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New to creating mobile applications? Consider starting small with a mobile Web app.

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  • This is the starting slide
  • This is ultimately what a mobile app should do. Otherwise users could get this from a tv show, a book, or even a website.
  • This is the starting slide
  • Consider Starting Small

    1. 1. Consider Starting Small 11/29/2012 1
    2. 2. Who am I? Andrew Smith appMobi Developer Evangelist Web Development @profMobi
    3. 3. Mission: To unify the technologies used in delivering web and mobile apps,simplifying the process of development and resulting in a new class of creative and compelling native mobile apps and interactive ads. Strategy:Offer a cloud-based, white-label platform that opens up the world of cross-device native mobile app creation to web developers, using familiar languages and tools: HTML and JavaScript 11/29/2012 3
    4. 4. As a company,appMobi endeavorsto be a leader in appMobi do? What doesHTML5 mobiletechnologies
    5. 5. What is a Web app? • Written as a Web site• Uses latest Web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 • It is served from a Web server • Cached so it runs offline as well • Users may link from home screen • May be updated over the Web
    6. 6. Native vs. Web Native Mobile App Mobile Web App• Written for a particular OS • Written for the Web• Available from device • Available on the Web appstore • Runs in mobile browser• Runs as its own application • Only Web-enabled features• More available features • Less responsive• More responsive • Easier to test and develop• Harder to test and develop
    7. 7. Consider Starting Small• How do new developers get started? • Why not start small? • What comes after the proof of concept?
    8. 8. How do new developers get started? • Answer these questions • Use these design tips • Line up your resources
    9. 9. Answer these questions What platforms and devices will the app run on? • Caller ID APIs available in Android, not in iOS • iOS has less device fragmentation for a more stable experience • iOS users spend more • Android is geared more toward technical types
    10. 10. Answer these questions What is the scope of the application?• Big apps with lots of information may require specialized UI • Smaller apps may be able to be build as a “hybrid” app • Games require more processing power • Features like geolocation uses more battery
    11. 11. Answer these questions Who are the customers for the app? • Enterprise • Consumer • Student • Professional
    12. 12. Answer these questions Will the app update regularly?• Update through the appropriate appstore • Update “over the air” using the Internet
    13. 13. Answer these questionsWhat does the application do? • Geolocation • Gaming • Accelerometer • Internet access • In-app purchasing • Push messaging • Camera features • Digital wallet
    14. 14. Use these design tipsCreate wireframes to lay out screen flows before writing code
    15. 15. Use these design tipsTry to design your user interface early, but stay flexible in case of changes to the application
    16. 16. Use these design tipsSome inspiration for UI/UX may be found in unrelated apps
    17. 17. Use these design tipsDon’t try to squeeze too much into a small space, instead “bite size” the information that will be seen on mobile
    18. 18. Use these design tipsSave as much space on UI elements as possible
    19. 19. Use these design tipsIf it requires instructions, the app isnt going to work
    20. 20. Use these design tipsKeep the device(s) you are designing for in mind
    21. 21. Use these design tipsKnow your users and your brand
    22. 22. Use these design tips Watch out for devilish details • Does the application rely on the Internet? • Is the application responsive? • Does the UI feel intuitive? • Can users crash the app?
    23. 23. Line up your resourcesThe cost of a mobile app is like buying a car
    24. 24. Line up your resources Finding good developers can be challenging particularly for apps written in native code such as Java or Objective C
    25. 25. Line up your resources
    26. 26. Why not start small? Get started with a mobile web app • Easier to find developers • Many native features available • Easier to tweak the app • It could run offline after downloading a cache manifest
    27. 27. Easier to find developers There are only about 50,000 iOS developers in the world
    28. 28. Easier to find developers There are only about 20,000 Android developers in the world
    29. 29. Easier to find developersOnly a few thousand developers do both
    30. 30. Easier to find developers 11/29/2012 30
    31. 31. Easier to find developersA web designer can build a mobile Web app
    32. 32. Many native features available • Geolocation • Touch Events • Accelerometer • HTML5 Canvas Tag • HTML5 Audio Tag • HTML5 Video Tag• Local Storage Object
    33. 33. Easier to tweakWeb applications can be built in phases
    34. 34. Easier to tweakA proof of concept built in phases allows you to keep the scope of the project under control
    35. 35. Easier to tweakUse application analytics to find out from actual users what is good and bad about your app
    36. 36. Easier to tweakAnyone can test with any mobile device
    37. 37. Easier to tweakDistribute changes over the Web using your existing server
    38. 38. Run it offlineThe app still looks great even without a data connection
    39. 39. What comes after the proof of concept? Once you have your first taste of development, expand your scope • Use the work for a larger project later • Options for a full application • Consider all targeted platforms
    40. 40. Use the work for a larger project laterIf you have need of a mobile Web presence that matches your app, much of the code is already written
    41. 41. Use the work for a larger project laterConsider using the Web app code in one of many Web app marketplaces on the Internet
    42. 42. Use the work for a larger project laterAssets, layouts, and flow may be incorporated into a final app
    43. 43. Use the work for a larger project later Use the proof of concept as a sample to aid in testing
    44. 44. Options for a full applicationNative mobile apps are written in the programming language of the platform
    45. 45. Options for a full applicationHybrid applications use Web technologies to drive UI within a native application that can access more device features
    46. 46. Options for a full applicationA hybrid application is essentially a full-screen Web browser control immediately loaded by a native application
    47. 47. Options for a full applicationAll hybrid applications are coded in Web technologies and wrapped with a generic native shell.
    48. 48. Options for a full application A hybrid application can access advanced native features through a JavaScript bridge object
    49. 49. Options for a full applicationPerhaps a mobile Web app turns out to be all you need
    50. 50. Consider all targeted platforms• Web technology solutions can work on more platforms• Native apps are more responsive• There are a variety of screen sizes to design for
    51. 51. Thanks!Find out where here I’ll be next: @profMobi
    52. 52. Consider Starting Small 11/29/2012 52