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We are a healthcare consulting, market research and analytics firm based in Mumbai, India, started by experienced healthcare consulting professionals.

We are a healthcare consulting, market research and analytics firm based in Mumbai, India, started by experienced healthcare consulting professionals.

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  • 1. MARKET INTELLIGENCE. PROCESS SUPPORT.Company Profile & Service OfferingsFebruary 2013 This presentation is solely for the use of client personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted or reproduced for distribution outside of the client organization without prior written approval of Profound Healthcare Services.
  • 2. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team2
  • 3. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team3
  • 4. Profound Healthcare Services provides analytics, research andconsulting services focusing on the Healthcare segment Profound Healthcare Services was established in June 2012 by experienced healthcare consultants, with an objective of enabling multiple stakeholders across the healthcare industry to devise winning strategies through - o ‘Accurate market insights’ leading to ‘realistic and implementable operating strategies’ o ‘Process support’ for routine analysis freeing-up management bandwidth for strategy matters • Vision − "To contribute significantly in improvement of healthcare service delivery in India by becoming a partner of choice for various service providers as well as by providing innovative healthcare services on own over a long-term.” • Mission − "To enable healthcare organizations devise a robust operating strategy by generating high quality, in-depth insights about their focus areas; and also allow them to dedicate increased time for critical strategy related processes by managing routine data analysis."4
  • 5. Undiluted focus, experience across therapy areas & minimal reliance on external vendors provides us an edge over competitionWhy us? − Exclusive, undiluted focus: we focus and specialize in healthcare − Experience across therapy areas: experienced in detailed assessment of therapy areas like Oncology, CVS, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Geriatrics, Gync / Infertility and HIV − High quality, in depth insights: Personal involvement in insight generation leads to highest quality of market intelligence due to minimal reliance on external vendors− Strong team & Partners: Our team has the perfect blend of research, consulting, healthcare industry and medical knowledge which is helpful in executing variety of projects. Established partnership with highly experienced professionals from Indian pharmaceutical industry− Robust insight generation process: Focus on depth discussions with stakeholders rather than conducting data collection through questionnaires. Availability of voice files from past engagements for future reference in order to ensure validation and high accuracy levels of insights− Project management experience: First-hand experience in end-to-end execution of diverse variety of projects in healthcare industry− KOL contacts: Established contacts with key opinion leaders across various therapy areas leading to faster project execution without compromising on quality and accuracy of insights 5
  • 6. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team6
  • 7. We specialize in providing strategy consulting, market intelligenceand analytics & forecasting services • India market entry strategy focusing on particular therapy area or product Strategy • India market growth strategy for existing products consulting • Portfolio recommendation / optimization • Detailed landscaping of operating market • Market potential estimation for new drugs Areas of Market • Market assessment for “go / no-go “decision service intelligence • Competitive benchmarking • Daily industry updates through emails Analytics & • Analysis of existing data forecasting • Forecasting for market size and brand size • Forecasting form from existing data7
  • 8. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team8
  • 9. Strategy consulting typically involves scientifically driven approachleading to strategy recommendation supported by financials Illustrative • Typically 10-14 weeks duration1 Recommendation • High involvement of client essential at each Analysis & Strategy with financials stage framework • Final strategy Detailed market recommendation • Developing assessment −Arrive at final strategic options strategy to be Identification of −Short-listing implemented • Market research success levers issues −Support with and analysis post workshop financial Understanding −Discussions with −Financial analysis implications over • Arriving at key stakeholders for each success client aspirations mid-long term strategic goal lever −Desk research −Provide −Analysis of client −Baseline and implementation • Understanding inputs −Validation of insights evented plan and a time client needs −Building basic forecasting for frame −Initial meetings market −First level success levers with client teams understanding analysis of operating market −Final strategic −Mutual −Workshop / options based agreement on individual −Workshop to upon forecasting needs to be meetings with arrive at all and financial addressed client teams possible success analysis leversNOTE: 1) Timelines are rough estimates, actual timeline would be defined based upon the scope of each engagement and would differ for each engagement9
