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Summer Student Example

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  • St. Joseph the Carpenter. N.d. Painting.
    Georges de La Tour 1593-1652, Paris, France.
    Web. 13 Jan 2012.
    Carpenter1640's.jpg >.
  • Creative Project Presentation Example by Student

    1. 1. Arts 1301-6430 Professor Medina
    2. 2. • c. 1645,Oil on canvas 18 ½ X 25 ½ in. • A beautiful painting in which the child Jesus has become the center of the scene, and His crucifixion is foreshadowed •
    3. 3. Curling Flame by Joshua Sension • • Taken January, 2012 with Konica Minolta camera Aperture set at 1/1600 second
    4. 4. From Darkness Into Light by Joshua Sension • • Taken January, 2012 with Konica Minolta camera Light source – 1800 watts
    5. 5. • • Done in the style of Still Life Vanitas This work seeks to utilize the technique of tenebrism and a focal point • • • Analogous color scheme/shading • • Gradual colors of bright yellow fade into orange, orange-red, red, maroon, then black Use of relative value • From Darkness into Light Large portions of light cast from the left contrast starkly with the shadows that lurk on the right. The focal point is the bible and salt Light of left half is contrast with the dark from the right
    6. 6. • Also utilizes the technique of tenebrism • • • Analogous colors • • The curves and folds of the flames suggest a their constant rippling movement Temperature and texture • • Curling Flame The flames fade from a yellowish-orange glow into orange and red-orange Use of motion • • The well-lit flame on right contrasts with the black background The dimmer flame on left contrasts with darker areas of itself The blend of oranges against a black background provide a soothing and warm feeling to these flames. Velvety textures are revealed in these soft looking flames
    7. 7. Interpretation of Themes • The title, From Darkness into Light is a play on words. We literally see darkness fade into light, but figuratively, God is calling us out of the dark of sin and into His light. • The skull represents death, the cocaine and chains – addiction. The dagger and bullets represent violence. The bible stands for salvation. The salt and the light derive their meanings from Jesus words that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. • The point where the dagger meets the light is where Christ wants to set us free of our chains
    8. 8. Interpretation of Themes • In Joseph the Carpenter, Georges foreshadows Christ’s crucifixion with the wood on the ground in the form of a cross. • The bright glow on Christ’s face reminds of his divinity, as he has become the focal point and emphasis of the painting (without which, Joseph would take the center of attention).
    9. 9. Media and technique, time period, and geographical location • • • • Georges de La Tour painted in the Baroque style, in this same period He was from France and was thought to have completed most of his works in the Duchy of Lorraine, and was a master of the tenebrist style of religious painting Joseph the Carpenter was done using oil on Canvas, and thus had a great ef fect of light Por traiture, religious paintings, and tenebrism were common in the Baroque period
    10. 10. Comparison/contrast of From Darkness into Light and Joseph the Carpenter • • • • Georges techniques of tenebrism and the use of light as a divine presence were the inspiration for my work. I also attempted to use a focal point (where the light shines on the bible) The light of the world and the use of shading were common to both works Mine, however is a still life and does not share the use of persons or movement
    11. 11. Reference • St. Joseph the Carpenter. N.d. Painting. Georges de La Tour 1593-1652, Paris, France. Web. 13 Jan 2012. < eCarpenter1640's.jpg >.