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Some thoughts for the Local Women's Realtor Council on why employee engagement matters even in their independent contractor environment

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  • Doesn’t this fellow look engaged? I am uniquely qualified to give this presentation since I am the only member of my family to never be a realtor.My Dad – Dick Miller sold in Mobile from 1975 – 1995.He convinced my Mom, My Sister and My brother to join him in the business.For some reason all of them save Dad left the business. So discussing what keeps employees engaged is a family issue for me.In my work as a consultant, I work on teambuilding and a great deal of people issuesSo today I want to address a question that remains a pressing problem for employers and leaders in every business sector.
  • I Love Realtors because YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE.The purchase of a home is the most emotional and significant transaction most of us ever make. In Baldwin County you serve a clientele from all over the country and for many of the newcomers to this area, you are the face of Baldwin County and the region.
  • I know this for a fact because several of you made my wife Laura’s dream a reality.Without the help of both realtors, I doubt this would have happened.
  • So today for your after breakfast treat, I want to spend a few minutes to share with you a few insights I have observed in the area of employee engagement by Seeing if I can answer this question with a paradoxical statement that I hope will make sense by the time I finish.I think it worth your time because I know everyone one of you has seen a number of people dive into your business with great dreams and ultimately not make a go of it.Some have divorced their dreams and others have for now separated from those initial aspirations.This room is full of the 80/20 rule . I hope today may give you an insight that will help you help more people into your group realize their dreams.TO AVOID EMOPLOYEE DIVORCE OR SEPARATION, STAY ENGAGED!
  • The Gallup Organization put together some ground breaking research on Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction. Since then they have tracked Employee Engagement globally and put out a quarterly Engagement IndexThey found there is positive linkages between employee engagement and Business successEmployee TurnoverCustomer SatisfactionProfitabilityThe index separates employees between Actively Engaged, Not Engaged Actively DisengagedWhat is depressing is the following stats. The Good news is that other countries such as Germany have even lower rates. The numbers vary slightly by profession and position and only Manufacturing and Transportation have significantly higher disengagement.
  • Looking at this engagement problem, will lead you to the work of Dr. Daniel Golemen, who is the late 1990’s did some groundbreaking work in showing how in addition to IQ we have other forms of intelligence, specially Emotional Intelligence.This has now been mainstreamed into most assessment tools and we offer one for our clients.
  • The five basic components of EI have proven to be great indicators of communication and personnel problems. The good news on EI is that unlike IQ EI can be worked on and improved your entire life. The number one issue employees look for according to a World wide study by McKinsey and Company was a company leader who actually cared about their situation. Second was more control over their job. More on this in a minute
  • So we now understand that Engaged Employees can make a difference. This lead me to my left brain way of processing the key to developing more EngagementTwo parts EI and One part Motivation Theory reinforced daily raises engagement.
  • Goleman and others have shown broken down behavior into three understandable components.In real estate you are required to have all three.
  • Here the kicker, EI grows as you move up the success ladder. How do I know that?My Dad had the lowest score in my family on the Real Estate Exam. My mother aced it but she couldn’t keep from pointing out all the problems with a listing.My Dad on the other hand, booked on $100m in transactions from 1976 to 1995. And most of that came from repeat listing. People work for and with people who they believe relates to them.
  • So how do you increase the EI portion of my engagement formula.While most people equate selling with extraverted sales pitch and strong persuasion skills, the common trait among engaged employees is their listening skills. Research had also shown that introverts do as well or better in relationship selling because of this trait. Listening is a form of respect that gets immediate positive reception.It's also hard. Try going the rest of the day without talking once about yourself. I coach Extraverts like myself to ask 2-3 follow up questions before responding .
  • Turning to the Motivation part of my engagement formula, I am sure some of you are familiar with Dan Pink. He best selling book on Motivation, Drive does a great job of linking all the social science behavior research to the management models used in business.He labels them like computers operating systems. And his research shows that like the McKinsey survey mentioned earlier, employees today are motivated by AutonomyMastery and Purpose.Your industry structure allows for autonomy through independent contract.Given the last few years, certainly your job requires enough sustained effort to make mastery happen. Mastery says people like to work hard and enjoy something that requires some grit. Everyone is the room has grit or you wouldn’t be here.What his book pointed out was that employees need more than the traditional extrinsic motivation of carrot and stick. In Real Estate we call it commissions.This is especially true for the Gen X and Y’ers. In fact focusing too much on things like commissions leads to non engagement
  • In Drive, Pink introduces us to the number one rated professor at Wharton Business School , the oldest business school in the country. Grant ran some experiment with call centers. I think of call centers as part of the job of new agents in your field. He split a call center that solicited donations for scholarships at a university into 3 groups.A – Control group – No special instructions at allB – Before each shift, the callers read stories from former callers on the benefits they gained from the position: discipline, good pay, improved communication skills.C – Before each shift the group read stories from recipients of the scholarships telling what a difference the donations had made in their life's.What were the results for the A and B had the same resultsC - raised twice as much as the other groups.Do you employees have a purpose?
