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Robotic surgery market   sample ppt
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Robotic surgery market sample ppt


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  • 1. View Report DetailsGlobal Robotic Surgery Market -------------------------------- 2012
  • 2. View Report DetailsExecutive SummaryMany scientific discoveries and new technologies have affected the course of human existence on planet earth. One such technicaladvancement has been the development of next generation or robotic surgical equipments and the related treatment options. Theadvent of robotic surgery has significantly altered the face of surgical and overall healthcare, world over, due to extraordinaryaccuracy, precision, and faster recovery times it offers, which are also the fundamentals of improvement sought by the medicalfraternity globally. The worldwide market for robotic surgeries is poised to achieve sizeable growth in the times to come, replacingthe traditional methods of invasive surgery.The use of robotics in the medical sector is a growing phenomenon in both developed and developing regions of the world. The USis the leading market to claim the maximum amount of robotic applications, which is driven by increased awareness of the benefitsof robot-assisted surgical equipments among patients, surgeons, and hospitals alike; coupled with favorable demographic trends.The region also offers huge opportunities for greater adoption of robotic surgical procedures in future.In the past recent years, not only a significant shift from the traditional methods of minimally invasive surgeries to robot assistedtechniques has been observed, but the same has gradually found increasing use in diverse surgical interventions. Further, theincreasing desire of both patients and surgeons for most effective and advanced treatment options is encouraging increasedinvestment in robotic surgical equipments by hospitals across the globe. Moreover, the availability of favorable clinical data is alsoplaying an important role in the faster adoption of robotic surgery systems. Ageing population, which is on a constant rise worldover requires more surgical interventions, thus necessitating more use of medical robots. This coupled with the fact that health careexpenditures is increasing worldwide and more funds are being invested for adopting systems of treatment which provide bettermedical treatment will notable drive the world market for robotic surgeries.The global robotic surgery market is characterized by intense competition, rapid technological advancements, frequent new productintroductions, and evolving industry standards. Major players include Intuitive Surgical, Inc. MAKO Surgical Corp., Hansen Medical,Inc., and Accuray, Inc., among others. Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci system is the most widely accepted robotic surgical device in theworld market with key application areas being prostatectomy and hysterectomy.
  • 3. Global medical robotics and computer assisted surgery market is fast expandingall across the globe… Global Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Market: 2010-2016F  Global medical robotics and computer assisted surgery market was valued at approximately US$.........billion in 2010. The same is projected to reach nearly US$..........billion by 2016.  The factors responsible for growth in the worldwide market for medical robotics and computer assisted surgery include …………………………………………...  Surgical robots account for the largest share of approximately…….% in the global medical robotics and computer assisted surgery market . Global Minimally Invasive Device Market – by Value: 2010 & 2015E  Geographically, the US is the largest market for medical robotics and computer assisted surgery, worth nearly US$..........billion in 2010.  The worldwide market for minimally invasive surgical devices, noted to be worth US$..........billion in 2010, is expected to expand at a CAGR of about…..% to reach nearly US$............billion by 2016.
  • 4. da Vinci surgical robotic systems are fast replacing the conventional methods ofperforming surgery… Global da Vinci Annual Procedure Volume:2007-2011  Da Vinci surgical robotic system, a product of Intuitive Surgical, Inc., has been witnessing a significantly high adoption over the recent past, with approximately…………number of procedures performed in 2011, up…….% over a year ago period.  The rise in adoption rate of da Vinci surgical systems was mainly driven by …………, ………., and …………., among other factors.  As of the second quarter of fiscal 2012, Global da Vinci System Installed Base: 2007-Q212 approximately……systems were installed, worldwide, up ……% over 2007.  Da Vinci hysterectomy procedures accounted for the largest share in the total procedure volume in 2011, approximately……..procedures, surpassing the da Vinci prostatectomy procedure volume of …………
  • 5. Robotic surgery market is set to grow significantly in the times to come… Adoption of minimally Invasive Surgeries for Hysterectomy • The global market for robotic surgery is set to expand Procedures: 2011F significantly over the coming period on account of a huge target market opportunity in the form of………………………………………………………. • In addition, limitations of currently available surgical options for …………. also offer huge growth opportunity for the increased sale of robotic surgical devices. • Currently, pull through gynecology procedures is only…….% penetrated by the use of da Vinci robotic surgical systems, suggesting a huge gap to be filled bu the enhanced use of the same. Pull-Through Gynecology Procedures: Market Opportunity for da Vinci Systems: 2011 • da Vinci systems recorded a huge penetration level of about …….% in the total hysterectomy market, over the past two decades, compared to a trivial penetration rate of laparoscopic procedures. • Rise in global ……………, fast expanding ……….., and enhanced ………. are also the key factors driving the growth of worldwide robotic surgery market.
