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Thank you for showing your interest in Proconnect Consulting. We request you to take just 5~10 minutes out of your busy schedule going through this brief synopsis. We’ll try to give a concise overview about Proconnect Consulting, the services which we offer and how we could add value to your esteemed organization. We’re sure, it’ll be worth your time.

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Proconnect Intro

  2. 2. A promise of an outstanding service !<br />“Thank you for showing your interest in Proconnect Consulting. We request you to take just 5~10 minutes out of your busy schedule going through this brief synopsis. We’ll try to give a concise overview about Proconnect Consulting, the services which we offer and how we could add value to your esteemed organization. We’re sure, it’ll be worth your time.<br />We at Proconnect Consulting believe that if as a partner, we cannot off-shoulder our client’s burden by our skillful value addition through putting our best foot forward, then any association is immaterial and ineffectual. We look forward to being associated with your esteemed organization as a successful sourcing partner and contributing substantially to your recruitment process. ”<br /><ul><li>The Proconnect Consulting Team</li></ul>How do you decide ?<br />According to you/your organization, which is the most important deciding factor for engaging a Manpower Consulting Firm ?<br /><ul><li>Their understanding of your manpower needs
  3. 3. Their quality of staff
  4. 4. Their area of specialization / core competencies
  5. 5. Their search methodologies & recruitment processes
  6. 6. Their experience in servicing in relevant field / sector
  7. 7. Proof of their delivery speed ( TAT ) & accuracy ( CV Sent : CV Shortlist )
  8. 8. Their Service Delivery Processes and adherence to strictest quality standards
  9. 9. The amount of innovation they bring in
  10. 10. Their Brand Name and Corporate Credibility</li></ul>If you have an answer from the list above, then this brief synopsis would be of definite interest to you.<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />01<br />
  11. 11. Who are we ?<br />PROCONNECT CONSULTINGis a specialized IT & Analytics Manpower Consulting Firm. Over the years, Proconnect Consulting has grown to be a premier search & selection group, a preferred recruitment partner for our clients and a trusted consultant for Indian professionals in India. Proconnect Consulting’s core competencies lie with its people who have developed competencies in Software & Analytics industries enabling the customer to benefit from their knowledge base. So, when you use terms such as Distributed Computing, Machine Learning, C/C++, Java/J2EE, Linux, SAP, Decision Analytics or Risk Modeling, there's no need to translate. We already speak your language. <br />We are experienced to handle the most complex IT & Analytics Staffing Assignments. We have helped generate career opportunities for more than 2200 individuals in India, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa and have worked for over 65 Fortune 500 organizations. Proconnect Consulting continues to focus on developing customized and innovative HR services, leveraging on its unique strength of end-to-end capability across all HR service functions. Proconnect Consulting specializes in IT & Analytics Placements nationwide & works with some of the top notch CMMi Level -5 Tier-1 Companies.<br />Quick Stats :<br /><ul><li>Proconnect Consulting was founded in the year 2005
  12. 12. 3 Offices in India – Bangalore, New Delhi & Kolkata
  13. 13. 5+ Years of experience in end-to-end IT & Analytics staffing solutions
  14. 14. 45+ Consultants working out of three locations
  15. 15. 2200+ Mandates closed in the past 53 Months
  16. 16. 23 Fortune 500 SEI CMMi Level 5 IT Companies as clients
  17. 17. Annual Organizational growth at 216% ( average over the past 5 Years )</li></ul>PRODISCUSS(short for PROfessional DISCUSSions) is the wing of Proconnect Consulting which conducts Seminars, Career Workshops, Fresher Recruitment Drives, Joint Campus Hires, Job Fairs, etc. and other events which are targeted towards the interaction of the students with the professionals from the industry. Trough PRODISCUSS, Proconnect Consulting strives to provide equal opportunity to every student looking for a job. PRODISCUSS Joint Campus Hiring Model eliminates both time and distance in the recruitment process, thus helping both the recruiter and the job seeker to find each other. Every student gets a job by choice and every recruiter evaluates each one of them at their convenience. The core dictum of PRODISCUSS is to create quality employment by which both the recruiter and the job seeker can explore each other and benefit to the maximum in terms of place, time, choice and cost.<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />02<br />
