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What Is Character Ii
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What Is Character Ii






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What Is Character Ii What Is Character Ii Presentation Transcript

  • What is Character? Part II J. Santoy
  • Character Analysis can discuss:
    • Individuals in the story.
    • Personality of those Individuals.
  • Part II: Analysis of Character (Personality)
    • MAJOR ELEMENTS include:
    • Character Traits
    • Growth of Character
  • Determining Character Traits
    • Physical Features
    • Speech
    • Actions
    • Surroundings/Environment
    • What others say
  • Determining Physical Features
    • What does the character look like?
    • How does he dress?
    • Is the feature natural (born with it) or imposed by the character?
  • Determining Character Traits by Speech
    • How does the character speak?
    • What does he say?
    • What does he say about himself?
    • What does he say about others?
  • Determining Character Traits by Actions
    • What does the character do?
    • What are the character’s motivations?
    • What are the character’s goals?
    • How does the character treat others?
  • Determining Character Traits by Using Other Characters
    • What do others say about character? Speech
    • How do others react to character? Body Language
  • Determining Character Traits using Environment
    • Where does Character live?
    • Who are his friends?
    • Where does he work?
    • What is his job?
  • Character Analysis: Minnie
    • Determining Character Traits
    • Actions III. What others say
      • Interpretation A. Interpretation
      • Evidence B. Evidence
    • Speech IV. Environment
    • A. Interpretation A. Interpretation
    • B. Evidence B. Evidence
  • Analysis of Character Traits leads to. . .
    • More in-depth character analysis
    • Growth of Character
      • What does the character learn?
      • How does the character change?
      • Does the character become a better person?
      • Does the character become worse?
  • Determining Growth of Character using Character Traits
    • What is character like at the beginning?
    • What is character like at the end?
    • What causes the change in the character?
  • Growth/Transformation of Character: Minnie (Positive or Negative)
    • What is Minnie like at the beginning?
      • Interpretation
      • Evidence
    • What is Minnie like at the end?
      • Interpretation
      • Evidence
    • What causes the change?
      • Interpretation
      • Evidence
  • Character Analysis lets you:
    • Determine Growth of Character
      • Traits at the beginning
      • Event which instigates change
      • Traits at the end
    • Determine Complexity of Character
      • Character Traits using speech, actions, appearance, what others say, and evironment