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An insider's look at how media in China operate, with tips and pointers for working with journalists in China. Also includes an overview of business opportunities and Chinese market data.

An insider's look at how media in China operate, with tips and pointers for working with journalists in China. Also includes an overview of business opportunities and Chinese market data.

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  • 1. Yujie ChenManaging Director, PR Newswire China @YujieChen #IABC12
  • 2. Are You Aware Of TheOpportunity Awaiting You In China?•Chinas population in 1960 was 667 million; more than double that of the United States in 2010. Population now stands at almost 1.4 billion•Now the second largest economy in the world, many are predicting China will overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy within the next 10 to 15 years•The U.N. and Goldman Sachs predict China will have 1.4 billion middle-class consumers by 2030, compared to only 365 million in the U.S.
  • 3. Are You Aware Of The Opportunity Awaiting You In China?•Market is worth over $200 billion to US companies•In 2011, U.S. exports to China grew four times more than exports to the E.U.; E.U. exports to China grew 12 times more than exports from the E.U. to the U.S•71% of US companies with operations in China stated China was a top 5 priority; while 60% noted profits from China operations were greater than other business units
  • 4. State Media Stepping Up Efforts Television Appear More Modern and Global, to News AgenciesBut Commercial Media Are Gaining Audience, Credibility Thereaare only two newsof 97%, television isXinhua News Agency and of Chinas 1.3 With penetration rate agencies in China: the centerpiece of many China News Agency billion citizens Xinhua is thechannels, it may seem odd that the only national TV network is in China, With 374 TV governments primary collector and distributor of information the state- and China Central Televisionsource on Chinese government affairs. run the most authoritative (CCTV) the largest wire service in the world, Xinhua provides daily, 24-hour news information One of the issues facing TV today is its continuingly strict censorship guidelines to the world in Chinese and English. It is also responsible for creating many of the media controls regarding censorship in China. teenagers and well-educated adults are seeing limitations in the type of broadcasting available and are becoming increasingly skeptical of the controlled messages that they are being exposed to
  • 5. And Here’s An Example Why… PRINTED ON THE SAME DAY Government Papers Commercial Papers
  • 6. Xinhua News Agency is the only newsagency in China and it’s owned and controlled by the government
  • 7. The Most Penetrated Media, So Far Television has 97% penetration in Chinaand is the most popular source of news and entertainment,especially in rural areas
  • 8. Print Media,Alive & Well, Largely 2,200 NEWSPAPERSOVER 9,000 MAGAZINES
  • 9. Trade And Online Sources EnjoyIncreasing Authority In Business Circles
  • 10. Over 513 Million Internet Users In China And Growing
  • 11. Watching video, instant messaging, gamingand reading news are the most popular activitiesbut micro-blogging and shopping are on fast rise
  • 12. From Portal to Search;From Social to Mobile
  • 14. Baidu Enjoys 78% of Search Market Share Has Only 16%
  • 15. DOMINATES! Paid Searches Can Dominate Several Pages A Good PPC Campaign Can Skyrocket You to the Top The Situation Improving, But Will Take Time
  • 16. Over 700 Million Accounts Have BeenRegistered With Sina Weibo & Tencent Weibo
  • 17. 77% of the companies have startedmicro-blogs, mainly to fulfill theirneeds in the areas of contentmarketing and multimediacommunications services87% of the respondents use socialmedia on a daily basis68% of Chinese companiesrecognize the role of social mediain winning new clients andincreasing product sales
  • 18. China’s Top Micro-blogs
  • 19. Weibo Presents RisksAs Well As Opportunities
  • 20. MultimediaWith YouTube blocked, Chinese online videosites essentialChinas online video users expected to reachalmost 500 million by 2013Content can be easily shared on the Weiboand SNS platforms and then played directly
  • 21. 252 Million Smart Phone Users 1 billion mobile phones in use 66% use mobile phones to access online content
  • 22. THE GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINAAlmost All Western Social Media Blocked; Chinese Content Can Also be Blocked at Times
  • 23. Local Players Dominate All Key Sectors
  • 24. Local Players Dominate All Key Sectors
  • 25. Censorship Broadcast, Print and Digital Media are Closely Monitored; Editors andJournalists Alike are Under GovernmentPressures; Content Must Be Suitable for Public Consumption
  • 26. Does This Need ToNegatively Impact Your Business?
  • 27. Pay for Play
  • 28. Think BIGPlay to the Masses
  • 29. What Works In The USDoesn’t Always Translate
  • 30. Dos & Don’tsChinese Survival Guide
  • 31. Top Tips For Writing A Press ReleaseUnderstand your target audience andwrite copy that is interesting & relevantLocalize your content whenever possible,tailoring content so that it stands out andshows effort , Try to include a localcontact personKeep your headlines short – under 20characters is best, as many sites havelimitations regarding what theyll acceptKeywords are important, so think abouthow English content is translated; usenative speakers or translators that canbe trusted
  • 32. Top Tips For Building Media Relations!Personal relationships still key; face-to-face meetings still importantBe proactive and researchinformation about media points thatare of interestBe active in your communications,answer questions and dont beafraid to follow-up via telephoneUse social media platforms wherefeasible to build key influencers
  • 33. Getting Noticed Online!If serious about the Chinese market,optimize your website in ChineseSearch remains a key tool for bothconsumers and journalists, so ensurecontent is SEO-friendly, dominates the market withunique search rulesTraditional media still remain importantand influential, and major portals alsoaggregate their contentUtilize images and video to youradvantage. Youre much more likelyto get noticed and shared if you doThe major blogs and social mediaplatforms carry a lot of weight withsearch engines
  • 34. Remember….
  • 35. Get It Right, and…..
  • 36. Enjoy! SOURCE: 24/7 Wall St. (Jan. 2012)
  • 37. Q&A
  • 38. Thank You!