  18. 18. What do we do ?<br />DATABANK SELECTION<br />CONTINGENCY HIRING<br />ADVERTISED RECRUITMENT<br />TURNKEY RECRUITMENT<br />RPO (RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING)<br />VMS (VENDOR MANAGEMENT SERVICES)<br />At Proconnect Consulting, our focus has been on recruitments for all the Bands (junior, middle and senior management) across the software & analytics industry segments for both MNCs and leading Indian Corporations. Proconnect Consulting’s Staffing Solutions are custom-designed to suit any organizational requirement and it is supported by an expert execution team that tailors services to meet unique HR needs. We offer an array of end-to-end manpower management services. Proconnect Consulting operates through domain-specialist teams spread across 3 cities and provides high quality direct hire services to meet its clients’ specific requirements. Our services & solutions are designed to suit your dynamic requirements are of the following 8 types:<br />2<br />1<br />3<br />4<br />HR OUTSOURCING SERVICES<br />RECRUITMENT BACK-OFFICE<br />HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH<br />PRODISCUSS - RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />JOB FAIRS<br />PROCONNEX - A SOFTWARE RECRUITMENT INTEGRATION PLATFORM<br /><ul><li>Targets specific segments of professionals for specialized roles
  19. 19. Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and budgets
  20. 20. Eases the process of finding suitable candidates
  21. 21. To create awareness and interest in client’s organization
  22. 22. Dedicated teams to understand client's needs
  23. 23. Deep Analysis of organization structure, culture and the role linkages
  24. 24. Email id and server space allocated to handle the email responses
  25. 25. Turnkey Recruitment is best suited for start-ups, new project manning & delivery center expansions
  26. 26. Also suited for scale-up of team sizes & geographical expansion of teams
  27. 27. Mobilize internal resources to process large volume responses
  28. 28. Manage the selection of required personnel
  29. 29. Manage administrative details and logistics
  30. 30. Provide 'ready-to-work‘ workforce against time schedule
  31. 31. Mass recruitment & project implementation at multiple locations
  32. 32. Targets specific segments of professionals for specialized Roles
  33. 33. Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and Budgets
  34. 34. Eases the process of finding suitable candidates
  35. 35. To create awareness and interest in client’s Organization
  36. 36. Dedicated teams to understand client's needs
  37. 37. Deep Analysis of organization structure, culture and the role linkages</li></ul>Kindly request for a detailed RPO/VMS Brochure by writing to:<br /><br /><ul><li>Primarily addresses requirements for middle / junior management staff
  38. 38. Growing database of over 9,50,000 professionals
  39. 39. Automated web-enabled database for speedy matching of profiles
  40. 40. Quick response time to client requirements
  41. 41. Already short-listed CVs saves time
  43. 43. CANDIDATE CLIENT INTERFACE<br />ADVERTISEMENT RESPONSE MANAGEMENT<br />Our Services & Solutions ( Contd . . )<br />Proconnect Consulting helps organizations focus on their core processes by handling some of their backend processes in an efficient and time-bound manner. The average recruiter spends over 40% of his time on low-value functions such as processing of inbound resumes. With a well equipped, trained manpower, we can assist you in these functions, enabling the front-office team to focus on their core functions. Our highly cost effective suite of recruitment back office solutions provide tailor made solutions for non-core processes in recruitment.<br />Our HR Outsourcing Recruitment Back Office Solutions includes the following:<br /> <br />Clients who use the advertised method of selection and recruitment work with Proconnect Consulting to manage the advertisement response cycle. This involves everything right from placing advertisements in the media, filtering the mails, categorizing CVs against each position vacancy code, sending the candidates acknowledgement mail, forwarding the right fit CVs to the client, etc. <br />Proconnect Consulting handles the interface between the client and the candidate- managing appointments, confirmations and meeting and discussion rounds. This simplifies the recruitment process for many clients. <br /> <br />Proconnect Consulting validates and updates the database. This is done by connecting with candidates in the database and checking their interest in job opportunities. This helps reactivate dormant candidates. <br /> <br />No two profiles of candidates follow the same style of representation. Everything from the style of writing to structure to the format of the CV is different. However when it comes to database management clients find it very difficult to sort through the CVs. Proconnect Consulting provides CV formatting services that involve converting the information on the CVs into a client-specified format which is easily accessible & more presentable. <br />Our consultants build a database of relevant profiles of candidates that help companies search for the right candidate