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Driving Discovery of the Content Your Organization Publishes
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Driving Discovery of the Content Your Organization Publishes


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You've planned your content strategy, and have published beautifully crafted messaging. But is your audience finding your message? In this deck we outline a variety of tactics for improving the …

You've planned your content strategy, and have published beautifully crafted messaging. But is your audience finding your message? In this deck we outline a variety of tactics for improving the 'discoverability' of the content you publish.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Vibes issued a survey of mobile connected shopper behavior.
  • They took a contrarian point of view. The news at the time was full of gloom and doom “showrooming will kill retail” headlines.
  • The lead is seriously important real estate. Craft your lead with ONE objective in mind – keep the reader reading. Don’t waste the attention your awesome headline garnered. Keep the pedal to the medal with the lead.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Driving Discovery of Your Organization’s Stories Sarah Skerik VP Content Marketing PR Newswire
    • 2. Hello. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 3. Overview • Evolution of media • Subsequent changes in audience behavior • Conversational search & the social media connection • Tactics for driving content discovery @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 4. For news & info traditional media have lost to digital. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 5. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 6. So what does this mean to me? AUDIENCE BEHAVIOR HAS CHANGED
    • 7. We’re looking for really granular stuff
    • 8. And we’re OK with branded content. Excerpt from Sharethrough infographic
    • 9. B2B customers contact a sales rep only after 70% of the purchase decision has been made. – Sirius Decisions 2012 Brands that haven’t published Brands that haven’t published supporting content are eliminated supporting content are eliminated from consideration right out of the from consideration right out of the gates. Is your organization capturing gates. Is your organization capturing their interest? their interest? @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 10. Influence isn’t linear -- it’s a continuous loop. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 11. The new communications reality: We’re competing for finite audience attention against an infinite ocean of content. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 12. Social popularity drives content visibility in search engines.
    • 13. So what are the big guys doing? MEDIA OUTLETS ARE RETOOLING. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 14. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 15. In the coming days and weeks, we'll be working with all editorial employees to train and outfit you as much as possible to produce the content we need. These sessions will be mandatory and will concentrate on several areas: • iPhone photography basics • Video and basic editing • Transmission and social media @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 16. This is what a “radio guy” looks like today. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 17. Ripped from the headlines! (… and the Twitter feeds) TACTICS FOR EARNING ATTENTION (& MEDIA)
    • 18. Popular stories = audience preferences @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 19. Using the attention current events generate @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 20. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 21. Pro tip: These are trackable URLs Pro tip: These are trackable URLs @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 22. Tie thought leadership to timely events @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 23. Promoting blog posts drove increases in visitors, visits and views. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 24. Use edcals to guide your marketing team’s content calendar in terms of both TOPICS and TIMING @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 25. Leverage sponsored/owned content @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 26. They developed a great news hook @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 27. And earned a little media …
    • 28. Market your marketing: distribute the content you publish.
    • 29. Content distribution seeds visibility within new audiences @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 30. Mind the long tail! Granular search means more qualified interest will build over time. And if you do a good job of surfacing content in relevant ways, the tails will grow longer and longer. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 31. Formatting tips that my-hand-toGod will improve your message visibility.
    • 32. Headline length REALLY matters. • Keep them short. Why? – – – – Our data. (80-130) Search engines (65) AP in newsrooms (80) Twitter (100) • Use a subhead to keep peers happy. Shoot for about 100 characters in your headline, and lead with the most important ideas (or keyword.) @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 33. Employ multimedia elements. • Visuals have their own distribution networks • Visuals draw eyeballs • Algorithms value visuals • People like pictures. • Better results accrue @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 34. Dump the speed bump. Give the reader a reason to keep reading. September 11, 2013/Cleveland/ -- XYZ Corporation, a leading global provider of world-class, end-to-end cross-platform scalable enterprise cloud solutions designed to deliver comprehensive processimprovement outcomes for customers in various vertical sectors including manufacturing, mining and procurement today announced … @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 35. Format content deliberately to maintain (and re-capture) attention @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 36. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 37. Embed a CTA near the top of the page. Link strategically. Think reader service, not SEO. •Link to profiles of key people quoted in the message. •Embed calls to action for prospects @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 38. Keywords aren’t just search friendly, they’re relatable. 200%! @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 39. Final thoughts From your calendar to your content, build an element of distribution into every information component you publish. Driving ongoing discovery of your content is crucial. @sarahskerik @prnewswire
    • 40. Thank you! Sarah Skerik Vice president of content marketing, PR Newswire • @sarahskerik • Discovery is a recurring theme on the PR Newswire blog. Stay up to speed with what we’re thinking (and my latest experiments) here: