FDI in Indian Retail Industry
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FDI in Indian Retail Industry

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What's the big fuss about FDI in Indian Retail Industry? Single brand and multi brand retailing being opened up in India. What are the pros and cons of FDI..?

What's the big fuss about FDI in Indian Retail Industry? Single brand and multi brand retailing being opened up in India. What are the pros and cons of FDI..?

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  • i dn't hv much knowledge abt fdi , bt one thing which strikes in my mind z dat what will happen to those kirane walas? hw they will earn their livelihood? they are nt dat much educated so that they can understand the policies of foreign industries.
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  • Sir.. wud like to knw hw d Supply Chain developed by dese company cn help d poor to feed demselves? Will dey allow to do so, or will dey do mrkt for poor? Sir, we r taught d ultimate goal of a company is to earn profit, hw cn we expect dese company will do holistic marketing while already above 60% guds of dese retail giants r frm China? Y we dont learn frm History like we expect Company to sell d gud at low profit as they r obtaining various facility frm govt bt dey like to earn a gud profit evn more dan odr (See it in Jindal Power Context) is dere any framewrk decided by govt dat dey will nt do so?
    Evn a term black money is also hideous, isnt d FDI make possible dat d people invst in foreign n dese company invest in India
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  • the slide was really interesting ... with less info bout economics i could understand a lot ... Thanks for such a wonderful demonstration...
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  • Very good and detailed presentation appreciated :)
    by reading this slides i came to know about FDI retail in Indian Market :)
    The slides were informative :)
    I'll give *****(5Stars :))
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  • a very well explained presentation.. i dont need to go through any more content everythng is clear through this..
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  • 1. The big fuss over FDI in INDIAN RETAIL.. www.profmanishparihar.blogspot.com November 2011
  • 2.
    • Indian Government
    • (comprised of a coalition of political parties called the UPA)
    • has announced (Nov 2011) :
    • 100 % FDI in single brand retail and 51 % FDI in multi-brand retail..
  • 3. This decision has invoked a hue and cry all over..
  • 4.
    • Opposition political parties are threatening to STALL the Parliament Winter Session..
  • 5.
    • Even political leaders within the ruling UPA government DIVIDED on the issue..
    • eg. Kerala CM, Ramesh Chennithala & DMK leader Karunanidhi and others
  • 6. But why is everyone so scared about it..?? Let’s start with the basics:
  • 7. 14 Source: http://www.slideshare.net/rahulogy/the-great-indian-retail-story
  • 8. Global Retail is a $14 trillion industry Source: http://www.clearwatercf.com/documents/sectors/IMAP_Retail_Report_2010.pdf
  • 9. Indian Retail Scenario
    • The Rs 18,673 billion (US$ 401 billion) Indian retail market is only 3 per cent of Global retail….
    Source: http://www.ibef.org/industry/retail.aspx
  • 10.
    • Of this only 6% is organised retail as of 2010.
    • The rest 94% remains unorganized:
      • What we call Kirana Stores, ‘mom-and-pop’ stores, people selling on footpaths and so on…
  • 11.
    • But surprisingly, Indian retail sector accounts for 22% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and contributes to 8 per cent of the total employment…
    Source: http://focusafrica.gov.in/Sector_Profile_DRC.html
  • 12. So, what are the THREATS of allowing global retailers in India..?
  • 13. Threats:
    • Global giants like WalMart will crush our unorganized retail sector..
    • (Which consists of around 12 million kirana stores in the country )
    Source: www.indianretailing.com
  • 14. Because… Global
  • 15. Dinosaurs Indian Retail WalMart
  • 16.
    • Hence, if we open up our retail sector, then our desi retailers and the millions of kirana stores will go out of business ..
    • Indians will be drained of all their hard earned money through consumerism ..
    • Money will be drained out of our country
  • 17. In short, as they say in Gaul.. “The sky may fall on our heads*..!” * From the popular comic series: Asterix
  • 18. But let us take a look at the other side of the coin..
  • 19. A recent study by IIM-A and Tata Institute of Social Sciences says..
    • Source: Prof. Arbind Sahay (IIM-A) and Prof. Gordhan Saini (TISS)
    • “ Effect of credit and low price guarantee on consumer purchase intention
    • A comparative study of kirana store and modern retail store in an
    • Emerging Market, 2011
  • 20.
    • ‘ While low price guarantee (LPG) is the attraction of malls, a majority of customers are ready to go to the kirana stores because of the credit facilities and the level of personalized service ’
    • kirana stores have a very strong “ knowledge intimacy ” with their customers
  • 21. Hence, Malls & Kirana Stores can co-exist in India..
  • 22. Indian Consumer Behavior
    • Indian consumer does NOT drive to the outskirts of the city in her big car at the end of each month to purchase her monthly groceries…
  • 23. Also..
    • She sometimes goes to malls for the thrill and shopping experience, but her major chunk of purchases are from the unorganized sector..
  • 24. + Conditional FDI..
    • The current FDI relaxation comes with a condition: 30% of sourcing of all products has to be done from Indian suppliers / SMEs..
    • This recommendation can create much needed employment in India
  • 25. Hence we don’t need to have..
  • 26. Our desi retailers and kirana stores can give WalMarts of the world a run for their money..!
  • 27. Wait….. By the way, what is the current state of our retail industry?
  • 28.
    • Pathetic condition of supply side channels ..
    • of the existing un/organized retail industry as well as Government-run Public Distribution System..
    • This is an important factor contributing to spiraling inflation..
  • 29.
    • Public Distribution System (PDS) is almost defunct .. With grains rotting away / eaten by mice..
  • 30.
    • Food wasted in FCI godowns could have fed 2500 lakh families for 10 years !!!
    Source: http://arindamchaudhuri.blogspot.com/2010/07/food-wasted-in-fci-godowns-could-have.html
  • 31.
    • With around 20 to 30 crore Indians sleeping hungry every night and over 7000 Indians dying of hunger every day , such waste is not less than a criminal offence.
  • 32.
    • A fresh estimate from the ministry of food processing says a whopping Rs 58,000 crore worth of agriculture food items get wasted in the country every year.
    • That’s almost 50% of the total annual agricultural produce..!!
    Source: http://www.rediff.com/money/2007/mar/16food.htm
  • 33. Hence, our country’s supply chain infrastructure is grossly underdeveloped..
  • 34.
    • FDI in retail can result into developing “farm-to-fork” infrastructure consisting of integrated storage, cold chain and transport links..
    • A much needed repair of our grossly leaking distribution system…
  • 35. And, doesn’t this big fuss over liberalization in retail industry remind us of..
  • 36. déjà vu…?
    • The big fuss before 1991 reforms …?
    • The big fuss before letting global telecom players enter Indian Telecom Industry before 2000…?
  • 37. We know very well that these have actually fuelled The Great India Growth Story* *Not factoring in the great Indian 2G Scam… :-P
  • 38.
    • What ultimately matters is :
      • Operational efficiencies..
      • Best deal to the final customer..
      • True globalization…
  • 39. So that’s it about.. The big fuss over FDI in INDIAN RETAIL..
  • 40. with all these angry birds around..
  • 41. What kind of bird should we be right now....? © www.profmanishparihar.blogspot.com The end. ? ?