for their organizations, faster. Based on the job description, we collect CVs online and offline and handle the categorization and sorting of these based on experience, qualifications and personal details. This helps the clients search easier and faster. <br />Our process associates handle the data entry and update the data to ensure that our clients always have access to up to date information. Data verification is done to ensure there is no duplication of any information in the database. <br /> <br />Proconnect Consulting manages your database categorizing CVs based on the function, skill sets, industrial vertical, experience, education, and personal details. We also update the database providing up to date information to consultants. This process ensures eradication of duplicate records which results in a crisp and accurate database.<br />Do you wish to know more about our services and how we can help meet your business needs? Please feel free to write to :<br />HR OUTSOURCING SERVICES<br />RECRUITMENT BACK-OFFICE<br />CANDIDATE REACTIVATION<br />CV FORMATTING<br />DATABASE BUILDING<br />DATA-ENTRY & DE-DUPLICATION<br />DATABASE MANAGEMENT<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />04<br />
  44. 44. Our Services & Solutions ( Contd . . )<br />Our HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH DIVISION addresses the needs of its clients, combining information with analysis & strategy with availability. We offer comprehensive research consulting that helps our clients in informed decision making. Our team of dedicated research professionals use proven research methods to gather data, interpret it and prepare a comprehensive and valuable report for the client. Some of our HR Statistical & Market Research services include:<br /><ul><li>Benchmarking HR practices like recruitment strategies, compensation, employee satisfaction, work environment, innovations in retention policies and performance management systems.
  45. 45. India entry strategy helps global clients set shop in India. We support clients by providing them research support for location, people and operations.
  46. 46. Factor costing is a comparative study of locations (cities) in terms of factor costs like infrastructure, availability of people, technology and public facilities among others. Resource pool analysis helps in the assessment.
  47. 47. Resource pool analysis is an HR Valuation Assessment of people skills, resource pool aggregation & distribution by geography, specialist or niche skill set mapping, need assessment for sunrise industry.
  48. 48. Location Study for detailed Costing and cost differential for critical factors like Human Resource, Technology and Infrastructure across locations.</li></ul>Simply put, we help companies to analyze their human resources data & manage their workers like strategic assets with our human resources-based data analytics. Among its other benefits, our data analytics can help human resources departments model their workforces and ensure they have the right skills and competencies to meet the organization's business objectives. Data analytics can also aid in making hiring and succession planning decisions, as older workers retire and new workers enter the workforce, and can help manage employees' careers by identifying their best next steps, like a new certification or transfer to a different department.<br />Do you wish to know more about our services and how we can help meet your business needs?<br />Please feel free to write to :<br />HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />05<br />
  49. 49. Our Services & Solutions ( Contd . . )<br />RPO (RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING)<br />VMS (VENDOR MANAGEMENT SERVICES)<br />Did you know that our RPO Solutions are guaranteed to reduce your recruitment costs by up to 75%? If you wish to know more about our RPO services and work out a detailed cost-savings analysis, please feel free to write to :<br /><br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />06<br />
  50. 50. Our Services & Solutions ( Contd . . )<br />PROCONNEX– A revolutionary software platform developed by Proconnect Consulting that takes “professional networking” to a whole new level !<br />1<br />2<br />7<br />A powerful software integration platform<br />3<br />6<br />4<br />5<br />Do you wish to know more about our PROCONNEX Online Services and how it can help meet your business needs ? Please feel free to write to<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />07<br />