  • 10. Case study: India entry and go to market strategy for a new playerentering the Gync market in India Review growth plans and Assess and Evaluate Align field force and Develop Implementation vision Portfolio recommend entry strategy Agenda OpportunitiesUnderstand the growth plans – Ratify key portfolio opportunities Assess other go to market Develop overall implementationexisting vision and long term growth in line with consensus – deploy options – Define targeting plan – across portfolio, field forceplans external data assets to recommend strategy, SF structure, and enablers with clearUnderstand key expectations – potential portfolio; validate through geographical coverage and likely responsibilities and timelines;expectations vis-à-vis operating benchmarking, key stake-holder field force size. Benchmark with identify key milestones to monitorsegments, portfolio, field force and interviews relevant competitors, size to fit and trackother enablers1; understand reasons / Evaluate and finalize portfolio – intended coverage, depth, priority Convert implementation planrationale and segregate into agree on portfolio, develop 3 yr top- Evaluate findings and into financials, as necessary.controllable and non-controllable line forecasts recommend entry strategy – Develop consensus – with keyissues Forecasting for Gync BU – Define divisional structure. Assess stake-holders on theMarket Assessment – as necessary, develop 3 yr forecast for each revenues, cost and profitability of implementation plan and financialto key IPM growth drivers, non- recommended molecule and arrive identified business structure. commitments to ensure buy-incontrollable execution issues, global at the overall 3 yr forecast for the Compare options, prioritize andpolicies, fit to portfolio in India Gync BU recommend operating modelDevelop consensus – alignstakeholders through workshop Benefits for client: • Client was completely new to the Indian market and without any detailed understanding about the target market • This project enabled them to identify operating segments vis-à-vis their strengths and also provided recommendations about product portfolio and field force requirements • It also enabled them to gain clarity about the tactical marketing requirements for operating in their target market. • Client was able to arrive at a final decision as regards entering or not entering this market based upon in-depth financial analysis10
  • 11. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team11
  • 12. Market intelligence projects usually involve a combination of deskresearch, stakeholder discussions and baseline forecasting Illustrative • Conduct desk research for freely • Analyze Typical available data generated objective: • Use sales / Rx data insights Detailed if available with • Conduct • Typically 6-8 weeks client baseline duration1 assessment of a • Medium involvement of forecasting market or a • Develop detailed client required during the • Arrive at project product within discussion guide final findings the identified • Stakeholder & basic therapy area discussions recommend ations • Arrive at relevant insightsNOTE: 1) Timelines are rough estimates, actual timeline would be defined based upon the scope of each engagement and would differ for each engagement12
  • 13. Case study: Market potential estimation for an existing cancerdrug targeted for new indication by an MNC Benefits for client: • Client intended to identify the opportunity for an existing products in a new target market • This project provided a market opportunity estimation in terms of target patient pool • Client was able to identify the actual patient pool for all patent segments and across all stages of the disease and treatment • Project also provided detailed treatment protocol findings leading to identification of potential patients where client’s product could be used. This provided accurate opportunity assessment across all treatment channels and patient segments13
  • 14. Case study: In depth assessment of Rheumatology market toidentify potential for biologics usage Phase I Studying the treatment dynamics Phase III and patient flow • Various market segments in • Means to expand market RA based upon patient profile • Rx drivers / barriers for • Existing treatment protocols for • Approximate patients biologics as monotherapy each segment numbers (in %) in identified treatment • Rx drivers / hindrances in RA, segments • Market opportunity for biologics specifically for biologics • Untapped market segments • Expansion opportunity for • Critical success factors for for Biologics within RA client’s brand higher uptake of biologics Recommend market Understanding patient expansion options for segments for RA in client’s product India Phase II Benefits for client: • Client was operating in this market – but desired a validation about the future potential of market as well as for their product • This project enabled the client to get a clear perspective about the realistic opportunity and future growth drivers. Project also helped client in refining their existing go-to-market strategy in terms of doctor coverage, promotional activities. Client also got critical insights about competitive activities and their future plans were also generated • Last but not the least, client was able to review it’s relevant sales target for this product14
  • 15. Case study: We did quick market assessments for two clients in emerging niche areasMarket potential for new dosage forms HIV market dynamics• Market potential estimation for new dosage forms / • Dip-stick study for market dynamics of HIV administration for specific age group market − Comprehensive primary and secondary research − In-depth discussions with top KOLs − Primary research with top KOLs, households with specific age specializing in HIV only, industry experts group, industry expert and institutions (hospitals etc.) and people who are on NACO board − Extensive secondary research for• We studied epidemiological trends − Understanding of India specific ART − Demographics and socioeconomic segmentation algorithms − Health condition & epidemiology of particular age group and trends − Unmet needs in Treatment of HIV in India − Provision of medical care done and financing − Dynamics of Govt. sector especially NACO, − Unmet needs in dosing and administration NACP and Institutes providing care − Dynamics of the Government sector − This was a quick turn-around project − Feedback on specific disease areas and molecules• Recommended possible areas and molecules to launch Benefits for client: • Areas were completely unknown for the client • In both cases, clients valued the insights (which were often counter-intuitive) from primary and secondary research • Our recommendations formed a crucial step in action plan for the clients 15
