Newsworthiness: New Context and Opportunities for PR


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Presenter: Sarah Skerik Vice President, Content Marketing PR Newswire

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  • What happens with an influencer tweets the press release you just ran over a wire service? That release (paid) just made leap to earned. What’s diff
  • Vibes issued a survey of mobile connected shopper behavior.
  • If you can’t quantify it, don’t set department goals against it. A “like” is not an outcome. (Nor is a tweet.)
  • Newsworthiness: New Context and Opportunities for PR

    1. Newsworthiness: New context & opportunity for PR Sarah Skerik
    2. Hello. Sarah Skerik Vice president, content marketing @sarahskerik #prnewswire
    3. Our agenda • The media evolution: changes in information consumption & audience behavior • Imperatives for PR • Your internal newsmakers • New tactics & approaches Newsworthiness Credibility Attention Context Opportunity
    4. MEDIA EVOLUTION The game has changed. Has your approach evolved?
    6. The new PR reality: We’re competing for finite audience attention against an infinite ocean of content.
    7. Our behavior has changed as a result... B2B customers contact a sales rep only after 70% of the purchase decision has been made. – Sirius Decisions 2012
    8. Study of consumers: The traditional linear path to purchase is giving way to a more winding journey. The shopper is always on” as a result of his or her constant interaction with brands. -- ARF 2013
    9. 86% of IT buyers use social media during their decision process. 89% of IT buyers prefer educational content to promotional content in their favored social media channels Source: IDG & @chaoticflow
    10. The buying journey is not linear. Source: Forrester
    11. We’re looking for really granular stuff
    12. Social popularity drives content visibility in search engines.
    14. Our brands live in ecosystems & the audiences are beating hearts.
    15. Your audience has already busted your silos (even if your organization doesn’t know it yet.)
    16. New imperatives for PR: – Adapt to changing media models to generate (and measure) PR results. – Recognize different forms of earned media, and – Earn organic attention, outside of traditional media models, which requires – Creating effective messaging for today’s environment.
    17. TELL THE AUDIENCE WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, NOT WHAT THE BRAND WANTS TO TELL.* * Or, at least use what the audience is interested in as the framework for the content you develop.
    18. Then Now Fuzzy measurement Measurable outcomes Media luminaries Influencers PR “stunts” Viral Content Print media pick-up Interaction
    19. Audience interaction gives media earned credibility Earned Media (Journalists, Bloggers, Social?) Owned Media (Your web site, email pitches, blog, & other channels) Press Release Paid Media (Press releases, advertising) EVOLVED When people interact with your content
    20. Forget viral. Popular content has a long lifespan.
    21. Interaction is worth measuring • The value is in amplification. • Digital activity can be measured: – Traffic to a related microsite) – Number of times something was shared – Search rank – Conversions!
    22. NEWSMAKERS Finding the stories & story-tellers
    23. Mine your organization for interesting stories, relevant content & news opportunities. Ask “What can the brand add to the conversation?”
    24. Find your newsmakers*. (Okay, interesting content makers.) Marketing Niche experts Front-line teams • Illustrate & explain data. • Draw back the curtain. • Share their perspective. Customers • Prove your worth. Influencers • Inspire your audience.
    25. Leverage sponsored/owned content
    26. Capitalize on interest created by breaking news (or extend a newsjack) with detailed expert commentary.
    27. The news releases SecureState has issued to promote their blog are the second-largest source of referrer contacts for the company.
    28. Pro tip: These are trackable URLs
    29. TACTICS Branded content matters, as long as it’s relevant and credible.
    30. Press releases are shared multiple times each minute on Twitter.
    31. Employ multimedia elements. • Visuals have their own distribution networks • Visuals draw eyeballs • Algorithms value visuals • People like pictures. • Better results accrue
    32. Drive interaction by atomizing content to surface different angles & appeal to different audiences. Entertainment Music Mom Travelers
    33. Market your messaging. Drive discovery with distribution.
    34. Use measurable links deliberately
    35. Align content and calls to action to your organization’s marketing funnel. (Yes. Your organization has one of these.) Reads Clicks # of specific outcomes Amplification
    36. Use keywords, but not for the reason you might think. 200% i nc r e a s e i n t r a f f i c !
    37. Headline length really matters. • Keep them short. Why? – Our data. (80-130) – Search engines (65) – AP system (80) – Twitter (100) • Use a subhead to keep peers happy.
    38. Thank you. Twitter: @sarahskerik LinkedIn: Blog: author/sarahskerik