  51. 51. Stage – 1 <br />Getting To Know You <br />Our 10 – Step Core Methodology<br />At Proconnect Consulting, connecting the right professionals to the right profession within the right span of time is the key. And this is how we do it. We combine our experience, technology and the latest assessment tools to ensure we present you only the best candidates. The core methodology behind Proconnect Consulting’s Client Servicing Model is to ensure that you get the right candidate, at the right time - every time.<br />Stage – 2 <br />Understanding Your Requirements <br />Stage – 1 Getting To Know You <br />We take the time to really get to know you and your organization, enabling us to select candidates that are a perfect match for your individual requirements. Understanding your organization, your existing business activities, your organizational structure & culture and future growth plans. <br />Stage – 2 Understanding Your Requirements <br />In order to accurately select the right candidates we need to gather as much information as possible about your vacancy. We understand the position description, the specific competencies including job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas, authority, reporting and supervisory relationships, working conditions/environment, job specifications, approximate compensation, location and other relevant details. <br />Stage – 3 Devising the appropriate Sourcing Strategy <br />Identification of candidates from Proconnect's massive Offline & Online database. Identification of organizations where valid resources could be found. Using the latest database technology we have immediate access to many top caliber candidates seeking new opportunities. <br />Stage – 4 Short Listing <br />We short list initially from application, resume, and telephone interview. We then personally interview each candidate taking care to ensure we have explored all areas relevant to your particular requirements. <br />Stage – 5 Skill Testing <br />We use a variety of skills assessment tools to provide fast, effective, evaluation of candidates. We can also undertake relevant psychological assessments where appropriate.<br />Stage – 3 <br />Devising the appropriate Sourcing Strategy <br />Stage – 4 <br />Short Listing <br />Stage – 5 <br />Skill Testing <br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />08<br />
  52. 52. Stage – 6<br />Candidate Reference Checks <br />Our 10 – Step Core Methodology ( Contd. )<br />Our 10 – Core Step Service Delivery Methodology Continued . . . . <br />Stage – 7<br />Presenting Candidates <br />Stage – 6 Reference Checking <br />All our candidates are thoroughly reference checked before the final selection is presented for your consideration. <br />Stage – 7 Presenting Candidates <br />Once we have thoroughly checked potential candidates, we provide you with a shortlist using the candidates' individual resumes, profiles, reference comments, skill test results and consultant overview. <br />Stage – 8 Arranging Interviews <br />We liaise with the selected candidates to arrange interviews at your convenience, ensuring they are fully briefed about the exact nature of the position and your company's background and culture. <br />Stage – 9 Negotiating Offers and Date of Joining<br />Following selection we assist with the negotiation of offers right through to the successful completion of the placement. We help our clients by preparing the candidate for a timely On-Boarding.<br />Stage – 10 A Strong Post Offer Follow-Up <br />Follow-up with client & candidate subsequent to candidate joining the organization to ensure satisfaction on both sides<br />Stage – 8 <br />Arranging Interviews<br />Stage – 9<br />Negotiating Offers & DOJ<br />Stage – 10 <br />Strong Post Offer Follow-Ups<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />09<br />
  53. 53. Client Requirement Gathering<br />Consultant Allocation<br />Requirement Analysis & Research<br />Optimal Sourcing Strategy Design<br />Internal Database<br />External Database<br />Search<br />STAGE - 1<br />How do we do it ? ( Process Map )<br />Broad Specs Check ( Level – 1 Filter )<br />Customized In-Depth Probe<br />Telephonic Validation of Candidates<br />Assessment of Fitment<br />Profile Synopsis Development<br />Forward for Client Validation<br />STAGE - 2<br />Coordination with Client for Feedback<br />Coordination for Interview Management<br />Coordination for Client Selection Rounds<br />Coach & Re-check Prospect<br />Cross Functional Feasibility<br />Relocation Feasibility<br />Candidate Reference Checks & Documentation<br />STAGE - 3<br />Candidate Offer<br />Offer Issue & Coordination<br />Track & Monitor Offer Acceptance<br />Joining Follow-Up & Induction Facilitation<br />STAGE - 4<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Reject<br />Drop Out<br />Reject<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />10<br />
