interlaken.5. A. Mentella, M. Monno, V. Mussi, M. Strano, Metal foam-filled hydroformed tubular structures, Cellmet Conference, October 2008, Dresden.6. M. Strano, A. Mentella, R. Di Nitto, Pianificare il processo di imbutitura attraverso analisi FEM, minimizzando i costi variabili di produzione, Lamiera (May 2009).7. A. Mentella, M. Strano, Overview of sheet and tube hydroforming processes, SME Technical Paper (September 2009).8. A. Mentella, M. Strano, R. Gemignani, S. Farina, Tube free bending: a new index for the control of the cross section quality, IX AITeM Conference, September 2009, Torino.9. A. Mentella, M. Strano, M. Skrikerud, Multi-material fem approach for the prediction of the behavior of draw- bended tubular profiles, XIII Esaform Conference, April 2010, Brescia, Italy.10. A. Mentella, M. Strano, M. Skrikerud, New potential applications for tube and sheet hydroforming in furnishing and household hardware, Hydroforming of Sheets, Tubes and Profiles International Conference, May 2010, IFU Stuttgard.11. M. Strano, V. Mussi, A. Mentella, An effective and efficient approach for simulating the mechanical behavior of metal foam filled tubular structures, I ESI Global Forum, May 2010, Munich.12. A. Mentella, M. Strano, Rotary draw bending of small piping: predicting the quality of the cross section, Jour. of Engineering Manufacture (accepted May 2011). 22/22
  23. 23. engineering services CONTACTS ing. Alessia Mentella, PhDManaging Director & Business Development Manager Tel. e Fax: +39 0776 726167 Mobile: +39 338 3103227 E-mail: