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Brunk-Welcome to ENC 1102
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Brunk-Welcome to ENC 1102


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  • 1. WELCOME TO ENC 1102
  • 2. ABOUT YOUR PROFESSOR Instructor : E-Mail: Phone Number: Office: Professor Jennifer Brunk jbrunk@mail.valenciacollege.e du 407-994-4191 ext.4610 Building 1 221 Office Hours: Virtual Office Hours: F 10am-4pm Osceola Face-to-Face Office Hours: M,T 3:00-4:00pm, W 12:15-1:15pm & 3:00-4:00pm Lake Nona Face-to-Face Office Hours: T 8:30-9:30am, R 8:30-9:30am & 1:00-2:00pm If you are unable to meet during these times, additional meetings may be scheduled by appointment as well.
  • 3. ABOUT THE COURSE Prerequisites: Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in ENC 1101 or ENC 1101H or IDH 1110. Course Description: Application of skills learned in ENC 1101. Emphasis on style; use of library; reading and evaluating available sources; planning, writing, and documenting short research paper. Gordon Rule course in which the student is required to demonstrate collegelevel writing skills through multiple assignments. Minimum grade of C is required if ENC1102 is used to satisfy Gordon Rule and general education requirements. Course Credits: 3 The faculty of Valencia College has established four Core Competencies that describe the learning outcomes for a Valencia graduate: Think, Value, Act and Communicate. This course will reinforce those competencies.
  • 4. LEARNING OUTCOMES Students will compose essays, including a formal research paper. Students will use conventions of standard American English Students will demonstrate competence in research and documentation. Students will demonstrate competence in critical reading skills.
  • 5. MATERIALS Required Texts: Schakel, Peter and Jack . Approaching Literature. 3rd Edition. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2012. Print. Bullock, Richard and Francine Weinberg. The Little Seagull Handbook. New York: Norton, 2011. Print. Required Materials: Students should own or have access to the following supplies: General Supplies: Pencils/pens, stapler, multi-color highlighters, three-hole punch, looseleaf college-ruled paper, binder/folder to store all class materials, dictionary and thesaurus. (Check the library or Regular computer access with internet, scanning, and printing capability, white printer paper and black ink. Access to Microsoft Word. (All campus computers have this program installed. Access to Atlas and Blackboard
  • 6. EMAIL POLICY E-mail is the best way to contact me. Class correspondence should be through your Atlas e-mail account. Atlas is the OFFICIAL method of contact. If you use anything other than your Atlas email to contact me, I may not receive your email and will not be able to answer your questions. Check Atlas mail regularly. Avoid e-mailing me (or classmates) last minute expecting a quick response. Provide brief, descriptive subjects. Begin your e-mail with a greeting, and sign e-mails with your name and class section number. All communication between student and instructor and between student and student should be respectful and professional. Correspondence meeting these requirements will receive response within 24 hours.
  • 7. THREE BEFORE ME In the interest of helping you own your education and take some responsibility for it, I have adopted this rule: When a student has a question, he or she consults at least three sources (e.g. syllabus, Blackboard, classmates, handouts, textbooks, class notes) in an effort to find an answer before e-mailing me for help. If you consult three sources and still cannot find a satisfactory answer, I will be glad to help. In other words, I expect students to be proactive problem solvers.
  • 8. ACADEMIC HONESTY This composition course will help you think about how to use and document outside texts appropriately for the writing you will do in the university. All Essays will first be submitted through SafeAssign to determine originality. If you aren’t sure how to document correctly, you should consult your handbook or the instructor. If you intentionally use outside sources without giving proper credit to the original source, or if you turn in work that is not your own, you have committed plagiarism. If you assist another student in doing this, you are partially responsible for their act of plagiarism. This includes buying an essay from another student or off the internet, copying without credit from another’s work, and submitting work from another class. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. All quoted or referenced material/ideas must be properly identified and cited using MLA guidelines. If any student is caught plagiarizing, either in whole or in part, they will receive a failing grade (F) for the course.
  • 9. ACADEMIC RESPONSIBILITY Academic Responsibility Your instructor is not responsible for your attendance, homework, or classwork. It is your responsibility to keep up with all assignments, due dates, and any work missed due to absences. If you miss class, contact one of your classmates for notes or missed assignments. (You should have their contact information from the first day of class). Consult Blackboard for all PowerPoint lectures and assignment sheets.
  • 10. ELECTRONIC DEVICES Cellphones must be silenced. Any phone call, text messages, or web browsing must be handled outside of the classroom. This policy also applies to tablets, MP3 players, and any other electronic devices. Your instructor considers this lack of courtesy a serious offense. Use of unauthorized electronics will result in a warning on the first offense. Subsequent offenses could result in removal from the lecture.
  • 11. TECHNICAL SUPPORT It is not your instructor’s responsibility to provide technical support for internet, printing, or word processing devices. If you experience technical issues, you are still responsible for turning in all assignments on time. Technical support is available to Valencia students online. If you experience printer issues, DO NOT email your instructor. I cannot fix your printer. If you experience printer issues, you still MUST turn in a printed copy of your assignment. Emailing the assignment is NOT acceptable. Emailed assignments will NOT be graded. You can also access computers and printers in the library.
  • 12. COLLEGE POLICIES Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a Notification to Instructor (NTI) form from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and discuss specific needs with the professor, preferably during the first two weeks of class. The Office for Students with Disabilities determines accommodations based on appropriate documentation of disabilities. Student Assistance Valencia College strives to ensure that all students have a rewarding and successful college experience. To that purpose, Valencia students can get immediate help with issues dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, substance abuse, time management as well as relationship problems dealing with school, home, or work. Bay Care Behavioral Health Student Assistance Program (SAP) services are free to all Valencia students and are available 24 hours a day by calling (800) 878-5470. Free face-to-face counseling is also available. College Catalog, Policy Manual, & Student Handbook The College Catalog, Policy Manual, and Student Handbook are all available online at
  • 13. ATTENDANCE POLICY You are expected to attend class because in-class discussions, lectures, and exercises are vital to achieving the course objectives and doing well on assignments. Attendance is taken at each meeting. To do well in this class you are expected to be prepared (do the readings and homework), come to class on time, and participate. Absences will negatively affect your ability to successfully complete the writing projects and may negatively affect your grade. You earn points for individual conferences, and in-class writing assignments—these may not be made up; you must be present and engaged to do them. Due to the nature of this course, in-class activities and quizzes cannot be made-up. If you miss class, contact one of your classmates for the notes. See Academic Responsibility for details. See the missed peer-review/workshop section for policies covering these situations. Only absences due to major medical issues or other life-changing event will be excused with proper documentation, i.e. a doctor’s note or obituary. Students participating in college sponsored events must notify the instructor at the beginning of the semester, submit acceptable participation verification form, arrange to make up in-class work during office hours, and arrange alternate submission conditions for major assignments. Absences due to religious holidays must be discussed with the instructor during the first week of class. Missing more than 3 classes will reduce your final grade by 5% (half a letter grade). Missing 5 classes is grounds for instructor initiated withdrawal from this course.
  • 14. ATTENDANCE POLICY 2 No-Show Procedure Students who do not attend classes at the beginning of the term will be withdrawn by the instructor during the no-show reporting period, which is January 15-24, 2014. Tardy Policy Tardiness is a distraction and disturbance for the rest of the class. Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated. Each late arrival or early departure, unless you have discussed and cleared it with your instructor, will be counted as ½ an absence and applied to the attendance policy. If you will be more than fifteen minutes late to class, do not bother coming. Arriving in the middle of a lecture or classwork distracts your classmates and distracts from their classroom experience. Withdrawal Policy Per Valencia Policy 4-07 (Academic Progress, Course Attendance and Grades, and Withdrawals), a student who withdraws from class before the withdrawal deadline of March 21, 2014 will receive a grade of ―W.‖ A faculty member MAY withdraw a student up to the beginning of the final exam period for violation of the class attendance policy. A student who is withdrawn by faculty for violation of the class attendance policy will receive a grade of ―W.‖ Any student who withdraws or is withdrawn from a class during a third or subsequent attempt in the same course will be assigned a grade of ―F.‖ Friday, March 21, 2014, at 23:59, is the withdrawal deadline date for full term classes.
  • 15. DEALING WITH AN ABSENCE You are responsible for all work and information missed due to an absence: failure to attend class does not excuse you from any work due, completed, or assigned during your absence. If you must miss class on the day an assignment is due, discuss your absence with me before you miss class. You must receive my approval to email the assignment to me prior to the beginning of the class you will miss. You must bring a hard copy to the next class or the assignment will be counted late. Do not e-mail me after you have missed a class with excuses or to ask what you missed—get this information from a classmate.
  • 16. ASSIGNMENTS Class Participation - 40pts Class participation is essential to our learning community. You are expected to be attentive and engaged during class time. Your class participation grade is based on class discussions, activities and your involvement in any in-class group work. Quizzes & In-class Assignments- 100pts Quizzes and In-class assignments will be used to assess your knowledge of out-ofclass reading assignments. Reading Guides-80pts You will be asked to complete Reading Guides to help you manage course readings and keep a running record of your progress. You will be required to complete 4 Reading Guides throughout the semester. Entries must be a minimum of typed words. Each Reading Guide is worth 20 points. The guides will be available on Blackboard. You will be required to print and complete these guides by the listed due dates below.
  • 17. ASSIGNMENTS 2 Researched Outlines- 80pts To help you plan your essay and make the best use of your time, you will be asked to turn in an Outline for each essay. These outlines must include your thesis and a clearly defined paragraph structure, (including introduction, support paragraphs and conclusions.) You must also include any Research you intend to use in your essay. Each outline is worth 20 points and will be returned to you with instructor suggestions. Use these suggestions to revise your essay/argument as needed. An assignment sheet with examples will be provided. Essays-400pts You will complete a total of 4 essays during this course. All essays must be original work written specifically for this course. All essays must be turned in typed, printed in black ink on plain white paper, double-spaced, and follow all MLA guidelines, including font size and margin width. Individual instructions and assignment sheets will be provided for each essay. Research Presentation-200pts In lieu of a final exam, you will be asked to research a short story, poem, play, t.v. show, or movie of your choosing and–using properly documented scholarly sources– compose an essay with a clear thesis statement. Along with your essay, you will also complete an Annotated Bibliography for one source referenced in your final argument. You will then be asked to present your argument to the class. Presentations should include a visual (PowerPoint, poster, ect.) and should last at least 5 minutes, but no more than 8 minutes. Your Annotated Bibliography is worth 50 points, your Presentation is worth 50 points, and your final research essay is worth 100 points. Failure to complete ALL parts of the Final Research Presentation will result in a failing grade (F) for the class.
  • 18. LATE ASSIGNMENTS NO LATE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED! All homework MUST be turned in as a hardcopy during class on the due date. No assignments will be accepted after class time. If you must miss class, contact me and you may submit your assignments early with my approval. LATE ESSAYS WILL BE ACCEPTED for two days following the due date. If your essay is 1 day late, you will lose 10 points off your grade. If your essay is 2 days late, you will lose 20 points. This means any essays turned in after the due date cannot earn higher than a B. If you have some rare emergency, contact me immediately. Extra Credit: I will provide extra credit opportunities to the entire class to replace any missed inclass assignments.