Contemporary Issues


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Contemporary Issues

  1. 1. For a green and clean earth
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE OF PROJECT-“THE ENVIRONMENT”The subject ‘Contemporary Issues’ deals withthe study of current affairs happening around and the issues that have taken place in past but impinged even today. The study of Envir-onment is an indistinguishable part of Conte-mporary Issues and has to be studied. It involves apprehension of environmentand it’s relation with economy, Environme-ntal degradation, the vexed question of Glo-bal Warming, the Environmental movements & UNEP. However, these few topics do notcover the entire concept of Environment butthis information adds on our knowledge andenhances our understanding of“The Environment”
  3. 3. THE ENVIRONMENT The Environment, a term that encompasses all living and non-living things occurringnaturally on Earth. It is the total sum of livingand non living components ,enfluences and events surrounding an organism.
  4. 4. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE ECONOMY AND ENVIRONMENT The economy occupies some proportion of the available space, and this proportion could be large or small. The environment is shown as an open system in terms of energy, since energy is obtained from the sun, but as a closed system in terms of matter, since only stray meteorites add negligible amounts of matter to that already within the earth. RBEE MODELThis relationship between the economy and theenvironment is depicted in the RBEE Model .The economy is shown as an open subsystem of the environment. Matter and energy are extracted from the environment and transformed into goodsthat people use. Waste matter and waste energyare discharged by the economy back into theenvironment.
  5. 5. ENVIRONMENT DEGRATION Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through deple- tion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruct- ion of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife.
  6. 6. Deforestation Water PollutionAir Pollution Sound Pollution Ozone Depletion
  7. 7. GLOBAL WARMINGThe potential dangers of global warming are beingincreasingly studied by a wide global consortium ofscientists, who are increasingly concerned about thepotential long-term effects of global warming on ournatural environment and on the planet.Evidence can be seen throughout the world. Glaciersare melting in South America and Africa, amongother places. The poles are being hit hard. Thelevels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere directlycorrespond with the temperature of earth.Bollywood mega superstar Amitabh BachchanTuesday pitched in to flag the issue of globalwarming and sent a message to the burgeoningmiddle class in the country to understand itsdangerous after-effects
  9. 9. WORLD SHOULD BE WITHOUT BORDERSWe have done a grave mistake individing this world into nations.There is only one nation and that isthe world .World without borders’ isa book written by Lester R. Brown.The book is divided into five parts.The first part is the inventory ofmankind’s problems, second part is keys to our future, the third part is creating a global economy, the The author also says that a globalfourth is creating a global infrastru- communication system is needed.cture and the fifth part is shaping In the last two chapters, the authorthe future. In the last three parts, writes that a world without bordersthe author writes in detail about his will reduce many of our problems. Theidea of a world without borders. He number of poor people will besays that a global economy is reduced. The quality of life will beessential. We have to redistribute improved. Technology will be used forresources equally to all in the world. human needs in a very reasonableThe economies of the world have to unified and integrated.
  11. 11. RESOURCE USE & SUSTAINABILITYSustainability, in a broad sense,is the capa- Environmental sustainabilitycity of maintaining a certain process or state. Environmental sustainability is the It is now most frequently used in connection process of making sure current with biological and human systems. In an processes of interaction with theecological context, sustainability can be environment are pursued with thedefined as the ability of an ecosystem to idea of keeping the environment asmaintain ecological processes, functions, pristine as naturally possible basedbiodiversity and productivity into the future. on ideal-seeking behavior.Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment sothat these needs can be met not only in thepresent, but in the indefinite future. The termwas used by the Brundtland Commissionwhich coined what has become the mostoften-quoted definition of sustainabledevelopment as development that "meets the needs of the present without compromisingthe ability of future generations to meet their ownneeds."
  12. 12. ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT The environmental movement, a term that includes the conservation and green movements, is a diverse scientific, social, and political movement for addressingenvironmental issues. Environmentalists are also often linked with other social movements, such as human and animal rights and pacifism.
