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Papa presentation

  1. 1. PaPa
  2. 2. What is PaPa?
  3. 3. History Founded by Chaojun Xu on 07/10/2012 Former CEO of a famous Chinese entertainment company (SNDA) Realized left SNDA the growth of mobile network in China and
  4. 4. Inspiration Meditation Provide a service that he as a customer would find useful.
  5. 5. Funding  Entered the venture as a bold entrepreneur and financed the project personally  He even referred to himself as PaPa’s “angel investor”
  6. 6. Profit Initially, PaPa was founded not for profit but only as a social service However… Mr. Chaojun Xu needed to eat so he succumbed to the power of advertisement.
  7. 7. Platform Apple iOS Android Windows Phone And of course… Desktop
  8. 8. Growth  After just 6 days, PaPa appeared in the most recommended App in the Chinese AppStore and initial downloads reached the 10,000 mark.  Celebrities started to use PaPa, was shared through Weibo (Chinese twitter) and it eventually became a fad and exploded.  Currently, the users have grown to 1,000,000+ and 3,000,000+ followers according to Weibo.
  9. 9. Logo 啪 11/06/13
  10. 10. Mobile
  11. 11. Desktop
  12. 12. Changes in Features record 60 seconds Comment via voice and text Meet nearby people and find the most popular images Share Weibo Only PaPa activities on Improved “Community” factor, where topics of common interest can be discussed. Private messages became available Classification Longer talk time ( 6 mins) and voice editing "Music player" like Share on other social networks and not just Weibo. available an Apple iOS Expanded to other operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone and desktop
  13. 13. Function & Uses Becomes an outlet for those who want to sing. Helps increase publicity of celebrities and brings them closer to their fans through a short clip. An application that allows its users to connect via images and “live sound”.
  14. 14. Search Following Search Following Follower Recommended Follower Recommended Talk about your travel plans Join the Topic Photos Talk about unbelievable topics My favorite digital products Invite Invite
  15. 15. Notification homepage User name notification settings Message
  16. 16. Postcrossing |  A community that sends and receives REAL postcards from anywhere around the world.
  17. 17. Registration  Only possible via other Chinese social networking portals such as:
  18. 18. PaPa Vs. Instagram?  PaPa is a Chinese app for Chinese people so the targeted demographic is very specific and international success is not easily measured.  Both have similar functions (images, sharecapabilities & communication aspect)  PaPa has image & sound but does not have video.
  19. 19. The End Thank you!