  • Adam Grant didn’t stop his research and just this year published a fascinating study on modes of Reciprocity entitled Givers and Takers.If I asked you who succeeds more,Givers – People who give without any expectation of paybackMatchers – Those who give with expectation of receiving an equal amount in returnTakers – Those who focus on personal goals and results at the expense of othersWhat would you answer. Hint – The percentages of the population mirror the Gallup percentages.Turns out not only does the Lord love a cheerful giver, He rewards them as well.Many of you are givers I am sure. The question is really whether your organization fosters an intentional environment of giving.I know it works because my Dad used to drive my mother crazy by colisting houses with rookie agents when he did all the work. After about 10 years, and a lot of trips around the world, Mom figured out Dad knew what he was doing!
  • Recent research in the Annuals of the New York Academy of Sciences entitled the The Neuroevolution of Empathy point our that we are hard wired to feel good about giving as much as we are wired to seek rewards.Could giving offer the feel good that gets those new employees over a downturn in the market? Just a thought.
  • What we are really talking about is seeing your employees for their potential and making sure they feel you really care about it. You do it with your customers and in the end, aren’t your colleagues and your employees worth at least as much.My Dad understood this. He truly believed that every house he listed and every buyer he represented could find their dream match and he would be the one to make it happen. That was his purpose.
  • Why is this worth looking at?Gallup shows that moving 20% of your unengaged to engaged raises your probability of success by 45%.The same movement raises your bottom line as well. What would 2-3 percentage points of additional profit do for your business. For your employees?There truly is nothing soft about focusing on people and their emotional intelligence.
  • So if you want to be known for 20 year and 25 year retirement parties for your agents, remember my formula Stay Engaged Every Day.
  • I have information on Gallup and the research I quoted. I would also like to have Kristy come draw a card to see who wins a copy of the book Drive.
  • Employee Engagement

    1. 1. Employee Engagement Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    2. 2. Dreams Do Come True Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    3. 3. Thank You Morgan and Wayne! Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    4. 4. To Avoid Divorce or Separation? Stay EngagedPro356 Consulting, LLC
    5. 5. Less than 3 in 10 workers are engaged in their work. Only changed 2 percentage points in last 4 years. High Schoolers are more engaged than College Grads! Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    6. 6. Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    7. 7. Emotional Intelligence Intrapersonal • Self Awareness • Self Regulation • Motivation Interpersonal • Empathy • Social Skills Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    8. 8. = Motivated and productive Employees • E = (EI + P)d • E = (Awareness + Empathy + Purpose)Daily Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    9. 9. IQ Technical SkillEI Employee Behavior is composed on 3 components! Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    10. 10. Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ or Technical Skills! IQ Technical SkillEI Q- How much of your training is EQ focused vs. Technical focused? Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    11. 11. How to increase Awareness and Empathy Introverts often succeed in relationship skills because they are better listeners! “Be quick to listen, slow to anger, and slow to speak.” Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    12. 12. Motivation = Autonomy Mastery PURPOSE Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    13. 13. Adam Grant and Call Centers Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    14. 14. Givers and Takers • Givers succeed more than takers or matchers. • Givers must have self awareness to avoid the doormat syndrome. • Matchers usually rat out a taker. Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    15. 15. Givers and Dr. Feel-good • Charitable Giving releases just as much dopamine (feel good hormone) as receiving monetary awards. • Giving cultures can move takers to become givers or at least matchers. Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    16. 16. Leadership is all about seeing your people as they could be. The number one reason people leave a job is problems with their boss. Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    17. 17. Gallup assigns 2-3 points to your bottom line for this effort! Move half your 50% Into your 30% Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    18. 18. So if you want the great long term relationship, Stay Every Day Pro356 Consulting, LLC
    19. 19. Questions? Pro356 Consulting, LLC
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