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The Social Media Toolbox: Unlocking New Strategies to Resonate with Your Audience
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The Social Media Toolbox: Unlocking New Strategies to Resonate with Your Audience


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This decks discuss social media tools, tactics and strategies for PR professionals and marketers, including new ideas related to media relations, audience targeting and measurement in today's …

This decks discuss social media tools, tactics and strategies for PR professionals and marketers, including new ideas related to media relations, audience targeting and measurement in today's connected environment.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Social Media Toolbox Unlocking New Strategies to Resonate with Your AudienceFollow The Conversation On Twitter#PRNEDU
  • 2. Presenters Sarah Skerik Vice President, Karen OBrien Social Media Director, PR Newswire Emerging Media @sarahskerik Wunderman @bondjanebond Andrea Samacicia Rebecca Shomair Principal Director, Corporate Victory Public Communications Relations Pentaho @VictoryCom @BeccaNY Follow The Conversation On Twitter #PRNEDU
  • 3. WundermanEmerging MediaKaren O’Brien
  • 4. Vision We transform customer experience and engagement by integrating the customer voice into all marketing. Working across the Wunderman agency network, we combine the best of social media capabilities for our clients. Establish Social Engage Test Emerging Community Community Approaches Social Presence Social Activation New & Next
  • 5. A NEWENGAGEMENTMODELTo be effectiverequires anecosystem viewfocused on thesynergy betweenchannels, media,content and thetransformationof customers tofans.The end result isa self sustainingevergreenengine.
  • 6. FUELLED BYANECOSYSTEMSuccessfulactivationcomes from adynamiccombination ofhubs andspokes, bothour own andthose whereour audiencespends time. People and ideas are Ideas are shared Empower people to brought together in amongst the take action and give one place so that a community, which them a clear path story can be told, so fuels the spread of forward. that knowledge can the movement. be aggregated, and so that momentum can build.
  • 7. ALWAYS-ONOPTIMIZATION+ ACTIVATIONA roadmap with quickwins and bigger bets helpsset the stage but theeveryday is where thesocial rubber hits theroad.Use data to build feedbackloop, listen and adjustcourse constantly.
  • 8. HOLISTICMEASUREMENT Influence The quantitative and Reach qualitative measure The number ofArmed with clearly of how people affect people touched byidentified business other consumers’ a campaign,objectives, desired decisions content or platform experienceconsumer behaviors andtoolset, we build a solidmeasurement frameworkto track reach, sentiment,participation andinfluence. Sentiment Participation The qualitative The number of measure of people actively consumers’ engaged with a attitudes and campaign, content feelings about a or platform brand experience
  • 9. Understand Your Audience in Depth
  • 10. Gatorade Mission Controlcampaign objectives Find and engage in conversations regarding Gatorade no matter where they are occurring. Use those conversations and engagements to help drive insights for not only our marketing efforts but also for product development and evolution.strategic approach Create Mission Control as a social hub for engaging, celebrating and gathering insights from our target audience.execution Created a custom room onsite at Gatorade which is staffed and led by VML. • Ongoing monitoring of Gatorade specific mentions/content across all mediums • Visualizations of data feeds from social monitoring tools that run within the room and are used by the Mission Control staff • Weekly reporting for overall brand health and engagement - all digital channels • Campaign based daily reporting to track all media, search, social and web effortsresults The concept of Mission Control has been held up within the industry as a best- in-class solution. Since the launch, two new products have launched and both have dramatically exceeded goals with the assistance of Mission Control and the insights delivered.
