Corporate reputation management services from Profile Defenders


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Corporate Reputation Management from the top online reputation management firm Profile Defenders. Offering corporations large and small deals for cleaning up their image on the internet for social media, forums, blogs, and national news articles that they dont want to prominently populate in search results.

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Corporate reputation management services from Profile Defenders

  1. 1. Corporate Reputation Management - Why You Should Worry About Whats Said OnlineHow much control do you have over your corporation’s image? Or perhaps a moreappropriate question would be: How much control do you think you have? Everycompany focuses on PR and branding. However, very few of even the top Fortune 500companies today actually invest anything at all in corporate reputation management.What do people find when they enter your company’s name in a search engine such asGoogle? If you’re doing things right, they’ll find your company’s website listed at thetop. But what else will they find?Today, people increasingly use the internet to find out about both offline and onlinebusinesses. In fact, they use it for all of their personal and professional needs. If anegative listing, comment, blog post, forum post or review is showing up in searchresults for your company, this can have a disastrous impact on your company’sreputation.In the online world, reputation is everything. It can make or break your company, andit can do it quickly. Without the protection of adequate corporate reputationmanagement, your company’s name is at the mercy of every web surfer with an internetconnection.The Search Engines And Your Corporate ReputationIt takes a lot of work to list your site at the top of the search engines. So, how can justany random net surfer attack your company’s reputation?It doesn’t take SEO skills to put a comment or review at the top of the search results.They simply have to use a site that’s ranked highly and leave a comment. These sitesinclude some of the world’s most used websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor.These sites rank high in the search engines because they’re accessed by a large numberof users worldwide who continually supply them with fresh content. All someone has todo is leave a negative comment, review or post about your company on one of these sites.It can then be seen all over the world, and there’s a good chance it will appear in the top
  2. 2. search results especially if you don’t have Profile Defenders protecting your nameonline.How Online Attacks Can Hurt Your CompanyYour online reputation is key in making a first impression. People often startresearching a company by doing a simple web search. What happens if their firstcontact with your company’s products or services is a customer review telling them thatyour goods are shoddy or your customer service is terrible? Unfortunately, theseattacks stay on the internet permanently and are prominently listed in search results ifsomething isn’t done about them.When there are negative listings that are prominently displayed on major sites, they cankeep people from using your services. Even worse, they can scare away investors.They may feel that your business doesn’t offer the quality they want to put their moneybehind. Your reputation is your most important intangible asset.Corporate reputation management is about being proactive and not waiting for anattack. It involves not only burying bad listings but also investing in good PR in orderto improve your image before it can be drug through the mud.What A Good Reputation Means A good reputation allows you to gain new customers and keep them for the long haul. Loyal customers can’t be swayed by media reports or bad reviews that they read online. When you have a good name, you also attract quality employees who believe in your company. The benefits of this are immeasurable. It adds exponentially to the quality of the products and services that you offer your customers and clients. A great reputation allows you greater access to investment, funding and other types of financial resources. In fact, it’s key to getting the funding your corporation needs. Many investors decide based on this factor alone. Your reputation determines the success or failure of all of your company’s activities.
  3. 3. This includes sales, product launches, pricing premiums and special events. The gains you get in terms of public goodwill when you have a solid reputation for high quality and ethics is also immeasurable. Any company that has sustained its high position for many years has done so by means of this public goodwill. Finally, a strong reputation on the world wide web goes a long way in protecting itself against future attacks. When customers, clients, investors and the public at large see your company in a good light, they’ll dismiss any attacks against you as outright lies.Who Would Attack You?Slanderous and defamatory attacks can come from a variety of sources. Even if youoffer high quality products and stellar service, there can always be unhappy customers.All they need is an internet connection to misrepresent your company’s services. Or itcould be a person who misunderstands your company’s business practices.An attack might come from your competitors. They may falsify bad reviews of yourbusiness and then use their SEO skills to push them to the top of the search enginesresults. Or you might be attacked by a disgruntled ex-employee. They may feel thatthey’re exacting revenge on the corporation as a whole because it fired them or laid themoff.An attack can come from anyone with a chip on their shoulder. And it can come quickly.Remember that the internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; andthat a negative listing about you can be seen all over the world. Because of this, it’simportant to respond quickly and be proactive in your corporate reputationmanagement strategies.How Profile Defenders Can HelpProfile Defenders is a corporate reputation management agency that has been fightingfor private companies for many years. Everybody from Fortune 500 CEOs, COOs, CFOs,Celebrities, and numerous public companies all work with Profile Defendeers for ourstellar Corporate Reputation Management Service. We’ve successfully protected the
  4. 4. names of hundreds of corporations and here are the strategies we employ.First, we have the skills and tools to remove negative listings in many cases. We takemultiple angles as there is never one solution to all of the problems that exist online.Our sophisticated proprietary software allows us to find these listings the momentthey’re posted, even when they’re hidden away on shadow websites.There are times when a negative listing can’t be removed. In this case, we employ ourSEO expertise and bury the listing so that it will never be found. We can pushdefamatory listings out of the search results or replace it with other positive reviews andlistings for the business.SEO is about more than just fighting for the top spot in search results for a name orkeyword. It’s also about pushing up sites that show your corporation in an accurate,positive light. We also use our SEO skills to do this so that web surfers find searchresults that accurately reflect your business practices.We also create positive PR for our clients and use our search engine optimization skillsto ensure that these materials are seen. We use a plethora of different methods andthink outside the box unlike any of the other SEO firms because most of their staff islocated in India while we do the work in house.Because attacks continue to come, it’s important to maintain steady ongoing monitoring.We take your reputation as seriously as you do and keep on the alert using our uniqueproprietary software. This way, we can respond to attacks the second they’re postedonline.The most important thing is to have a plan in place before the first attack occurs so thatyou can respond quickly. When you hire Profile Defenders, the first step is yourconsultation, where we lay out a complete corporate reputation management plan foryou. We offer a number of packages and a wide range of flexibility to help you keepyour company’s reputation spotless and to protect your image online in casee anythingnegative does occur.They say you can’t control every aspect of your image. We say, ‘Yes you can.’ Why dowe have such confidence? Because we’ve been doing it for years and our track record
  5. 5. proves it. Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Put it in the hands of the bestcorporate reputation management professionals online.