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Professional listing ebook

Professional listing ebook



Educational material for Professional Listings.

Educational material for Professional Listings.



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    Professional listing ebook Professional listing ebook Document Transcript

    • Get More! from your Professional listing.Thank you for selecting Professional . There are many advantages from getting foundon 200+ top websites included in the Professional package. Advanced pro les can get peopleseeing your business pro le, media content and contact information. It is a great way toimprove you rankings on the national search engines as well - speci cally, the important localmap results. Please take the time to explore the topics below to maintain your visibility acrossthe Internet. Your Professional Listing is a great way to Get More! from the web. Learn How To Standout on the Popular sites like: Table Of Contents The Next Step - Overview of your listings and what to expect next. Local Maps - Get in front of search results by local customers try to nd you. Reviews: How to have your existing customers help you get more customers. Blogs - How to use two-way communication to connect your business online. Social Networks - Get the advantage of millions of users seeing your pro le. Business Networks - Promote yourself and your business to other businesses. Video Sites - How to use video to improve your professional image.
    • The Next StepThank you for your order of the Professional listing service. Your business profile, websitelink, logo, images and custom video have been submitted to over 200+ websites across theinternet. All sites, described in this eBook, have been submitted to with your business profile.Please use the log-in information we sent to you to access your profiles. You should havereceived a confirmation email including a completion report. Your personalized email address,username and password are located in the middle of the first page. You profile on somewebsites may not appear immediately. This is especially true for local directories that require areview process of the submissions and/or technical updates to their databases. The data yousubmitted in your Professional order form has been submitted to those sites. Please bepatient with those websites that display incorrect or missing data.The most important step today is to confirm you on Google Maps, Bing Local andYellowpages profiles. The status of your required and/or completed confirmations arefound on the first page of your completion report sent to you by email. Confirmations arecompleted with a letter sent to your business address via mail. Within two weeks of your orderplacement, you will receive these letters from Google Maps and Bing Maps. Please completethe instructions in the letter. That will include logging into your Google Places and Bing Localaccounts and entering in the PIN found within the letters. YellowPages require phoneverification.Google Places - http://www.google.com/lbcBing Local - https://ssl.bing.com/listings/ListingCenter.aspxYellowPages - https://listings.yellowpages.com/Registration/Login.aspx
    • Local Search MarketingLocal online search is growing dramatically, as ever-greater numbers of people are throwingtheir old school, phone books into the recycle bin. It wont be long until children today havenever even heard of the term "phone book". People want instant and robust results - localonline search offer that today and even with more features in the future.Do you want your site to be seen by the most local prospects possible? More people areusing the internet, to search for local businesses, more than ever. Search engines have nowdesigned their sites to help local customers get local search results much easier. Sites likeGoogle Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local have designed specific pages for local listings.The local listing are now accompanied with a map to help you carry out a search that has alocal objective - for example ‘Dentist in Chicago’. Smart phone integration with GPS guidanceis becoming now the new “phone book”.For developing and further improving your internet-wide local presence, the best way is toincrease the appearance of business address and name on maximum number of websitesand view these appearances as “citations”.Citations are key to your local search effortsCitations are comparable to the back links for an organic and natural search engineoptimization. More quality citations received by your site, better it is for Google local rankings.To be more specific, a citation is a collective mention of the business name and yourbusiness address collectively. For instance, Yelp website mentions “Happy Smile Dentist” anddisplays their address as “123 Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90210” adjacent to their businessname – that is well thought out a citation for Happy smile Dentist. The maximum of suchmentions received by a business helps the local search engine results to get better rankings.Keep business name and address consistentKeeping your business name and address records consistent in as many citations asachievable is really significant. Differences can mislead the search engines into believing thatyou are two separate businesses exiting at two different addresses. Consistency will help in: - Making your company contact information effortless to find online - Raise the amount of investigate phrases that help in locating you - Get your search listings rank higher in the search engines. - Getting your business potentially featured on major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing along with several other foremost sites. - Persuade consumers and customers to evaluate and advise your business to others. - Involuntarily gather innovative inward associations on the flourishing amount of metro and other geo-targeted sites.
    • Looking Your BestMore content found on a business profile leads to more click and views. It’s a wellaccepted fact that rich content equals better results. This comes as good news for all thelocal businesses that endeavor to be found online. What is good content?Online business profiles with more details, images, video and branding receives moreattention. Advertisers know this and make it their business to charge for more space andfeatures. This is similar to the phone book companies charging for additional colors, imagesand details on a business phone book ad. Your online profile is an important tool to conveyfeatures, professionalism and brand.Options for additional content to be placed on local sites including:Details - The more your prospects get to know more about you, the more likely they willcall. Detailed maps are now integrated with turn-by-turn directions and actual street views,even Google photo tours inside your business!Logos - Set your business apart from your competition with a professional identifying look.Images - Get attention with pictures of your store, advertising copy, location, staff andproducts.Video - More local directories