  13. 13. ENVIRONMENT & PEOPLEWe have seen how environment is important The mission of the Environmental Protection for us and it’s protection is even more impor- Agency is to protect human health and thetant. Recognizing this, Government and the environment. Since 1970, EPA has beenNGOs have taken initiative for securing the working for a cleaner, healthier environmentEnvironmental balance. for the American people.The government and the industry is jointlylaunching a partnership initiative for environ-mental protection. As many as 17 major indu-stries, including cement, aluminum, thermal power plants, oil refineries, pesticides, ironand steel, pulp and paper, copper and zinc,distilleries, sugar, petrochemicals, dyes anddye intermediates, caustic soda, pharmaceu-ticals, tanneries and fertilizer industries, have agreed to participate in the programme.EPA,united States Environmental Protection Agency, leads the nations environmentalscience, research, education and assessment efforts.
  14. 14. It`s mission is to promote and demonstrate innovative ways toimprove the air quality in Asian cities through partnershipsand sharing experiences.ICLEI-Local Government for Sustainability is an internationalassociation of Local Governments as well as national &regional Local Government organization that have made acommitment to sustainable development.
  15. 15. Chipko Movement, India In the 1970s and 1980s this resistance to the destruction offorests spread throughout India and became organized and known as the Chipko Movement. Sunderlal Bahuguna, pioneer of “Chipko Movement,” to save the trees from commercial logging has used this word long before our Munnabhai MBBS has used the word Jaadu Ka jappi.the magical hug
  17. 17. EPAUnited States EnvironmentalProtection Agency, leads the nationsenvironmental science, research,education and assessment efforts.The mission of the EnvironmentalProtection Agency is to protect humanhealth and the environment. Since 1970,EPA has been working for a cleaner,healthier environment for the Americanpeople.Ashoka Trust for Research inEcology and the Environment (ATREE)-works towards advancing environmentalprotection and conservation of biodiversity
  18. 18. UNEPThe UN Environment Programme (UNEP) It has played a significant role in developingcoordinates United Nations environmental international environmental conventions, activities, assisting developing countries in promoting environmental science andimplementing environmentally sound information and illustrating the way thosepolicies and encourages sustainable develo- can work in conjunction with policy, workingpment through sound environmental on the development and implementation of practices. It was founded as a result of the policy with national governments and regio-United Nations Conference on the nal institution and working in conjunctionHuman Environment in June 1972 and is with environmental Non-Governmentalheadquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. UNEP Organizations (NGOs). UNEP has also beenalso has six regional offices and various active in funding and implementingcountry offices. Its activities cover a wide environmentally related development projects. range of issues regarding the atmosphere,marine and terrestrial ecosystems.
  19. 19. The Film makers have come forward forspeading the awareness of Envirnomental Protection through their movies
  20. 20. AN INCONVENIENT TRUTHOfficial site of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, whichchronicles former Vice President Al Gores career-long crusadeto raise awareness about -- and stem the tide of -- the potentially catastrophic effects of global warmingA Civil Action (1999),John Travolta plays the lead as a civil ligation lawyer and his decade long case against an American corporation in a water pollutiondispute brought by citizens of a Massachusetts townFire Down Below (1997) Steven Seagal plays as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)agent assigned to track down the killers of a colleague. Turns outthe killers also happen to be involved in the dumping of toxic waste throughout Appalachia.The End of the World (2005)Starring: Gina Gershon, Cameron DaddoSuper-severe tornados and hurricanes set about wiping out theworlds major cities. Is global warming to blame? Well, its a little more complicated that that, but the answer and the action arepresented in an engaging way, albeit with the normal amount ofover-Hollywooded silliness. If you enjoyed The Day After Tomorrow,youll like this too.
  21. 21. SILENT SPRINGSSilent Spring is a book written by RachelCarson and published by Houghton Mifflinin September 1962. The book is widely creditedwith helping launch the Environmental Movement.When Rachel Carsons Silent Spring was publishedin 1962, it generated a storm of controversy overThe use of chemical pesticides.
  22. 22. Educationby Mr. Prakash DongreContemporary Issues by Dr. Suja RaoByPriyaranjanAmruta PawarRajesh Singh