Advanced iMovie
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Advanced iMovie

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A short presentation on selected audio and visual editing features of iMovie '11.

A short presentation on selected audio and visual editing features of iMovie '11.

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  • 1. Advanced iMovieselected audio and visual features of iMovie ’11 This Keynote is available online at
  • 2. Visual Effects1. Right-clicking2. The Inspector Button3. Clip drop-down menu4. Advanced Tools
  • 3. 1. Right-Click• Split: enables you to apply different effects to a single clip• Add Comment Marker: add internal comments to clips that will not show up in your video--great for collaborating on videos!• Freeze Frame: to freeze a clip at a specified location for a set amount of time
  • 4. 2. Inspector Button (gear icon)• Clip Adjustments • Add video effects • Change the speed and/or direction• Video Adjustments • Change color levels• Rotating, Cropping, Ken Burns-ing • Note: the Ken Burns effect is usually applied to still images only (pictures or freeze frames)
  • 5. 3. Clip Drop-Down(one-step special effects)• Instant replay: select a segment of your clip to replay in slow motion• Rewind: select a segment of your clip to quickly rewind• Fade to b&w, sepia or dream (or any other Video Effect)• Special Effect
  • 6. 4. Advanced Tools• iMovie > Preferences > Show Advanced Tools• Drag and drop a clip from your Events library over a clip in your Project window • Cutaway: quickly cuts away to another clip • Picture in Picture: places a small window in the upper right corner that plays another clip • Side by side: play two clips simultaneously • Green/blue screen: if your original footage is filmed in front of a green or blue screen, you can “cut out” that footage and set it against any background
  • 7. Audio Effects1. Raw audio from your video clip(s)2. Voiceover recordings via iMovie or other device3. Music and Sound Effects (sound effects, iTunes, Garageband)
  • 8. 1. Audio from your Video Clip• Audio Adjustments (inspector button): • Ducking: if you have multiple audio tracks, send tracks to the foreground/background • Fade in/out: make audio transitions smoother between clips • Reduce Background Noise• Clip Adjustments (inspector button): • Audio Effects• Detaching Audio (right-click on the Project clip ): • Enables you to move, split and edit the raw audio
  • 9. 2. Recording Voiceover• Click the Microphone Button• Adjust your Voiceover settings• Click the clip where you want to begin• Delete, move, re-record, edit
  • 10. 3. Music and Sound Effects• iLife and iMovie sound effects• GarageBand audio you’ve created• iTunes music • 30 seconds or less--here’s why
  • 11. Macaulay Equipment• Digital audio recorders and other A/V devices are available for MHC student projects.• Go to request-form/ to fill out the A/V form.
  • 12. More iMovie Resources• iMovie ‘ll features at• Apple’s how-to’s at• iMovie video tutorials at tutorials/• Modifying images at -to-modify-your-images/• Email me at if you have more questions!