  54. 54. Java/J2EE Technologies (Java, J2EE, EJB, Struts, Eclipse, Swing, JSP GUI, XML, XSLT, etc) – Manager, Technical Architect, Product Development Lead, Senior Engineer, Java GUI Lead, Java GUI Engineer<br />Microsoft .Net Technologies (ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, etc) – Manager, Technical Architect, Lead, Senior Engineer<br />ERP, SAP (All modules), PeopleSoft, OracleApps – Consultant, Senior Consultant, Project Manager, Client Engagement Manager, Delivery Manager<br />Database Architecture/Administration - SQL Server DBA, SQL Server Data Architect, Oracle DBA, Websphere Administrator, DB2 DBA<br />What are we good at ?<br />Network Engineering - Administration, Security, Protocol Development & Testing<br />Configuration Management (Clearcase, VSS, CVS, etc) - Build/Release Engineer, SCM Lead<br />QA/Testing (Automated, Manual, Regression, Performance, Black-Box, White-Box, etc. & Tools like WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, Test Director, SilkTest, Mercury Quality Center, Rational Robo, etc) - QA Manager, QA Engineer, QA Lead<br />Mainframe Technologies (iSeries, AS400, OS/400, SYNON/2E, CICS, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, JCL, iSeries, Advantage Plex, Cool Plex, All Fusion Plex) – Lead, Engineer<br />When you use terms such as Distributed Computing, Machine Learning, PeopleSoft, JDE, C/C++, Java/J2EE, Linux, SAP, Decision Analytics or Risk Modeling, there's no need to translate. We already speak your language. We are experienced to handle the most complex IT & Analytics Staffing Assignments. We have abundant expertise in handling niche-skill mandates from Tier-I Product Development & Services Companies across India. Technology-wise, we specialize in:<br />C/C++ (C/C++, UNIX/Linux, OOP, Socket Programming, Multi Threading, etc) – Tech Lead, Engineer<br />R&D Profiles (Information Retrieval, Text/Web Mining, Machine Learning, AI, Algorithms, Multimedia, Distributed Computing, XML, RDF, Web Services, OOAD, Database Design, API Design, Performance Engineering, Security, Extreme Scalability, Processing Frameworks, Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, etc)<br />Others - Lead Technical Writer, Helpdesk Lead/Engineer, Product Support Engineer, ETL Developer, SME - Subject Matter Expert, Front Desk Executive, etc<br />High Value Mandates – BU Head, National / Regional Sales Head, SAP Delivery/Program Manager, etc<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />11<br />
  55. 55. We ensure you a high % of Non-Duplicity !<br />Every Recruiter uses the Job Portal, so what's special about it ? To reduce Portal CV Duplications, we are “INNOVATIVELY DYNAMIC” in Designing & Implementing an Apt Sourcing Strategy for you ! Not all mandates are the same and neither are all assignments. Lining up candidates for a generic skills drive is one thing and working for niche skill mandate is another. Hence our tactics for both these extremities are radically different. Certain projects require more of a volume driven generic skill-set approach whereas some are specialty requirements which require extensive “OUT-OF-THE-BOX” Sourcing Skills Thinking. So when it comes to reaching out to a maximum qualified pool of candidates and finding you the right candidates, these are the few sources we count on:<br />Head-hunting Professional Networking Sites LinkedIn<br /> Google Groups Yahoo Groups MSN Groups<br /> Newspaper Advertisements Institute Alumni Websites<br />Technology Blogs<br /> Social Networking Sites Discussion Boards<br />Candidate Referrals Mass Mailing Job Postings Job Fairs Technology Symposiums<br />Just about any other job consulting firm can source you candidates from job portals, but what we do is 80% beyond that. Our competency lies in our Connexions. Using Candidate Referrals, Head-Hunting, Team/Project Mapping, Job Advertising, Groups & Alumni Forums, Blogs, etc we penetrate deep into the resource pool to get you the perfect candidate for your need. We promise you consistent delivery even with the toughest of the requirements.<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />12<br />
  56. 56. Responsibility<br />Our Core Values<br />Honesty<br />Professionalism<br />Diversity<br />Consistency<br />OUR VISION <br />At Proconnect Consulting, we aspire to be India’s premier HR Service Provider firm catering to the needs of IT & Analytics Organizations. <br />OUR MISSION <br />To be a leading provider of distinctive HR Services & Solutions backed by superior and innovative consultative capabilities for discerning clients and creating exceptional value for our stakeholders. <br />OUR PROMISE<br /><ul><li>Proconnect Consulting promises to deliver superior client value to its Clients
  57. 57. Proconnect Consulting promises to provide the best returns on their investments to our Investors – Organizations, Institutions and Job Seekers
  58. 58. Proconnect Consulting promises its People to help them grow & develop as a part of its winning team
  59. 59. Proconnect Consulting promises to respect & abide by regulations with absolutely no compromise on Ethics
  60. 60. Proconnect Consulting promises to make a difference to the Community</li></ul>Growth<br />Proconnect Consulting’s Core Values<br />OUR BRAND PHILOSOPHY <br />The word “PROCONNECT” is derived from PROfessional CONNECTions and that’s exactly what we are all about. We started off with a sole vision - to re-define the way professionals connect with each other. “Professional Connections” is all it takes for us to go that extra distance in effecting our client satisfaction. Professional Connections helps us keep our promise to our valued clients, of delighting them at every given opportunity. Professional Connections provides the forum for exhaustive analysis, prudent decision-making, creativity and sharing of some brilliant ideas. Professional Connections is symbolic of the ethos of the power to combine & think forward.<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />13<br />