are displaying videos in their results. Take advantage of thepower of sight and sound to get your message across. Video messages, greetings,testimonials and product demonstrations are options as well.Communication - Sites are now offering the ability for users to post comments, feedbackand reviews about a business within business profiles. Additionally, communication datafrom other websites can be integrated for easy content posting from other websites likeTwitter, Facebook and youTube.One of the quickest and most effective ways to get your business “best face forward” andget more citations is to submit your local business using a Professional listing service. Theservice is an easy way to get listed and keep most of your citations consistent. TheProfessional listing service saves business valuable time and money by helping localbusinesses easily submit and update their local business data to a growing list of local dataproviders including Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Ask, Dex, Superpages, City Search,Superpages, Yelp, Yellowpages.com, Merchant Circle and much more. It also now includes411 Directory Assistance and GPS navigation devices as well as OnStar.
    • ReviewsUser reviews that are submitted on sites as Yelps or Google Maps are becomingprogressively more significant for local business. It is also expected that they will beeven more significant in the nearby future. These user reviews will also advance yourbusiness local rankings and consequently depict additional populace to your businesson the web.Positive reviews about your company will obviously invite visitors for you. Thisfurther lends a hand in making your rankings high on Google Maps. Companies canview the positive reviews that are submitted on new local directories. Furthermorethey can introduce them interested in your Google Map profile. The more the positivereviews establish, the more room for improvisation on rankings exists.Next step you need to take in is to propose your clients to visit the local sites that arementioned below and pen an account with them. Later they must seek for yourbusiness and then further tender a positive review about your company. Make thisprologue of customer reviews a regular practice. So after the consumers get linked upto your social media accounts, they will spot reviews submitted by their acquaintancesand links. The swaying potency of reviews will in future progressively turn out to beeven more commanding. If you’re, without fail and from time to time being solicitedfor getting reviews, you’ll be geared up.Top Local Sites for Review assignment are - Citysearch.com, - Yelp.com, - Judys Book.com, - InsiderPages.com, - Yahoo Local and - Google Maps. YELP was originated to assist people stumble on colossal local businesses including dentists, mechanics, and hair stylists. Therefore, Yelp is monthly visited by over 32 million people. Users of Yelp have written nearly 11 million local positive reviews along with around 85% of users with a ranking of 3 stars or even higher business.You can mandatory update your account to post some novel offers, messages andphotos for the customers; being the business manager on yelp. Now yelp is availableon iphone, blackberry, and palm pre and android or you can use yelp simply on yourphone by registering at http://m.yelp.com.
    • Local MapsThe positioning of your profile on the local maps is considered to be the lone and theessential aspect of the Professional service provided to you. Google Places; at presentis the vital local map website that is believed to have swapped the yellow pages andhas emerged to be the most common place for people to find the local business.Google is known for providing the most related search results for the pertinentkeyword being typed in the form of images, data and maps.Internet embarks habitually all the business exploration and daily actions, asnowadays it has been recognized to be the chief advertising podium, to get hold ofyour entity amidst the similar businesses serving the similar industry. Furthermore,except limiting the search to getting you the address of the company, Google alsoprovides you with the exact location of the company with the aid of internet mappingtools. At present a myriad of innovative GPS tools are developed for including themost important names such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Theseinnovative tools include GPS handled units or mobile phones. Google Maps considerably is a liberated service. Google maps facilitate you stumble on a picky place by typing in the keyword or address in the search bar. The results appear in the form of satellite photo, a map or the combination of both. Moreover the search bar bestows you with several search alternatives that are classified as businesses, locations, real estate and maps created by users. For the businesses, the search can be conducted by typingservice or product in conjunction with the city. Then the search outcomes are instantlyrevealed on the central part of the page.NOTE: The organic Google map listings provide “free of cost services”.Most users have a preference to be amongst Google’s natural listing as compared tothe paid listings. A commonly observed fact is that the local map listings, amongst theregional based searches, harvest the utmost quantity of clicks. Consequently, chiefaspect in local online marketing is preferably none other than local map listingoptimization. Therefore it has emerged out to be a BIG platform to advertise yourbusiness all the way through the Google mapping service which provides theextensive and instant features.
    • BlogsA blog can be regarded as a part of a complete website or even a whole website in itself.Generally, the individuals having regular and timely entries of descriptions, commentaries,or other things such as video or graphics maintain the blogs. In any typical form a blog,there will be a combination of images, text, or links to other blogs text related media, or webpages.Blog as an effective marketing toolIf according to you, marketing is two way communication – kind of trade shows involvingthe speaker who talks to the prospective customers, or workshops enabling users to putforward their queries, or specific kind of customer service that throws light on the problemsfaced by the clients, surveys that involve putting forward the questions - then blogs cancertainly help in marketing. Twitter is another mini-blog that allows its users to receive, send, or read the messages (or tweets) from the other users. These tweets are text posts that have nearly 140 characters published on the profile page of the author. By default, these tweets are visible picly. However, the authors can strictly restrict sending their messages to only friends.The authors can even subscribe to the tweets from the other people – in which case theywill be known as followers, and this process is following.Question arises – how to carry out online marketing with Twitter?Using Twitter as a marketing tool is relatively easy. Several internet marketers have alreadybeen using it as a powerful tool for marketing.Owing to the short length of the messages – just 140 characters – Twitter is often referredto as micro blogging. The ease of use and instantaneous connection with the lives of thepeople, accounts for the popularity of Twitter. The use is not just restricted to establishedbusinesses; several small businesses have also been leveraging the power of Tweeting.For building a good client base, you must have more people pointing to your account inTwitter. Some of the steps you must follow for effective marketing are – - The email signatures of your company must have a link to your Twitter account. - Encourage your clients to become your twitter friends as a part of your daily communications and conversations. - You must always keep your clients posted about the new products or services or even the last-minute notices or changes. You can try something like - “We are running a special today!” or “We have changed our hours to 7:00pm Monday - Saturday”.
