11 things you can outsource on fiverr

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Some awesome jobs you can outsource on fiverr!

Some awesome jobs you can outsource on fiverr!

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  • 1. 11 Things You Can Outsource on Fiverr.comhttp://www.profitblog.com 11/26/2011 Author: Ben 25 Comments I have been outsourcing various internet marketing jobs for yearsand years, but nothing i’ve done in the past is quite like Fiverr.com In case you’ve been livingin a bomb shelter for the past 2 years, Fiverr.com is a website that is dedicated to $5jobs! People will do all sorts of different things for $5, from making videos, promoting yourwebsite, or even collecting & sending you sea shells from their local beach. You’d be surprisedhow much you can have done for a measly $5. If you’re already familiar with Fiverr.com thenyou know exactly what I’m talking about.In this post I wanted to share 11 of the types of jobs you can outsource on fiverr.com that reallystand out to me. Hopefully these will spark some ideas for you as well! At the end of this post,be sure to share your experiences with Fiverr in the comments below. Here are 10 things youshould consider outsourcing on Fiverr.com”#1. Make an Introduction Video!There are a lot of talented video editors on Fiverr.com that can make you a custom video introusing Adobe After effects or Sony Vegas. All you have to do is search for “Video Intro” andyou’ll get over 1000 results! We have made a couple video intros from Fiverr, and have hadsome great results! You can use these introduction videos the the beginning and/or end of yourvideos before you upload them to Youtube.com or Vimeo.com (or your other favorite videosharing sites) Simply find a template that you like, and pay $5 to have it customized for you.#2. Hire a Voice Over TalentBefore Fiverr.com was around, I regularly paid around $50 for a 2 minute voice over talent, andup to $300 for bigger jobs. This is actually pretty normal pricing. (or was…) There are some
  • 2. amazing voice talents on Fiverr.com from deep radio voices, to famous impressions, to prettymuch anything you can think of. Our best use so far of this was when we hired a deep voicedguy to repeat “Profit Blog Dot Com” 30 different times in different voice styles for $5. We thenused the best one, and edited one of our intro videos (That we also paid $5 for) in Camtasia, andmade a better into video. here is the actual video we made for a grand total of $10!As you may have noticed, it’s a transformer theme, but we really liked it and went with it. Ifyou want something even more unique, usually you can private message the provider on fiverr towork a deal. However, for a simple video intro, you can’t beat $10. There’s really no need topay $200 – $400 for a simple video intro if it’s just being used for your free videos, but it’s up toyou.#3. Have a Custom Twitter Background Created Ever since the launch of Twitter, there have been dozens ofwebsites dedicated to making custom Twitter backgrounds. Some of these sites charge $50 –$100 for just 1 custom background. Thankfully, Fiverr.com has plenty of graphics designerswilling to make you one for $5! You can send them images of yourself, explain exactly whatyou want, and give them the links to your social media profiles, and they’ll do the rest! Andguess what? If for some reason, you still don’t like it, you’re only out $5 and you can just hiresomeone else to make one for you. With Fiverr.com even if you lose, you really don’t lose muchat all! I just did a search for “Twitter Background” and got 120 results!#4. Basic Graphic DesignThere are a lot of different things you can outsource on Fiverr.com as far as graphics areconcerned, but here are a few that come to mind.  Logos - if you don’t have a logo for your blog, product, or service, there are some AMAZING designers ready, willing, and able to do it for you!  Ebook Covers – No more paying someone $40 to make you a custom ebook cover. There are plenty of great ecover designers on Fiverr!  Banner Ads – If you need some banner ads created, you’re also in luck!
