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Social Media is Everywhere

Social Media is Everywhere



Social Media is Everywhere by Danica Kombol, Co-Founder of Everywhere – a social media marketing firm in Atlanta. This presentation was given at the PR Newswire / Business Development Institute ...

Social Media is Everywhere by Danica Kombol, Co-Founder of Everywhere – a social media marketing firm in Atlanta. This presentation was given at the PR Newswire / Business Development Institute Social Media & Content Marketing Leadership Forum held in Atlanta, GA on Nov. 15, 2011.



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  • Clients like LexisNexis, Macy’s, Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, Cox, -- in the past CNN and others. Player coaches… SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS – CONTENT, MARKETING and LEADERSHIP so let’s look at those three items. But we’re going to look at ‘em in reverse.
  • It’s all growed up and the question is what are we going to do with it? AND THE TRUTH? YOUR’E NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING SIGNIFICANT UNLESS YOU HAVE TRUE BUY-IN AT THE TOP….
  • Even before Obama took office, there were “disruptive” innovative leaders who were using social in unique ways. Tony Shay of Zappos used social media to build his shoe empire. They said it wouldn’t work. Women wouldn’t buy shoes they hadn’t tried on. Well it did. And he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He sold his business to Amazon for 928 million.
  • Then there are humble leaders like Brian Dunn, CEO Of Best Buy. He tweets and it’s obvious he tweets himself. He blogs. He shares his travel adventures. I hate that word transparent, but Brain is just that. He’s out there. Brian Dunn, CEO of Best buy, regular guy putting a face to the organization and making Best Buy more accessible to customers.
  • Sometimes we hear CEO’s say, “My daughter’s on Facebook.” and the temptation is to get on Facebook and then the next thing they do is hire a college intern or assign social media to some lowly person on the marketing or PR totem pole. Well remember the scene from Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swayze announced, “Nobody puts baby in the corner!” Well the same should be true of your social plan. You can’t hire somebody to do Facebook and Twitter and put them in a corner and expect to see results. It won’t work. Which brings me to marketing.
  • I’m assuming many of you out there have a Twitter, a Facebook Page, a YouTube channel – heck you might even have a Google + community. So you’ve built your platforms now what? Which brings me to marketing, you really have to use YOUR marketing brain, but you have to use a different marketing brain. It’s not a marketing brain we were ever ever trained to use.
  • And as marketers, we get really excited and we’re like. “What you don’t have to pay for that? Wow! I have all these cool marketing messages I want to deliver – so let me just take my marketing messages and slap them on Facebook and Twitter and I bet I’ll get a bunch of likes
  • . Get over the likes things….people did not join social media b/c they wanted to be marketed to. Dialogue not monologue It’s easy to think that Social Media was created by Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter by Evan Williams but really truly, it was created by us. You and me. The hoards who joined there. And we went there to have a conversation. We went there to talk and communicate and connect. Not to be TALKED to by marketers. So marketers that go there really have to shift the way they think. Cocktail party conversation.
  • Marketing you have a new text message!
  • But don’t worry marketing. It does not mean you are out of a job…but it does mean you have to think differently! And that brings me to CONTENT. What kind of content do I create in social.
  • Even more frightening – which platform do I choose from? Well in half an hour I can’t tell you that but I can share with you some innovative ways brands are creating content that’s shareable.
  • Launched in 2009
  • Where do people go when they buy shoes? free photo app on their iphone…
  • And by shareable, I don’t mean a viral video. Please please don’t let your advertising team create a “viral video” for you. We get ‘em all the time. The call goes like this, “Yeah, so our creative team has made this really cool viral video and we want to hire YOU to make it go viral because we just think it’s so funny and it’s got all our branding messages in it…
  • Johnny Cash’s song…Ain’t no Grave…. 250,000 from 172 countries. The video changes every time somebody watches it.
  • It’s On twitter, when we do audits, one of the first things we look for is is that brand talking to their customers or are they having a one way monologue. You aren’t going to get people to follow you if you don’t talk to them and you don’t listen. Tell Muhtar Kent story.
  • He’s not jus the dude….

Social Media is Everywhere Social Media is Everywhere Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media
  • We’re Everywhere….@danicakombol@BeEverywhere #PRNbdi
  • Social Mediano longer in it’s infancyThis is where a subtitle goes
  • Tweets from the Chief
  • Direct Access Town Hall Style
  • “My daughter’s on Facebook….”
  • “If I build it, they will come…”
  • OMG it’s FREE!!!
  • In social – it’s not all about me…
  • Fundamental Shift in Marketing/PR… Marketing Marketing “It’s not what we “It’s what they say we are….” say we are….”
  • 78% of customers trust peer recommendations on sites.Only 14% trust advertisements.
  • Lots of platforms to choose from
  • Social Media “Catch Phrase” Do something clever like put the words on a crown?
  • Burberry “Art of the Trench”
  • Instagram!http://blog.bergdorfgoodman.com/bg-shoes/
  • Tiffany Facebook “Show the Love”
  • Shareable, NOT Viral
  • It’s not what we say we are….Crowdsourcevideocontent
  • Bright Idea! Crowd Source Content
  • Joining the conversation….
  • And why wouldn’t you want to talk? The average Tweeter is well worth influencing: an educated 32-year old, more likely male than female, with a household income of $91,000 per year and a high likelihood to influence choices made by friends and family.http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/06/what_the_heck_are_we_doing_on.html
  • #PRNbdi