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BDI Dallas TX


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Presentation by Victoria Harres of PR Newswire, introducing the April 2012 Dallas TX BDI sessions.

Presentation by Victoria Harres of PR Newswire, introducing the April 2012 Dallas TX BDI sessions.

Published in: Business, Spiritual

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  • Many thanks to our sponsors: Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Club, and the Dallas Chapter of PRSA.
  • The emergence of social media and owned media has radically evolved the nature of earned media. Communicators must evolve with it, or risk irrelevance. This presentation addresses just some of the forces at play…. and how PR Newswire can enable heightened, relevance and renewed opportunity.
  • At PR Newswire, we describe the ability to act and react in real-time as Agile Engagement. Consumers, decision-makers, the media, bloggers and social influencers are in perpetual motion. Channel hopping. Channel straddling. Receiving information. Transmitting information. Playing forward information. For communicators, the result is a need to more intelligently cut through the clutter and identify the sources who really matter. And to engage those sources with a whole new level of agility. This infographic was developed to provide a framework to move from audience engagement to Agile Engagement - listening, acting, reacting and reviewing via a continuous loop. We believe it is one of the most important evolutions taking place in earned media.
  • While circular, Agile Engagement does have a starting point: The ability to listen to and analyze what ’s being written by relevant source about brands, people, trends and topics. With this listening comes the kind of insights needed to develop more compelling and effective communications strategies. One of the keys to listening, though, is being able to hear what really matters. There ’s a tremendous amount of noise “out there.” It’s coming from traditional channels, digital channels and, increasingly, social channels. Cutting through the noise to get to the good stuff is key.
  • With strategy in place, two inter-related next steps are to target content – from releases to papers to research to video – to individual influencers, to media sources and to social influencers. Today, this is where brand reputation lives. It ’s where brand and purchase decisions are affected. Real-time and flexible targeting – from traditional to digital to social networks to your networks – is a new mandatory. And so is the ability to leverage, customize and optimize content in multiple formats, to make it more relevant and meaningful to the individuals and audiences where it needs to have the greatest impact.
  • Listening…targeting…developing and customizing content…as essential as all these activities are to enable Agile Engagement, so is the ability to distribute your content, again in real-time (or near real time). You need to be able to distribute content across all channels, from large scale audiences audiences of one. And you have to be able to measure the engagement with your content…all the way to business outcomes. This ongoing measurement and analysis in turn lets you quickly listen and re-analyze…and to optimize your targeting and content to continually improve engagement.
  • Importantly, measurement has to be actionable. From reach to impact to interaction to sentiment, a dashboard driven and real-time measurement capability is yet another mandatory for Agile Engagement.
  • As stated earlier, it all needs to be circular. The process and the work flow of Agile Engagement require that listening, acting, reacting and reviewing be a continuous loop. In many ways, Agile Engagement is where earned media has evolved to . It has become so important to so many of our customers, and so many PR, social media and integrated marketing practitioners that PR Newswire has evolved its solutions to fully enable Agile Engagement.
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    • 1. Speakers _________________________________________ Victoria Harres, PR Newswire @victoriaharres Adrian Parker, Intuit, @adriandparker Eddy Badrina, Buzzshift, CherryPick, @eddybadrina Brett Relander, Tactical Marketing Labs, @brettrelander#PRNBDI@prnewswire@bdionline
    • 2. Earned MediaEvolved
    • 3. SPEAKERS _________________________________________ Victoria Harres, PR Newswire @victoriaharres Adrian Parker, Intuit, @adriandparker Eddy Badrina, Buzzshift, CherryPick, @eddybadrina Brett Relander, Tactical Marketing Labs, @brettrelander#PRNBDI@prnewswire@bdionline