  • 3.  Caricatures – If you want one of those really awesome characters of yourself, for marketing purposes or otherwise, you’d be amazed at the quality of Caricatures you can have made for just $5!#5. Funny Videos!Maybe you want to lighten the mood a bit on your blog, or even send something funny to one ofyour friends. There are a ton of people on Fiverr that do crazy things on video for $5. Oneperson that comes to mind is the Plastic Bag Man . He will make you a video testimonial (notsure why’d you’d want one) or say whatever you want. There’s also people that wear chickencostumes, hotdog costumes, and even dress like zombies with face paint and everything. Just useyour imagination, and maybe you can find a way to use this is your marketing. (I’m stillworking on that part.. lol)#6. Press Release SubmissionsIf you’ve ever had to submit press releases by hand, you know what a pain in the a$$ it canbe. Well luckily, you can find plenty of people to submit your press release for you, and evenguarantee it to be included in Google News. Don’t know how to write a press release? Well,there are people to help you with that as well for $5! (To have a press release written andsubmitted for $10 is insane! Just make sure to do your research on who you hire first). Also, ifyou do decide to hire someone to write your press release on Fiverr.com, MAKE SURE to proofread it first. There is obviously a chance you’ll get a sub-par press release, but in my mind it’sworth the gamble. If anything, you’ll have a good base to work with.#7. Have your Ad Played on an Internet Radio Show! Now this one is really cool! Did you know that thereare a lot of internet radio shows out there, some with a large audience? You can broadcast anadvertisement to these listeners for only $5. Some of the radio advertising jobs on Fiverr includea full month of advertising, so find one that you like and test it out! just search for “RadioStation” on fiverr.com If you have success with this, please let me know in the commentsbelow! I’d love to hear about it!
  • 4. #8. Technical ServicesI know that some people just aren’t technical savvy at all, and have trouble installing variousscripts or other things on their server. Luckily there are people on Fiverr who will installpractically anything for you for just $5. just make sure to only hire someone with good feedbackand a long history on Fiverr. It can be a security risk if you let an untrustworthy person on loginto your server.If you do purchase such a service, make sure to immediately change your login and passwordafter completion! Click Here to View Jobs Like This.#9. Have a Video Tutorial MadeYou can have video tutorials made for your software, product, or service for $5. This can begreat for promoting via video sharing sites. For just $100 you could have 20 different videosmade, all linking back to your blog. You can even have them create videos explaining variousaffiliate products that you are promoting, and then you can link the video back to a review blogpost on your site to make more sales. Just use your imagination!#10. Distribute Your Videos All Over The Internet!If you aren’t already using sites like Tubemogul.com to distribute your videos, you may want toconsider paying someone on Fiverr.com to distribute them for you. For just $5, you can haveyour video distributed to 15-30 different video sharing sites. Just do a search for “VideoSharing” and choose one of the services with good feedback.#11 Transcribe Audio / VideoThis one is kinda hard to believe, because transcribing can normally be pretty expensive. I’veseen transcription services go for $2-$5 per minute, and on Fiverr you can find some people whowill transcribe 15 minutes for only $5! This includes webinars, teleseminars, videos, or anythingelse. You can even make your audio / video product more valuable by including an “ebook”with the package by having your content transcribed. There are plenty of transcribers onFiverr.com. I just did a quick search by typing “transcribe” and found over 240 results!As you can see, there are many options available on Fiverr.com to help grow yourbusiness. These are just some of the ones I have used, and recommend.Now, if YOU would like to make money from Fiverr.com yourself, then I HIGHLYrecommend this product: How to Make Money on Fiverr. It will show you the easiest way tomake a respectable income from Fiverr alone. This product has taught me a lot of new things Ididn’t think of before. If you are looking for a quick way to make some extra money (goodmoney), then I suggest you at least give it a look! Click Here to Learn More.
  • 5. Please take a minute to share your experiences with Fiverr below! I’m interested in hearingyour successes & even failures. Also please remember to share on Facebook and re-tweet if thispost is of any help to you!http://www.profitblog.com/11-things-you-can-outsource-on-fiverr-com/#comments* Would You like to be a guest author on ProfitBlog.com? Click Here!