  61. 61. Our commitment for your contentment<br />THE PROMISE OF THE SHORTEST TURN-AROUND-TIME<br />We are specialists in arranging “Walk-In Drives” for generic skills candidates PAN India location within the shortest time. We understand that successful partnering relationships require a great deal of flexibility. Our services are designed to allow our clients the flexibility they need to respond to shifting priorities and changing project scopes. Because we understand that many staffing requirements cannot be planned for or anticipated during the course of a project life cycle, our recruiting model allows us to rapidly adjust and modify our procedures as your business needs require. We guarantee you a rapid response time and immediate feedback to your request.<br />THE PROMISE OF A HIGHER DELIVERY PRECISION( CV SENT : CV SHORTLISTED RATIO)<br />We're not the type of IT staffing firm that swoops in, forwards tons of resumes, and then leaves you to sift through piles of unqualified candidates. We at Proconnect Consulting understand our client’s needs down to the detailed specifics and deliver with utmost precision. Right from Telecom Domain requirements to Mainframes, Product Development to QA, Production Support to Pre-sales Business Analysts, we cater to our client’s necessities right from the Software Engineer level to the Business Head level making us a contributor of end-to-end staffing solution provider for any software organization in India. Being exposed to a vast array of technologies and having worked with clients from diverse domain specializations, keeping pace with the India's emerging technology leadership has become one of our core competencies.<br />THE PROMISE OF AN ENDURING RELATIONSHIP<br />At Proconnect Consulting, we always strive for a long-term relationship – whether with a client or with a candidate. We consider ourselves an extension of your HR, which makes us an equal partner in the success of your business. We promise you Consistent Delivery even with the toughest of the requirements. Unlike other firms who deliver for generic (easily available) requirements and go slow with niche skill (scarcely available) requirements.<br />THE PROMISE OF A BEST-IN-INDUSTRY PRICE VALUE, RELIABILITY AND COMPETITIVENESS<br />Our solutions easily fit your budget. When you compare the in house costs of recruiting & hiring a new employee ( ad placement, personnel hours spent networking, reviewing resumes, pre-qualifying, interviewing, and training new employees, lost productivity ), our charges would seem downright economical. Let our Consultant conduct a Financial Impact Analysis for you and we'll show you just how cost-effective we can be.<br />THE PROMISE TO ADHERE OURSELVES TO A STRICT STANDARD OF ETHICS<br />We maintain high standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the operation of our business and in our dealings with employees, customers and competitors. Our firm has an exceptional track record in privacy, confidentiality and "conflict of interest" matters. Proconnect Consulting treats all applicants, employees and clients with dignity and respect, and provides equal employment opportunities and job referrals to all.<br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />14<br />
  63. 63. How to reach us ?<br />Proconnect Consulting appreciates your time & looks forward to associating its services with your esteemed organization. We firmly believe that Proconnect Consulting has the potential to partner with your organization. It’s because of our optimized sourcing strategies, we guarantee your satisfaction beyond industry standards & specifications. We thus request you to give us an opportunity to demonstrate the kind of value addition we can bring to your talent acquisition process. For any query/information, please feel free to get in touch with:<br />Mr. ANAND M K<br />Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Proconnect Consulting<br /><br /><br />+9197 3958 7403<br />+9180 4204 0685<br />Mr. AVISHEK DATTA<br />Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Proconnect Consulting<br /><br /><br />+9190 0859 0359<br />+9180 4204 0685<br />Bangalore Regional Office:<br />Proconnect Consulting<br />#91/2, 1st Floor, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road<br />Basavangudi, Bangalore – 560004<br />HelpDesk : +9191 4141 2222<br />Bangalore Regional Office Numbers :<br />Proconnect Consulting<br />(080) 421034 61 / 62 / 63 / 64<br />Fresher Recruitment Assistance: +9191 4130 2211<br /><br /><br />Business Development: +9191 4130 2233<br /><br /><br />Service Delivery: +9191 4130 2277<br /><br /><br />Client Engagement: +9191 4130 2244<br /><br /><br />STRATEGIC MANPOWER CONSULTING |HR ANALYTICS & MARKET RESEARCH |RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING|RECRUITMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT<br />16<br />