Still life by kwame miranda


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Art Appreciation Final Project Presentation for MVC, Prof Medina

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  • My project is based on this Artwork
  • Still life by kwame miranda

    1. 1. Still LifeKwame MirandaArts Appreciation1301-6430
    2. 2. Still life of Fruits by KwameMiranda
    3. 3. • Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744-1818)Anne Vallayer-Coster was an 18th centuryFrench painter who achived fame andrecognition very early in her careerand wasadmitted into the orestigious recognisionsociety Academie Royale de Peinture et deSculpture in 1770 at the age of 26.She learnt painting not from any formalschool but from her Dad, a botanistMadeleine Basseport, and a celebratedmarine painter Joseph Vernet.She led a very dignified and hard workinglife.Occasionally, she attempted other genresand realised that her success was limited.She died in 1818 at the age of 84 afterhaven painted more than 120 still lifesalways with her distcinctive coloristicbrilliance.
    4. 4. What is Still Life? What is still life? A still life painting or photograph is the study of inanimate objects frequenlty referred to as “nature morte.” These objects are typically those of everyday and includes plants, fruit, vegetables, dishes, skulls etc. Still life’s may be classified in four groups: 1. Flower pieces, 2. Animal Pieces, 3. Breakfast or Banquet pieces and finally 4. Vanitas.
    5. 5. Vase of Flowers 1780• Vallayer-Coster painted more than 120 flower still life’s just like this one.• She managed to capture brilliant distinctive colors in her still life paintings.• She was able to balance very vivid hues with remarkable success
    6. 6. Still Life with Seashells and Corals 1769This painting has been noted as one of her most accomplished works.
    7. 7. Still Life with Lobsters 1817 This painting has been known to be her last painting.In this painting, she managed to sum up her career which depicted most of her previous subject which she donated to the restored King Louis XVIII.
    8. 8. Time Period and HistoricalAtmosphere? Before the French Revolution, Vallayer-Coster lived in the French court enjoying the patronage of Marie- Antoinette. With the reign of Terror in 1793, the ancient regime that had supported her up to this point disappeared. Her reputation suffered without her court connections and little is known of her after this period. In 1817 she made a come back with her old subject matter Still Life with Lobster in the Paris Salon. This piece actually belonged to Louis XVIII after he was restored to the French throne in 1814. .
    9. 9. Still Life with Lobster 1817Geographical Location & Culture• This work was painted in the court of the French King Louis XVI by Anna Vallayer-Coster.• This is an Oil on Canvas painting with original dimensions of 27 ¾ X 35 ¼.
    10. 10. Still Life with Lobster 1817Style and Theme• In this painting, Vallayer-Coster uses light to focus our attention on the delicious red lobster in the foreground.• She is very lush in her brushwork which gives one a sense of luminosity that we can almost feel the painting.
    11. 11. Still Life with Lobster 1817Style and Theme• The painting is very balanced.• Her use of warm colors makes the Lobster very real giving them tactile and sensual appeal.• She crates space and depth perspective by means of planes and color, which are freely associated and at the same time contrasting and compared.• This picture has some rich texture with great sense of tonal harmony.
    12. 12. Still Life of Fruits 2012• The great use of light and color makes the fruits a focal point of this picture.• The contrasting warm colors of the apple, aubergine, and different grapes contrast so well with the wall and the table.• The light on the wall also makes the fruits very real.
    13. 13. Still Life of Fruits 2012• The fall of light on the wall brings out the gold which gives the picture a rich texture.• The bowl is in an angle and yet the picture is still balanced.
    14. 14. Compare and Contrast Anna Vallayer-Coster Kwame Miranda Oil on Canvas 1817 Picture 2012Both works are Still life. One is Oil on Canvas and the other is a Picture. They areboth very representational of the real food item.
    15. 15. Compare and Contrast Anna Vallayer-Coster Kwame Miranda Oil on Canvas 1817 Picture 2012Still Life with Lobster has a very warm background with high contrast of darkbackground with the red lobster. Still Life with Fruits has a very high and rich texturedgold and red background with very bright colors of fruits. In both painting, color andLight brings out the realism of the picture. Both pictures are very balanced andsymmetrical with great tonal quality making them to be very appealing to the mouth.
    16. 16. MLA: Sayre, Henry A world of Art. New Jersey: PearsonEducation, 2010. Print.MLA: