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Tumblr presentation

  1. 1. Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform, similar, in some ways, to Twitter. As opposed to blogs created using platforms such as Blogger and Wordpress, micro-blogs typically present their content in bite-sized pieces that are easy to update regularly and on the go. You can post text , Photos , Quotes , Links , Audio , Video , and you can also chat with your tumblr followers. What is tumblr ?
  2. 2. History Tumblr was founded by David Karp Karp and developer Marco Arment began working on their own tumblelogging platform. Arment left the company in September 2010 to focus on Instapaper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKakEE1cnuQ
  3. 3. The CEO and founder of tumblr is David karp . Development of Tumblr began in 2006 during a two-week gap between contracts at David Karp's software consulting company. Tumblr was found on February 2007 and within two weeks, the service had gained 75,000 users. In June 2012, Tumblr featured its first major brand advertising campaign in conjunction with Adidas. How it all started
  4. 4. In April 2013 the website received more than 13 billion global page views. As of May 19, 2013, Tumblr hosts over 108.2 million blogs and more than 50.8 billion posts in total. On May 20, 2013, it was announced that Yahoo! and Tumblr had reached an agreement for Yahoo! to acquire Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash. And on August 8, 2013, Tumblr hosted over 130.5 million blogs. To date, Tumblr has received about $125 million of funding from investors. Tumblr today is translated in 13 different languages. Tumblr’s Growth
  5. 5. The service is most popular with the teen and college- aged user segments with half of Tumblr's visitor base being under the age of 25. Tumblr is popular with the female demographic, with 53.5% of visitors being female as of 2011. 17% of Tumblr users are spanish, compared to 9% of US internet users who are Hispanic. 10% are African American, which is slightly higher than on the internet in general. Tumblr is mostly used by
  6. 6. Dashboard - The dashboard is the primary tool for the typical Tumblr user. It is a live feed of recent posts from blogs that they follow. Through the dashboard, users are able to comment, reblog, and like posts from other blogs that appear on their dashboard. Queue - Users are able to set up a schedule to delay posts that they make. They can spread their posts over several hours or even days Tags - For each post a user creates, they are able to help their audience find posts about certain topics by adding tags. If someone were to upload a picture to their blog and wanted their viewers to find pictures, they would add the tag #picture, and their viewers could use that word to search up posts with the tag #picture. HTML editing - Tumblr allows users to edit their blog's theme HTML coding to control the appearance of their blog. Users are also able to use a custom domain name for their blog. Features and Blog managements
  7. 7. Tumblr has received criticism for the ability of bloggers to violate copyright.However, Tumblr does accept Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take- down notices.Tumblr's visual appeal has made it ideal for photoblogs, which often include copyrighted works from others and publishing them without payment. Tumblr users are able to post content that is not their own by "Reblogging". "Reblogging" is a feature on Tumblr which allows users to re-post content that they found on a blog which they subscribe to or liked, onto their own blog. Copyright
  8. 8. Mobile Apps An Apple App Store application created by Jeff Rock and Garrett Ross, the service launched its official iPhone app. In June 2012, Tumblr released a new version of its iOS app, Tumblr 3.0 allowing support for Spotify, hi-res images and offline access. The site became available to BlackBerry smartphones on April 17, 2010 via a Mobelux application in BlackBerry World. An app for Android is also available. A Windows Phone app was released on April 23, 2013. An app for Google Glass was released on May 16, 2013
  9. 9. Iphone App
  10. 10. Android App
  11. 11. Tumblr was a nonprofitable community but it turned on its first set of paid “sponsor products” (Tumblr doesn’t like to call them “ads”). Tumblr, at the time of July 2012 has now one more way of making money which raises the total revenue channels to four Premium Themes Sponsor Products / Radar Spotlight Promoted Posts (Pin + Highlight) for Followers How do they make money ?
  12. 12. Promoted highlighted posts
  13. 13. What you can do on tumblr
  14. 14. Text - If you want to create a post that consists of text only, this is the link to use. After you’ve typed in the title and text that you want, you can use the links above these boxes to edit text. You can bold text, italicize, create links and bullet lists etc. Once you’re happy with your post, you can preview or post straight to your tumblr using the ‘create post’ and ‘preview’ links.
  15. 15. Photo - This is the link you use to post photos to your tumblr. You can post multiple photos and add a caption and edit the caption using the same tools you would use to create a text post. You can upload photos in many formats and can upload from both your hard-drive or using a url if you want to post a photo you found on another site.
  16. 16. Quote - This link allows you to post any quote you want, and once posted, automatically frames it in in different styles of quotation marks according to the theme of your tumblr.
  17. 17. Link - If you want to share something from another website, use this to post a link to it on your tumblr.
  18. 18. Chat - The chat link is used to post dialogue, and will automatically arrange it with different colours or styles for each person, according to your tumblr theme.
  19. 19. Audio - This link allows you to share your favourite song, a clip from a speech, a recording or any audio file you want with tumblr. Once posted, a small black (or white, depending on your theme) box will appear with play and pause buttons. The only thing you need to remember when posting a audio file is to change the audio file to Mp3 format, as it is the only format tumblr will upload.
  20. 20. Video - This link is used to post videos, and can be either uploaded from your hard drive or embedded using the video’s url, if you found it on another website for e.g. YouTube.
  21. 21. Piczo is a 2003 webdesigning/ blogging site That Was mostly used by teenagers. Similarities : piczo and tumblr both gave the chance for users to use html editorial . However tumblr only had that option towards themes while piczo was able to edit all features. Tumblr and piczo both share the same concept of video , text,links,audios,quotes. Vs
  22. 22. Tumblr today
  23. 23. Be an Active Tumblr user Post Wisely Reblog Posts you like Advertise Outside of Tumblr Follow more users