    • Social NetworksA social network can be understood as social structure comprising of a group of individuals,wherein people are connected to each other due to one or more particular types ofinterdependency, including kinship, friendship, financial exchange, common interest,profession, dislike, or relationships of prestige, beliefs, or knowledge.If the way to successful business is through establishing a stream of loyal clients thatfrequently visit your online or offline store, then social networking sites are the mostpowerful medium to get your clients to you. There is a huge growth potential for thebusinesses of small size due to the content generated by the users. It has been observedthat even the small businesses that feature a good product on these networking sites canget higher rankings as compare to those large companies that display sup par productsdespite their large marketing budgets.Are you still wondering about using the social networking sites for targeting yourpotential customers?It’s the time to get started! The business owners can either post news about their newservices or products to the message boards; or even mail the information to the clientsthrough the targeted emails. While some other business might build their own forums thatcirculate around some particular ideas. Irrespective of the menu chosen by you, you canfollow this road map to get connected through the social networks. Facebook, a premier social networking site started in 2004, enabling the users to add friends and send messages to them. It also allowed the users to create personal profiles and notify their friends about any new happenings. It also enabled the users to join networks that were organized by schools, workplaces, or colleges.Various companies were using Facebook for getting successful while marketing theirbusiness.Why to use Facebook as a tool for marketing?- Facebook can be used for gaining new customers and staying connected with presentcustomers; and promoting new sales offers and products.- It can also be used to create viral buzz particular to your business.You get several marketing tools by Facebook. For successfully marketing your services orbusiness, you need to first understand its features. Several professionals have created theirown business page. You now need to login in to your account and explore the variousfeatures that are offered by social networking.
    • Business NetworksBusiness networking site can be understood as a marketing website which facilitatesthe development of business opportunities through the network of like-mindedprofessionals or businessmen. There are a couple of prominent and establishedbusiness sites that are proficient in creating the networking models. Such modelsenable the businessmen to form new business relationships; while also opening waysfor them to generate business opportunities as well.Quoting the business people, they regard the business sites for networking to be acost-effective way to generate new business as compared to advertising efforts. This isdue to the fact that business networking does not involve high costs but laysimportance on personal commitment as against company money.”Professionals use the professional sites for networking, majority of whom are onlinebusiness persons. One can find various professional participants on these networkingsites that serve to be a social network. LinkedIn is one such site that is well regardedfor its professional image. But here you will also discover several general users too, asthis site has rapidly grown for its usefulness even for the non-professionals. Twitterand Facebook too have the similar story. Twitter, known to be micro-blogging site,sees several professionals using tweets for their personal advantage. Facebook hasalso developed as a powerful professional network. Some of the known networking sites for businesses include: - Entrepreneur Connect - LinkedIn - Partnerup - Biznik LinkedIn is widely recognized to be most developed network for professionals over the world. It allows you to exchange ideas, information, or even job opportunities. It enjoys an international network; wherein you can upload photos and even show links to your website.
    • Video SitesVideo sharing websites are those where the users can freely upload, view, and sharevideos. Video marketing online is now a notorious necessity; where the users are ableto upload their chosen videos for the purpose of advertising and earning money onlinevia their services and products.In order to practice effective marketing, the experts widely recognize the uploading ofvideos to a variety of websites including Myspace, AOL Video, Metacafe,DailyMotion, Flickr, Facebook, Viddler, and Yahoo Videos. Video sharing forms awide approach to grasp and captures one’s mind.Why are Videos Important?Did you know that people remember just 20% of what they hear, 30% of what is seenby them, but a whopping 70% of what is seen by them!The advertisements regularly trust the power of videos for answering their advertisingneeds. Videos published online are the most preferred form of advertising as seen bythe advertising agencies. Not only these, the businesses of all sizes are also exploitingthe power of online videos for expanding their growth potential and reaching a widebase of the clients. The trends regularly demonstrate that one out of two viewersperforms action after seeing the video ads.The present day online marketing established the fact that those websites that aredevoid of the promotional videos are increasingly regarded as obsolete. This surveyclearly highlights the fact that uploading the related videos on the video sites is alsoan essential marketing practice that is apt for the promotion of all businessesirrespective of the size of the business. YouTube Is the leading platform for sharing the videos online. The users are able to upload or even share their selected videos with the world. Google own YouTube that forms a good example for assorting the videos that the users upload in combination with the media companies in the form of music videos, personal videos, motion picture clips, business commercials or the TV clips.