  • 11. Microsoft Share House
  • 12. 3 Emerging tactics we are exploring1. Social/ Mobile Content Curation2. Personalized Content Curation / Social Commerce3. Timeline/ Personalized Status Updates
  • 13. The Social Media Toolbox: Unlocking New Strategies to Resonate with Your Audience . Rebecca Shomair, Director of Communications, Pentaho @BeccaNY © 2012, Pentaho. All Rights Reserved. Worldwide +1 (866) 660-7555
  • 14. Influencer Program Communications Challenge Needed to brief 80+ industry analyst on a regular basis. Solution• Created an invite only Influencer Program for key industry analyst and press.• Hold 30 minute quarterly webcast updating past quarter highlights, what’s ahead and any upcoming news under embargo.• Use #PTHOIB (Pentaho influencer briefing) during quarterly updates.• Send important product, company and customer announcements on a regular basis to group. Results• During the quarterly Influencer updates we have many important influencers tweeting about positive company updates we are sharing. We often have request to join the call after they see who has the inside track every quarter.• Created an ongoing conversation throughout the quarter/year and continue to keep Pentaho top of mind with analyst.• Saved 20+ hours of briefing analyst one-on-one on a quarterly basis. 14
  • 15. Webcast Communications Challenge Engage our audience after a press release. Solution• Created a top call to action on key press releases to attend a webcast to learn more information and/or watch a demo.• Promote the news and the webcast for at least 1 week after the announcement through all social media channels. Results• Able to capture leads of people interested in the news and follow-up after the webcast to qualify leads and add them to the funnel.• ‘Number of webcast registrants and attendees’ is now a KPI for success of a product launch. Our recent major product launch attracted almost 4,000 registrants to the webcast. This was a 50% increase over previous product launch.• The URL to register for the webcast is the same to watch the replay. If someone comes across the press release or social media reference (blog, Facebook, tweet) months later they can still watch the webcast and will be included in the leads funnel. 15
  • 16. Gamification Communications Challenge Need to manage and encourage customer advocacy and reference participation. Solution• Engaged with Influitive a SaaS solution to help manage customer references/advocacy and add an element of gamification to encourage deeper engagement with our company.• Create groups by role, vertical, products to reach out when a targeted press or analyst opportunity arises.• Able to reward customers for their advocacy with status and prizes beyond a gift card like dinner with the CEO and donation to their favorite charity. Goals (no results yet)• Excited to work with sales to set-up one-on-one references through Influitive integration with so we can track and reward customers for their time.• Get rid of spreadsheets to search for customers and keep track of customer rewards.• Properly reward customers for their help to promote our products and services – we can even reward them for following us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. 16
  • 17. Advocate view of Influitive 17
  • 18. Advocate view of Influitive 18
  • 19. Thank YouJoin the conversation. You can find us on: @Pentaho Pentaho Business Analytics © 2012, Pentaho. All Rights Reserved. Worldwide +1 (866) 660-7555
  • 20. Build Your Brand SociallySocial Media and Group Buying sites are key to a flourishing brand
  • 21. Social Media Secrets• Jump right in! The truth is that you have to be in it to win it.• Speak in your own voice.• It’s a dialogue, not a monologue.
  • 22. Mini Case Study: The Diamond-Schlesinger Group• It all started with Facebook• The DS Group isa specialized dentalpractice that soughtto deepen theirbond with existingpatients and forge newrelationships with new patients.
  • 23. Mini Case Study: The Diamond-Schlesinger Group• It’s all about interactive content: – Celebrity smile contests – Displaying media placements – Sharing practice photos – Patient spotlight features
  • 24. Shopping Has Always Been Social• The second part of The Diamond Schlesinger Group’s Social Media strategy was to engage consumers through group buying web sites.• Integrate your brand’s social media handles into the deal (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)• Share your brand with new and social media savvy audience.
  • 25. How will I know if it’s working?• Evaluate the success of a social media campaign by looking at various factors: – How many return visits result – Feedback on Facebook/Twitter (how many likes or comments a post generates) – Quality over quantity• Learn from past mistakes. Your social media strategy can always improve!
  • 26. Thank you for your time and please stay in touch! Andrea Samacicia @VictoryCom Connect on LinkedIn
  • 27. Thank You! Sarah Skerik Karen OBrien Vice President, Director, Social Media Emerging Media PR Newswire Wunderman @sarahskerik @bondjanebond Rebecca Shomair Andrea Samacicia Director, Corporate Principal Communications Victory Public Pentaho Relations @BeccaNY @VictoryCom Follow The Conversation On Twitter #PRNEDU