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  • 1. Index About US Our Statement Our Principle Profile Overview BPO Solution Hiring and Training Transition Phase Offerings Network Diagram List of Projects Value Zone Contact Us
  • 2. UOS is an Outsourcing Firm located in India. We are a positivefirm constantly striving to achieve one or more of the belowobjectives. 1. Increase ROI2. Improve Business process Efficiency and Accountability.3. Increase Shareholder Value.4. Implement Performance Solution.5. Focus on Core Business Processes.Experience : We have worked on several outsourcing projectswhich includes outbound calling, Inbound Customer Service,Technical Support, Data Entry projects and many SoftwareDevelopment Projects. We have partnered with otherorganizations too and have helped in executing the projects withease.
  • 3. Our Mission : Our Mission is to provide ourclients/vendors/partners with solutions and services that wouldadd the value to their Organization. We look forward to apply bestpractices and ideas and create new opportunity in this globalmarket.Our Vision : To be identified as the leading and most preferredsolution provider in the area ofBPO/KPO/Legal/Software/Consultancy services.Quality Policy : We are committed to being very aggressive in ourattitude towards quality because Quality is the basic strategy forsurvival and future growth.
  • 4. U.O.S approach to business relies on the following four principles: We work hard to understand your requirements - We use Explore phase to evaluate how your organization uses a business process. We deliver the whole solution - U.O.S gives you one convenient source for your business process management and outsourcing needs, as well as the expertise you need to put it all together. We are determined to provide significant value - The solutions we recommend emphasize aggregate value (AV). We are committed to customer care - We make it easy to do business with Direct Clients of Outbound, Inbound & Non- Voice process of Different Countries.
  • 5. Profile: U.O.S help clients successfully execute and manage business process management and outsourcing strategy to achieve breakthrough results. As long-term partners in our clients success, We build the capability to execute strategy and accelerate time to results. The outcome - our client’s increased ability to manage business processes effectively and efficiently to better support their strategic business plans, to improve performance, profitability, and shareholder value. We focus exclusively in segments of the market where we can provide strategic, multi-process, end to-end business solutions and where we can leverage our firms core competencies to help clients build customer and shareholder value. Our approach is to provide integrated business solutions that benefit the entire organization and our goal is to deliver significant business value to our clients.
  • 6. Overview: U.O.S helps our clients achieve competitive advantage, through the rapid conception, creation and execution of business process outsourcing strategy. We approach breaks down barriers and creates synergy, allowing our clients to maximize return on investment with their BPO initiative - leading to increased sales, reduced cycle times, improved service and lowered costs. We have adopted the time-tested processes, industry best practices and quality concepts in an innovative way into our proprietary E3 methodology. E3 is a three phase process - Explore_Engineer_Execute". E3 provides a compelling framework to attain clients overall objectives starting from concept to execution.
  • 7. BPO Solution: We help you identify, design, develop and deploy business solutions that expand and leverage your current business processes; measure, monitor & improve your conventional business process efficiencies; reduce operating costs; increase your profitability; and help you sustain real competitive advantage. We understand that each and every process within a company whether it is core or non-core is very valuable in meeting the company’s objectives and their customers needs. We therefore go to great lengths to learn all aspects of your business, your market, and your industry. Upon analyzing your business requirements, we together determine the best solution that will quickly, efficiently and effectively drive your business process execution and management and derives real benefits to your organization. Our comprehensive range of BPO solutions includes consulting and outsourcing in Outbound, Inbound, Non-voice, Legal and Software Projects.
  • 8. Hiring and Training: Hiring Indent raised Communication Training Process Training 1 Weeks of training on 1 Weeks of product 1st Round - Screening Culture and Accent training No Pre Evaluation of the Mid Assessment Selected? batch Yes Mid Assessment Mock Call session 2nd Round - Group Discussion No Final Assessment Final Assessment Selected? Yes Yes Yes Production Cleared? Cleared? Floor 3rd Round - Personal Interview No No No No No Already in Already inReferred to Retrainin Retrainin Selected? HR g? g? Yes Yes Yes Induction & Joining formalities Referred to HR Referred to HR
  • 9. Transition Phase Project 1 2 Initiation 3 •Initiate Project Post •Bid for Prospective Deal Award •Solution Identification Deals •Understand Project •Process Mapping •Project Capabilities Granularities •Project Scoping •Submit Responses •Transition Readiness • Metrics Discussions Deal Bidding Due Diligence Stage Knowledge 4 5 Transfer 6 •Site Readiness •Process Training •Volume Ramp-up •Resource Hiring •SOP Documentation •SLA Base lining •Technology •SOP Sign-Off •Handover to Ops •Risk Mitigation •Assessments •Process Go Live Transition Pilot and Go- Setup Live
  • 10. Offerings: Customer Care Services: Customer Acquisition Services:• Customer Retention and Loyalty • Outbound SalesPrograms • Inbound Sales and Order Taking• Technical Support and Help Desk • Order Processing• After Sales Support • Up-sell, Cross-sell, Win-back Programs• Order and Inbound Sales Taking • Prospect Identification and Leadand Processing Generation• Account Management and • Multiple Products Marketing ProgramsMaintenance• Billing Inquiry and Collection Technical Support Helpdesk Services• Application and Claims Processing • Product Technical and Engineering• Warranty and Post-Warranty SupportSupport b. Multi-Level Support (Level 1, 2, & 3)• Marketing Surveys and Research c. Troubleshooting• Virtual Executive Secretary Services d. After Sales Implementation support• Basic Coordination and Logistics • Software/Hardware Problem Resolution• Form Filling and Data Conversion • Computer Hardware Support• All Back Office Jobs • Warrant and Post-Warranty Support • Internet and Telecommunications Support
  • 11. Network Diagram:
  • 12. List Of Projects Outbound Bell - Canada Verizon - USA ` Easy Menu - AUS Education Leads - PPI - UK USA Inbound Ocean Liner - Absolutees Clubs Pharmacy - UK Spain - USA Back Office DOC Conversion Form Filling Software SAP Project
  • 13. Skill sets – Business Communication, Vendor and Client relationship, Inbound Support, Outbound Calling, Back Office Projects VALUE ZONE BUSINESS CUSTOMER QUALITY Six Reduce Sigma Cycle Time Reduce Escalations 98 % SLA Retain Recovery Satisfaction Automation IMPROVED EFFICIENCY BETTER SERVICES GROWTH
  • 14. Contact Details:Universal Outsourcing SolutionsRavi Kumar VermaChairmanB-42, Sector-59Noida - 201301Tel : +91-9650455006E-mail : processtracking@gmail.com