Chapter10 power politics&glory

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War and Rulers in Art

War and Rulers in Art

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  • 1. Rulers and War Chapter 10 Power, Politics and Glory
  • 2. The Glory of the Ruler • Idealized Image – without flaw – Youthful – wise or dignified • Symbols: authority, divine, power • Compositional devices: center, focal point
  • 3. Royal Portraits • Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty, Gizeh, Egypt, 4th Dynasty, c. 2600 BCE slate, height 4 feet 6inches • Egyptian ideal of beauty and maturity
  • 4. The Power of the State • Places and Spaces of Power: – Grand size – Lavish ornamentation – Height – Symbolic art featured Hall of Supreme Harmony, Forbidden City, Beijing, China.
  • 5. Signs of power…
  • 6. Warriors, Weapons & Fortifications • Fierceness shown in emphasis of armor, weapons, or regalia of power Plaque: Warrior and Attendants, 16th– 17th century Nigeria; Edo peoples, Court of Benin Brass H. 18 3/4 in. (47.6 cm)
  • 7. WAR SCENES • Memorable, glorious, action-filled event • Document battles from different points of view
  • 8. Detail of Mural by Diego Rivera. Scenes of war between the native peoples of the area of what is now Mexico and the Spanish conquistadors.
  • 9. Guernica, Pablo Picasso
  • 10. Contemporary Artists on War Gerda Meyer Bernstein Exercise in Futility, 2008 walk-in installation, mixed media
  • 11. Glorious vs. Realistic Images of War Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Jacques-Louis David, 1800, France.
  • 12. And they are like wild beasts, Disasters of War Series, Francisco Goya.
  • 13. Conclusion • In what ways can art be used in the service of the state and rulers? • How do politics influence art? • How has art documented war?