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Start Something! | Productive Pinoy
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Start Something! | Productive Pinoy


Published on

October 27, 2012 …

October 27, 2012

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Last October 27, we’veorganized an event called“START SOMETHING.”It was held at Big ShiftEvents Hall, A-Venue Mall,Makati City.
  • 2. The venue was packed. More 200 peoplewas thrilled to attend the event! Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012
  • 4. Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012BG HERNANDEZ is an award-winning creative director and graphic designer. He was responsible forredesigning the Peso bills that we use today, also known as the “new generation currency” for BankoSentral ng Pilipinas. BG shared how he started as a graphic designer and the creative disciplines andthe process that made this big project a huge success.
  • 5. Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012 OUR PREVIOUS SPEAKERSLOIS YASAY quit her day job to travel the world. In 6 months, shes been in 9 countries and has onlyspent P100K. Today, shes an award-winning travel blogger, (We Are Sole Sisters) a contributor forleading travel magazines, and a certified Passion Test facilitator/trainer. Lois shared how they startedtheir blog and the ideas that compelled them to get started in this new adventure.
  • 6. Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012ACEL BISA VAN OMMEN is a recording artist and is known for her hit song “Torete” with Moonstar88. She is now a co-founder of the Right Start Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit, non-governmentorganization that provides opportunities to underprivileged Filipino children to attain their fullcreative potential. In this event, Acel told the inspiring story behind Right Start.
  • 7. “START SOMETHING” is a learning event and an advocacy based on...
  • 8. ...the PRODUCTIVE PINOY book.“START SOMETHING” is a learning event and an advocacy based on the book, Productive Pinoy, authored byMr. Yeng Remulla. The book has received 19 outstanding reviews from people like Hon. Ruffy Biazon, three-term Congressman and now the Customs Bureau Chief, Mr. Joel Pablo Salud, Editor-in-Chief of PhilippinesGraphic Magazine, and Ms. Michelle Orosa-Ople, radioshow host of RadyoSingko Akyson recommended Productive Pinoy as one of the books that you should read this 2012.
  • 9. Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012YENG REMULLAENTREPRENEUR & AUTHOR /PRODUCTIVE PINOYSTART SOMETHING ADVOCATEYENG launched his book, Productive Pinoy, the unconventional way. Instead of a traditional book launch, hemaximized the use of social media. His book has received 19 outstanding reviews from influential people inbusiness, government, church or even in media. Today, he has 27,000 followers in Facebook through the “I am aProductive Pinoy” page. He has done speeches around the country even to an audience as big as 3,000 people.
  • 10. BOB BARCEBAL ENTREPRENEUR & TRAINOR START SOMETHING ADVOCATEStart Something is co-founded by BOB BARCEBAL. Bob is an entrepreneur and a trainer. He has worked insales and marketing for over 21 years with companies like Seaoil, SM, Smart, among others. He is also theblogger behind
  • 11. START SOMETHING is about ...
  • 12. d people....building a COMMUNITY of like-minde Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012
  • 13. ...learning the fun and interesting w ay!Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012
  • 14. ...doing something different.Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012
  • 15. Start Something held at Big Shift Events Hall Makati | October 27, 2012 ... empowering Pinoys to share their victories.Mang Buddy is a public school teacher who attended the first "Start Something" event last June 8. After threemonths, he arrived an hour early for the session and showed his DTI permit and some docs of the project thathe started – a small venture that involves garbage, recycling & part-time work for stay-at-home moms.
  • 16. Whether you’re planning to start abusiness, shift to new a career orshowcase your art, START SOMETHINGprovides inspiration and calls people totake action and pursue their dreams.
  • 17. For the last 15 years, weve heard that theonly way to succeed is "to put up your ownbusiness” or to go on your own.But we believe that in todays changingworld, theres more than one way to besuccessful."START SOMETHING" is a platform wherewe invite ordinary people to talk about theirextraordinary work and the ideas thatcompelled them to get started.
  • 18. We also previously invited ...
  • 19. START SOMETHING held at VCF GreenhillsTV Personality MARICAR REYES graduated from Ateneo with a BS degree in Biology and from University ofSto. Tomas of Medicine and Surgery. She passed the medical board exam in 2008.  But she took a differentcareer path. In this event, she told us the story on what compelled her to start a modeling and acting career. In2009, she won the "Best New female TV personality" award and was nominated as best actress for the movie,"And I love you so." She’s an endorser of numerous brands like Coca-cola, Globe, Sunsilk, Ponds & Nescafe.
  • 20. Start Something held at VCF GreeenhillsEach one of us has been gifted to do something remarkable.But the question remains, “What do you want to start?”MICHAEL EIJANSANTOS started a website called “” for only P2,000. Today, he is anambassador for brands like StokedInc, DC and many others. Now MLOB has  writers, contributors,photographers and a team that is passionately spreading the stoke, featuring all the latest happenings in theboard sports world, promoting the Philippines as one of the best board sports destination in Asia.
  • 21. Start Something will be all overthe Philippines this 2013.
  • 22. We invite you to partner with us.
  • 23. Together, let’s START SOMETHING!