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Social  entrepreneurship
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Social entrepreneurship


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The lecture attempts to gather ideas and examples from elsewhere in the world to local examples: Muhamad Yunus of Grameen Bank and Dr. V of Aravind Hospital from India. They were able to build large …

The lecture attempts to gather ideas and examples from elsewhere in the world to local examples: Muhamad Yunus of Grameen Bank and Dr. V of Aravind Hospital from India. They were able to build large and effective organizations serving millions and the poor, while not maximizing profits. In the Philippines, Ateneos Dr. Lavina is a pioneer in social entrepreneurship, an Ashoka fellow and has inspired a lot of young people do such great projects as Rags to Riches, Hapinoy. Then there is the world renowned Illac Diaz.

Even the great thinker on competitiveness, Prof Michael Porter,,,writes under the CSV concept that values must be shared by the business and the community where the business is situated.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Social Entrepreneurship Lecture for Entrepreneurship Students at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business
  • 2. Before, NGOs and charities were “cash burn” affairs! Donor fatigue resulted in lower fund generation and total fund shutdown!
  • 3. Difficulties of NGO’s
    • Drying up of source of funds from USA and Europe due to their own financial crisis and needs;
    • Most of executive time spent on
    • fund generation
  • 4. Cash burn
  • 5. Donor Fatigue
  • 6. Battling their own crisis at home…
  • 7. Japan’s earthquake and tsunami
  • 8. Now the donors also need aid
  • 9. What is the future for the NGO?
  • 10. New business model needed:
    • Sustainability
    • Profit motive needed to support
    • activities
    • From purely non profit to profit
  • 11. From NGO, social business to PMB NGO (non-profit) NGO (for-profit) Social Enterprise Social Business Business Enterprise CSR Profit Maximization Business (PMB) Business Enterprise
  • 12. Social Entrepreneurship
    • “ Any creative and innovative solution applied to solve social problems” (Mohammad Yunus, 2007)
      • It involves social mission
      • Profit and/or entrepreneurial processes
  • 13. Origin
    • .. started by Ashoka, founded in l980 by Bill Drayton
  • 14. Social Entrepreneurship
    • “ Search for approaches to move poor people out of poverty beyond welfare-based safety nets.”
      • No more charities
      • Sustainability
      • Profits for non profits
  • 15. Social Entrepreneurship
    • CSR – corporate social responsibility
    • CSV – corporate shared value
      • Human Nature
  • 16. Social Business
    • The triple bottom line
      • PEOPLE
      • PROFIT
      • PLANET
    • BOP – Bottom of the Pyramid
  • 17. BOP – Bottom of Pyramid A-B 9% C 20% D-E 31% F 40% Living on less than $2 per day Above poverty threshold Living on less than $1 per day
  • 18. Banker to the poor
  • 19. Grameen Bank
  • 20. Nobel Prize Winner: Grameen Bank and Prof. Yunus
  • 21. Other Grameen Businessess
  • 22. Grameen Phone
  • 23. Danone Foods
  • 24. Grameen Shakti
  • 25. Aravind Eye Care Hospital
  • 26. Dr. V the founder
  • 27. Wanted to be the McDo of eyecare…
  • 28. Goal: to do a million cataract operations at a very low price Using assembly line operations methods and economies of scale
  • 29. Modern and innovative…
  • 30. Aravind Research Center
  • 31. Dr. V isionary
  • 32. Using satellite clinics to gather patients for a central operating ctr
  • 33. Using low wage high school grads as paramedics
  • 34. Now owns cataract lens factory
  • 35. Social Entrepreneurship in the Philippines
  • 36. The Jesuits and Ateneo University are Leaders in Social Entrepreneurship
  • 37. Ateneo School of Government
  • 38. Dean Antonio Lavina Ashoka fellow and a pioneer in social entrepreneurship in the Philippines
  • 39. Rags2Riches: Uplifting the lives of families at Payatas garbage dump
  • 40. Rajo Laurel’s Designer Rags and Bags
  • 41. Innovation in rags
  • 42. R2R in high fashion
  • 43.  
  • 44.  
  • 45. Being a man for others
  • 46.  
  • 47. Echo store by Chit Juan
  • 48.  
  • 49. Hapinoy by Mark Ruiz
  • 50.  
  • 51.  
  • 52. Human Nature by Ana Menoloto Wills
  • 53.  
  • 54. Mr Ilac Diaz, social entrepreneur of My Shelter Foundation
  • 55.
    • Mr Ilac Diaz did the following:
    • Pier one – a sustainable lodging place for seafarers waiting for their placement while in Manila
    • Peanut shellers - made peanut shelling faster and lucrative for Pampanga residents living off peanuts.
  • 56. Other Illac Diaz achievements
    • Houses made of mud and other local materials to make them affordable and save on foreign exchange.
    • Restoration of corals and marine life in coastal areas using low cost photovoltaic or wind powered generating devices.
    • Bicycle powered washing machine
  • 57. CSV Corporate Shared Value By Michael Porter, featured in HBR
  • 58. Prof. Michael Porter
  • 59. CSR vs CSV
    • CSR is at the periphery of the business and is incidental;
    • CSV is at the center of the business and is supported by budget and resources;
    • CSV addresses the disjoint between the business and community especially with the onset of BPO
  • 60. Even the great thinker of competitiveness favors social business as next option for capitalism
  • 61. CSV, How to Fix Capitalism
  • 62. CSV