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PR Newswire User Conference - Using Multimedia to Move Your Organization’s Message and Engage Any Target Audience
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PR Newswire User Conference - Using Multimedia to Move Your Organization’s Message and Engage Any Target Audience


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PR Newswire User Conference in Washington DC - - Using Multimedia to Move Your Organization’s Message and Engage Any Target Audience …

PR Newswire User Conference in Washington DC - - Using Multimedia to Move Your Organization’s Message and Engage Any Target Audience
• The evolution of broadcast PR and the opportunities it has provided for communicators
• Online video and how to use it to effectively build your brand and raise awareness for an issue
• How to integrate campaigns for targeting media and key consumer demographics
• Multimedia case studies and best practices for non-profit, government and corporate

Presentation by Peter McCluskey, Divisional Vice President, MultiVu – a PR Newswire Company at the PR Newswire Washington, DC user conference held on April 14, 2010

Published in: Business

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  • I think this cartoon pretty much sums it up in case you didn’t know traditional VNRs is something that doesn’t work anymore. You can do them but you are really throwing away your $It’s important to get your story out with technologies and distributions that best work. Today’s savvy PR and Marketing professional use a different type of video news release to reach buyers directly. While many marketing and PR people understand what video news releases are in it’s traditional sense, very few understand the implications for how they must dramatically alter their video news releases or broadcast strategy in order to maximize the effectiveness of their videos directly to consumer. In essence the broadcast media has been disintermediated. The World Wide Web has changed the rules and buyers watch your video directly and you need to be speaking their language. I am not suggesting that broadcast media relations is no longer important, however, television reach must be part of an overall communications strategy. In some organizations, broadcast press remain critically important and of course, Television still derives some of its content from B-roll and less and less from VNR’s. Video is no longer just a handful of television stations. Now your audience is millions and millions of people with computers and internet connections to search engines, social media websites and RSS readers and out of home networks, mobile phones and more. It’s important to note that while we embrace the ‘new and improved’ we also incorporate traditional methods of notification and delivery to ensure the broadest reach.New technologies provides a very fast and cost-effective means for companies to move video around the world.
  • Ask your self yourself the following 7 questions:1) Typically in a companies message they want to sellStock, Image, Product SurveyBuilding games, contests, creating special sections on sites are even producing their own web TV. 2) Is it B to B or B to C, is the message for teens, young adults or woman ages 35-40, or people who have sweaty palms3) Online video provides opportunity to interact with audience directly.4) Do you have an in-house production team?5) Production is relatively inexpensive now.6) Reports, call to a 800 number. 7) On the web, TV, cell phones, movies, airplanes.
  • In-Text messaging works via ContentLinks which are contextually relevant keywords discovered in real time on a publisher’s web page that are automatically turned into a link to the most relevant information for the user on the web. Linked keyword allow the user to view video from an MNR - a video window pops up automatically with topic that is relevant to articleCost per click (Like Google Ads)Guaranteed distribution for MNRs via In-Text messagingA user will see video from a Multimedia News Release play automatically on the website, generating thousands of video impressions. Once the video is clicked on, the user will be taken directly to the MNR where they can view more information and relevant links. This distribution network will guarantee hits to the MNR and will deliver video impressions beyond the reach of natural search.Example of In-Text…Be “IN” the Discussion, Not Around ItCapture Readers Immersed in Content They Care AboutUser-Initiated View, Audience Self SelectsMessage Viewed as Extension of Content on the Page
  • Transcript

    • 1. Follow The Conversation Twitter Hashtag #PRNEDU Using Multimedia To Move Your Organization’s Message and Engage Any Target Audience Moderator: Peter McCluskey Divisional Vice President MultiVu – a PRNewswire Company “Cultivating Your Organization's Visibility in a World” PR Newswire User Conference Washington, D.C. April 14, 2010
    • 2. Technology Has Always Influenced How a Message is Communicated
    • 3. “the telegraphic power of television’s appositions and identifications is greater than that that of print or radio. Moreover the multimodal capacity of television provides its producer with a greater variety of ways to invite and evoke viewer response” Katherine Hall Jamieson, Annenberg Public Policy Center University of Pennsylvania
    • 4. Video Production For the Masses: Late Seventies, Early 80’s Portable ENG Equipment
    • 5. An Industry is Born! The rise of broadcast public relations with the Satellite Media Tour, Video News Release and B-roll as the industry’s core services.
    • 6. National Distribution 80’s Deregulation of the Satellite Industry
    • 7. Revolutionary Media Relations Tool! Late 80’s- The Fax Machine
    • 8. The Rise of the Online Video: Nineties Real Networks, founded by ex-Microsoft Exec, Rob Glaser launched it’s video player Real Player 4.0 in 1997 (early versions just played audio). Windows included its Real Media Player in Windows 2000. Both used assymetric MPEG-1 compression (1992) where the encoder is more complex than the decoder
    • 9. The Flash Platform . • Flash Player designed to run as a browser plug-in, making it possible to embed Flash Video in web pages and view the video within a web browser. • Compatibility with all browsers • Webpage download times vastly improved since Flash files are smaller and Flash only loads the contents the user will need. • Technology leads to the creation of Youtube in 2005
    • 10. This Leads to the Rapid Rise of 2nd and 3rd Screens/Multiple Platforms:
    • 11. Industry Under Attack 2004-2005 • HHS VNR Controversy • Center for Media and Democracy “Fake TV News” Report • FCC Scrutiny
    • 12. “I think they lived life to the fullest.” VNRs R.I.P.
    • 14. Explosion of High Definition Video As Technology Goes Up Prices Go Down!
    • 15. THE RISE OF THE SMART PHONE 4G, MMS....Constant Access to Video
    • 16. Online Video Growth Shows No Signs Of Stopping
    • 17. What Exactly are People Watching Online?
    • 18. Before Making Video What is your message? Who is your target audience? What conversations do you want? What are your in-house capabilities? What is your budget? How are you going to measure ROI? Where do you want it to be seen?
    • 19. BEST PRACTICES • Examples of different styles of video used for different targeted campaigns
    • 20. Getting People to Watch Your Video • Identify Your Core Audience So They Reach Their Individual Social Networks • Identify Niche Sites that Target Your Audience (BlurTube, TeacherTube, etc.) • Make Sure Your Content is Search Engine Optimized (Multimedia News Release-MNR) • Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Print) • Google Ad Words • Intellitext/Strategic Web Placement
    • 21. Video plays directly in web browser – user can click on the video which will take them directly to the Multimedia News Release In-Text Messaging
    • 22. Share – encourage viral distribution Media Player – engages audience with video, photos, graphics and animation Links to Transactions- sell products, enroll subs, train, link to website etc. Customized Branding – your logo and color scheme Additional Video Windows Interactive Media Player Photos/Graphics
    • 23. Embedded Interactive Media Player – all the features from the player, including branding, additional media, links and sharing instructions for further viral spread Embedded Interactive Media Player 23
    • 24. Make Sure To Organize and Manage Your Online Video on Your Website
    • 25. 4th Screen
    • 26. Questions?