Oral history project explanation


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Oral history project explanation

  1. 1. The Oral History Project Dick Heyler Linda Reilly Stephanie Romano
  2. 2. Oral History Project Is an authentic experience that involves intergenerational dialogue – It get students in touch with the past – It tells someone’s unique story – Students feel ownership – Adults feel valued – It creates an impact at the personal, school, and community level
  3. 3. Oral History Project Components Interview – Purpose and focus – Preparation for interview – Tape recorder instruction – Use of open-ended questions – Connecting personal stories to history
  4. 4. Oral History Project Components Artifacts – Items (also people, events, or concepts) that influence the person’s life – A springboard/generator of ideas – A tool/vehicle to tell stories Research – Use of reliable resources – library/internet – A recursive process throughout the project
  5. 5. Oral History Components Memoir – A narrative which may begin with an artifact – Shows some form of influence on one’s life – May be a memory, an experience, or a time period – Brings first person “voice” to the process Can be written by the participating adult Can be jointly written Can be written by the student
  6. 6. Oral History Components Portrait – Visual image – photo or drawing – Composition – respectfulness and clarity Presentation – A sharing of information with peers, teachers, and community – A celebration of learning – OH Fair, Tea, Symposium
  7. 7. Oral History ComponentsFeature Article – Reflection of the person’s life and times – Includes representative people, places, and events – Characteristics of a well written article
  8. 8. Oral History Display Triptych – Three-paneled backboard which portrays the person’s personality and life experiences through the OH components “Outside the Box” Displays – Pillow – Shopping bag – Shoe
  9. 9. Student’s Triptych
  10. 10. History of the OH Project and CD Governor’s Institute 1998 – 2000 CD – OH Project Consortium - 2000 – “Educate America” Act Grant – Staff development tool Develop lessons, practices, and assessments for the classroom Gallery of videos, pictures, and text samples Oral History Project: Connecting Students with their Community Heinemann, August, 2006
  11. 11. Your Assignment “Academic Scrap Booking” (Gibb,2006) – Create an OH Project on a fellow colleague Begin with “Oral” tradition and heritage – Family histories, tradition, and customs – Personal experiences and stories (historical) – Music, dance, games Artifacts – Crafts, foods, folk art, buidings
  12. 12. Your AssignmentMemoir – YOU MUST WRITE YOUR OWN and give to your partnerPortrait – you must capture your partnerResearch – Must be obvious in news article and presentationNews Article – 2 to 3 pagesPresentation (last two class meetings) – 5 to 7 minutes/gallery walk