Conference Tips


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General tips for presenting a paper at a conference. This particular PPT was designed for senior honors thesis students presenting papers at The National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

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Conference Tips

  1. 1. conference tips a presentation about presentations
  2. 2. Basic Tips Respect the 15-minute time limit Stay Focused: no lengthy quotes, no literature review Give road markers Keep tone conversational & project your voice Give yourself reminders “eye contact,” “slow down,” “pause,” “emphasize” Practice, Practice, Practice!
  3. 3. What presentation materials make sense for you? PowerPoint/Keynote Prezi Visual Timelines (Dipity, Timeline JS) Venn Diagrams, Graphs, Maps, Trees Others?
  4. 4. PowerPoint & Keynote PROS CONS Lend visual appeal Prone to misuse Organize your points Unsuitable to task Enhance clarity Poorly Constructed Reinforce message
  5. 5. what’s wrong with this slide?
  6. 6. Problems This image is taken from an article entitled “We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is PowerPoint,” published in the New York Times on April 26, 2010. It originated from a presentation to General Stanley A. McChrystal, leader of the NATO forces in Afghanistan, and “was meant to portray the complexity of American military strategy.” The visual aid becomes a confusing, visual nightmare of colors, words, arrows, and cryptic acronyms that obscures rather than enlightens the intended message. Even a distinguished General with expertise in military strategy and wellversed in the language used to describe the complex structures, procedures and considerations of war was completely baffled by the slide, saying, “When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war.” If you haven’t guessed by now, this slide is yet another example of what NOT TO DO.
  7. 7. Too much data/text =>
  8. 8. ...or boredom.
  9. 9. The 7x7 Rule MAX: 7 lines of text MAX: 7 words / line Keep it simple Don’t read from the slides PP & Keynote are VISUAL
  10. 10. Prezi vs. PowerPoint Pros & Cons of Prezi The big picture + the details Non-linear, graphical representation of your presentation BUT can be distracting
  11. 11. Digital Timelines Timeline JS Dipity
  12. 12. Timeline JS vs. Dipity
  13. 13. What presentation materials are right for you? let’s talk about it...
  14. 14. Last Tips Be prepared for problems... Bring an extra copy of your paper Save your paper in multiple places Be prepared to present without visual aids Be Confident! Remember--you’re the expert!