Maximizing the Impact of Webinars as a Lead Gen Channel


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Sarah Skerik,Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire
Bo Bandy, PR/Marcomm Manager, ReadyTalk
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  • Messaging needs to speak to specific audience interests. In the case of promoting a webinar, what is the “hook” for the audience? By the way, it’s not “XYZ Corp” is having a webinar!
  • Thanks, Sarah. As she mentioned, there is a lot that goes into creating and promoting a good webinar – identifying the right audience, finding the right distribution channels, and developing content to promote the webinar. On one hand, webinars are just a distribution channel, a way to delivery content on a topic to an audience. On the other hand, webinars are a valuable content marketing tool – creating content that can be used in lead generation channels.
  • In fact, 59% of respondents to a 2013 Content Marketing Institute study said they are using webinars as a tactic in their B2B content marketing strategy. In another study, B2B marketers rank webinars as the #3 tactic for content marketing, with 61% calling it effective. So, how are these marketers using webinars for content marketing?
  • Sarah talked about the need to identify audience interests. Webinars are a great way to identify those interests. What are the topics and themes that are coming up during the webinar? Are several attendees asking the same question? If so, that question and answer might be a great topic for your next piece of content. Polls are another great place to mine ideas. At the start of today’s webinar, we asked you share XXX. We can easily take those responses and turn that into additional content. Another place to look for topic ideas is Twitter. We’ve had some great comments on Twitter today. Many people shared some of Sarah’s key points around audience identification. To me, this suggests that I should spend some time developing content around “How to Identify Your Webinar Audience.”
  • Not only are webinars a great place to find content webinars, they are also a great source of content. Here are 19 pieces of content that can be generated from a single webinar.
  • Creating 19 pieces of content is going to be time consuming and it may not be practical for every webinar. Leveraging the webinar recording is an easy way to get a better ROI from your webinar while getting twice as much content. <talk about each tactic>
  • Whether you’re creating 19 pieces of content or just a few, the success of your webinar and your content marketing program depends on your audience’s ability to find that content. Successful promotion is key. To make it easier, ReadyTalk has integrated directly with PR Newswire so you can easily promote your webinars when you are scheduling them. We’re going to take a few minutes to answer questions and then Beth T., product strategist from ReadyTalk is going to do a short demo of our iReach, our integration with PR Newswire. If you’re interested; please stay with us for that demo. Now for your questions.
  • Maximizing the Impact of Webinars as a Lead Gen Channel

    1. 1. #RTwebinar #PRNEDU Maximizing the Impact of Webinars as a Lead Gen Channel
    2. 2. #RTwebinar #PRNEDU Sarah Skerik VP Content Marketing PR Newswire @sarahskerik Bo Bandy Marketing Communications Manager ReadyTalk @bo_knows_
    3. 3. #RTwebinar The building blocks of discovery A Audience I Interests D Distribution
    4. 4. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Audience: ID & Cultivation • Social media is an amplification engine – Community provides context. – Community provides interest. – Community provides credibility.
    5. 5. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU The Audience Effect: Find the people who care & interact with them. In less than 24 hours 4 Tweets generated: • 100+ social shares of a blog post promoting a webinar • 23 click-throughs to the registration page
    6. 6. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Interest: Identify the keys to audience interest
    7. 7. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Need some help finding your keys? • Sales & customer service teams • Search terms • Search results • Popular content on your web site or blog • Social networks
    8. 8. #RTwebinar Distribution: Seed discovery
    9. 9. #RTwebinar
    10. 10. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU A real-life example:
    11. 11. #RTwebinar #PRNEDU
    12. 12. #RTwebinar #PRNEDU
    13. 13. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU A Webinar is a Vehicle that Delivers AND Creates Content
    14. 14. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Webinars as Content 59%of marketers are using webinars in B2B content marketing strategy Webinars are the #3tactic for content marketing 61%of B2B marketers call it an effective tool for content marketing
    15. 15. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Crowdsource Content During the Webinar Let your webinar audience generate content ideas: •Chat and Q&A •Polls •Twitter stream
    16. 16. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU 19 Pieces of Content from a Webinar
    17. 17. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Double Your Content Recordings give you 2X the content. Edit a short 2-minute segment and share it: •Email •Press release •Blog post •Social media •YouTube •Embed in a web page •Podcast it
    18. 18. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU The Benefit of Webinar Promotion Easy-to-use and cost-effective, iReach offers several benefits: •Broader (but targeted!) promotion •Automatically promote your webinar on and make it findable by search & news engines •Ability to target the most relevant audiences when PR Newswire tags your releases for the right industries, subjects and geographies •Increase your website visibility •Drive more visitors to your site by including back links in your release •Your press release is hosted forever with PR Newswire, which includes a search-friendly permalink URL
    19. 19. #RTwebinar#RTwebinar #PRNEDU Questions?