  • 16. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team16
  • 17. Analytics and forecasting involves application of our step-wisescientific methodologies on existing client inputs Illustrative 1 • Gather and analyze information from client data and secondary Market and Product research to understand the market potential for a product assessment • Study epidemiological trends if available 2 • Build a baseline forecast assuming there will not be major Baseline Forecast events in the future • Typically 2-3 weeks • Provide baseline forecasting for value and volume duration1 • Client involvement 3 mainly in terms of • Conduct discussions with stakeholders to understand market / providing initial data Events Analysis product characteristics, major events, major shifts of demographic trends, acceptance, etc. 4 • Assess the events’ impacts, possibilities & timing Market and product • Evented forecast will evaluate volume growth of product / forecast market, as well as value trendsNOTE: 1) Timelines are rough estimates, actual timeline would be defined based upon the scope of each engagement and would differ for each engagement17
  • 18. Case study: Insight generation for client, based upon an externalsurvey conducted by client for Epilepsy Management preferences Client inputs based upon internal study Common type of Epilepsy patients seen Choice of drugs for Epilepsy treatment Preferred dosage and titration Plain vs. combination and strength preferences AAU for client brand Analysis of provided and future potential inputs through scientific methodology Benefits for client: • Client was able to validate internal assumptions and understanding through a scientific methodology deployed by us • Detailed analysis of data provided new insights for the client, which were unknown prior to our analysis • Significant time / cost savings for internal team18
  • 19. Our previous experience in healthcare consulting also spansacross a very broad spectrum of delivery areas • We have been a part of multiple consulting engagements in each of the following areas − India Entry strategy for new MNCs entering Indian market − Growth strategy for large Indian companies − New therapeutic area entry strategy for existing players − Portfolio Optimization for existing players − Portfolio selection for new entrants and forecasting with P&L − Qualitative primary market research for market size estimation MNCs − Brand awareness primary market research for international brands − Pricing and market access studies • We have worked in therapeutic areas including − Super-specialty – Neurology, Oncology, Diabetology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, HIV, Nephrology, Infertility, etc. − Specialty – Internal Medicine (CP), Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, etc.19
  • 20. Contents • Introduction − Background − Why us? • Offerings and Case Studies − Strategy Consulting o Case Studies − Market intelligence o Case Studies − Analytics o Case Studies • Team20
  • 21. Girish Korde • Girish has been in the Indian healthcare industry since 2006 • Worked with IMS Consulting – a leading Management Consulting provider in the healthcare industry since April 2007 and was primarily responsible for selling & delivering strategy consulting engagements in India • Girish has worked across a span of engagements covering areas like Growth Strategy, Market Assessment, Market Sizing, etc. • To list a few – − India Growth Strategy for an MNC − Sales Force Effectiveness for MNCs as well as Indian companies − India Market Sizing / Attractiveness Assessment for an MNC − Pricing Benchmarking for an MNC − Branded Generics Strategy for an MNC entering this market in India • Prior experience has always been in Research / Analytics / Consulting through past employers like Franklin Templeton Information Services and eClerx India • Girish holds an MBA in Marketing from Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Mumbai and a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) from Mumbai University21
  • 22. Balkrishna Korgaonkar • Balkrishna is a Consultant at Profound Healthcare services. While at Profound , he has worked on an India entry project, two market research projects in HIV and Geriatrics area. • Prior to joining Profound Healthcare, he has worked at IMS Consulting Group (Healthcare), India for two and half years. He has worked on 15 high-impact projects while at IMS in various areas including India entry, therapeutic area entry, healthcare access, pricing, market access, portfolio strategy, generics strategy. • Being a medical doctor gives him an advantage in terms of understanding products, customer base and any therapeutic area. He has already worked across multiple acute and chronic areas including neurology, cardiology, diabetology, gastroenterology, HIV, eye care, gynecology, nephrology, infertility, rheumatology. • Before joining IMS Health, he has received Post-graduation in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has co-founded Special Interest Group for Healthcare at the Institute. During his internship at Health Analytics division of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd, he has worked on Business Planning for launch of a chronic disease management service. • He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), from Govt. Medical College, Miraj. During his internship at JJ Hospital, Mumbai, he has gained experience in urban as well as rural settings. He has experience in different facets of pharma industry including a short course on Clinical Research.22
  • 23. Thank You! Girish Korde +91 98197 21479 Balkrishna Korgaonkar +91 97758 08190 bkorgaonkar@profoundhs.in23