  • 6. View Report DetailsTable of Contents List of Charts and Tables Charts1. Robotic Surgery: An Introduction Classification of Medical Robotics1.1 Medical Robotics Information Flow in Robotic Surgery1.2 Robotic Surgery Global Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Market, 2010-2016F2. Global Market Structure The US Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Market, 2010-2016F2.1 Medical Robotics and Computer-Assisted Surgery Market Global Minimally Invasive Device Market – by Value, 2010 &2.1.1 Global Market 2015E2.1.2 The US Market The US Minimally Invasive Surgery Volume Growth, 2010 & 2015E The US MIS Market Share by Companies, 20112.2 Minimally Invasive Surgery Market Global Da Vinci Annual Procedure Volume, 2007-20112.2.1 Global Market Global Da Vinci Annual Procedure Volume – The US vs.2.2.2 The US Market International, 2007-2011 Global Da Vinci System Installed Base, 2007-Q2122.3 da Vinci Surgical System Da Vinci System Installed Base – The US vs. International, 2007-2.3.1 Introduction Q2122.3.2 da Vinci Worldwide Adoption Da Vinci Procedure Revenues, 2010-2015EProcedure Volume Da Vinci Prostatectomy Procedure Growth, 2006-2011 - Global Da Vinci Prostatectomy Procedure Growth - The US vs. - US International, 2006-2011Installed Base Da Vinci Hysterectomy Procedure Growth, 2006-2011 - Global Da Vinci Hysterectomy Procedure Growth - The US vs. - US International, 2006-2011Revenue Growth Other Da Vinci (non-dVH/dVP) Procedure Growth, 2010-2011 Newly Diagnosed Cases of Surgery Every Year – Breakdown by2.3.3 Types of da Vinci Procedures Type of Surgery: Target Market Opportunity, 2011Prostatectomy Procedure Growth No. of People Diagnosed with Arthritis in the US, 2005-2030F - Global The US Knee Implant Market, 2010 & 2015F - US The US Knee Arthroplasty Market, 2010-2015EHysterectomy Procedure Growth The US Hip Implant Market, 2010 & 2015F - Global - USOther Procedures
  • 7. View Report Details Reduction in Post Operative Pain in Robotic vs. Traditional2.3.4 da Vinci Robotic Surgical Systems: A Disruptive Innovation Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Pull-Through Gynecology Procedures: Market Opportunity for da2.4 Market Opportunities Vinci Systems, 2011 Adoption of minimally Invasive Surgeries for Hysterectomy2.4.1 Global Market Procedures, 2011 Global Healthcare Expenditure, 2005-2013ENewly Diagnosed Surgical Cases Growth of Global Aging Population, 2005-2012EBreakdown by Type of Surgery World Gross National Income, 2005-2010 Intuitive Surgical’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20112.4.2 The US MAKOplasty Procedure Volumes, 2008-2011 MAKO Surgical’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011Market Projections Accuray’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011-Arthritis Population Hansen Medical’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011-Knee Implant-Knee Arthroplasty Tables-Hip Implant Application of Medical Robotics3. Robotic Surgery - Market Dynamics Applications of Robotic Surgery Newly Diagnosed Surgical Cases: Detailed Bifurcation, 20113.1 Key Trends Market Opportunity for Intuitive Surgical’s Da Vinci Systems, 20113.1.1 Favorable Clinical Data: Driving Faster Adoption of Robotic Conversion to Robotically Assisted SurgeriesSurgical Systems Leading Companies in Robotics Assisted Surgical Equipment3.1.2 Growth in the Current Hysterectomy Market Market3.1.3 Rise in Pull-Through Procedures Encouraging da Vinci Comparison of Four Largest Robotic Surgery Companies – KeySales Financials, 20113.1.4 Increased Investment by Hospitals in Robotic Surgical Key Surgical Application Areas of da Vinci Surgical SystemEquipments Accuray, Inc.’s Surgical Systems’ Worldwide Installed Base, June3.1.5 Increasing Demand for Robot Assisted Arthroscopy 30, 20113.1.6 Shift from Traditional Laparoscopic Hysterectomies to daVinci Hysterectomy Procedures3.2 Industry Developments3.2.1 Introduction of Amadeus System3.2.2 New Single-Site Instrumentation for the da Vinci SiSurgical System
  • 8. View Report Details3.2.3 FDA Approval for Magellan(TM) Robotic System forPeripheral Vascular Interventions3.2.4 Simplified Treatment Option for Abdominal Surgeries:Micro-Robotics System3.3 Growth Drivers3.3.1 Rising Expenditure on Healthcare3.3.2 Increasing Global Ageing Population3.3.3 Rising Global Gross National Income4. Robotic Surgery - Competitive ScenarioCompetitive OverviewFinancial Comparison5. Company Profiles5.1 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesForming Strategic AlliancesFocus on Research & Development5.2 MAKO Surgical Corp.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesExpansion in Multicompartmental Knee ResurfacingConsistent Precision in Surgical Procedures5.3 Accuray, Inc.Business DescriptionKey Financials
  • 9. View Report DetailsBusiness StrategiesExpansion of Radiosurgery MarketContinuous Innovation through Collaboration5.4 Hansen Medical, Inc.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesAchieve Technological LeadershipLeveraging Open Architecture of its Platform
  • 10. View Report Details Contact Us:These are abridged and sanitized sample pages from the comprehensive report on the “Global Robotic Surgery Market”. Toknow more about this report or for any customized research requirement, please contact the following: Koncept Analytics CS-36, Second Floor, Ansal Plaza Vaishali, Ghaziabad, U.P. – 201010 Vikas Gupta T. +91-120-4130959 BD Manager C: +91-9811715635