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Olympus ipl brancom ideas Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Olympus
    Brand Experiential Idea’s for IPL & More
    a proposal by K & V Media Pvt. Ltd.
    21st March 2011
  • 2. Client Brief
    To create brand visibility across 9 cities wherein cricket matches will be played during the IPL season with a focus on ZOOM and the Binocular range
    Cities are Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune
    Indicative Budget given to the agency is Rs. 1.60 Lakhs per city
    The experiential program should be clutter breaking
    Agency cannot use intellectual properties such as IPL, Team Name, their logo’s or names of the main players
  • 4. It takes on an average 2 hours for any spectator to reach the queue of the stadium where the IPL match is being played…
  • 5. The spectator further has to further wait for 45 minutes to 1 hour in the queue to enter the stadium…
  • 6. He/She is brand-Olympus’s potentially captive audience during this period…
  • 7. Recommended ‘out of the box’ experiential idea’s for the IPL season
    These activation idea’s when weaved together form our activity for Olympus….
    However you may pick and choose as each idea is independent making our proposal modular
  • 8. Typical scenario’s experienced by the target audience in his/her journey to the stadium wherein IPL matches are being played…
  • 9.
    • Traffic Jams
    • 10. Bumper to bumper line up of cars moving at slow pace
    • 11. Lack of public transport vehicles
    • 12. Serpentine queues to enter the stadium
    • 13. Strict security preventing the spectator a number of items
    • 14. Spectators invariable forgetting to carry ‘cheering props’
    (Banners, placards, bugles, face paint etc.)
    • Spectators love to show off IPL memorabilia, it’s a step up
    for them in their social ladder and peer groups
  • 16. The ZOOM and Binocular range of products will be communicated through branding on various vehicles such as Banners, posters, T-Shirts etc.The agency recommends that the actual interaction between the brand and the TA in this program should be acutely relevant to the occasion and not be incongruous sales pitch
  • 17. Idea- i
  • 18.
  • 19. Quench your thirst! Capture the moment… Olympus
    Twelve promoters dressed in Olympus branded T-Shirts on six
    motorcycles; one riding and the other as a pillion rider; having
    ‘Olympus’ pole flags on their bikes; carrying a branded satchel
    bag; the satchel bag will have 100ml packaged mineral water
    bottles; the brand label will be removed from these bottles prior
    to the activity; a sticker mentioning ‘Quench your thirst, Capture
    the Moment…Olympus’ will be put on the water bottles in place
    of the branded wrapper
  • 20. Quench your thirst! Capture the moment… Olympus
    These six Olympus riders/Bikers, each with a pillion rider will be riding in packs of three bikes about 500 meters of each other
    They will stop/slow down at the traffic signals or the stationary cars stuck in a jam or moving slowly
    The pillion rider will offer the passengers the water bottles as refreshments and ride on…
  • 21. IDEA- II
    ‘Olympus- I was here’
  • 22. Olympus-
    I was here!
    Image created for representation purposes only
  • 23. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…
    A branded canter will have a central wall erected on the loading
    Bay; the wall will be branded both sides with a back drop;
    Backdrop will have large Olympus branding and the panoramic
    Photograph of the stadium wherein the IPL match is being
    played; it will have a line mentioning the two teams; it will have
    a line in funky young font which will read ‘Olympus- I was here’
  • 24. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Activity Flow!
    There will be a photographer with 4 girl promoters dressed in
    Olympus branded T-shirts and caps on the canter; this vehicle
    will be placed as close to the stadium entrance as permitted by
    the stadium authority and security personnel;
    The promoters will attract the crowd inviting them to capture
    the ‘moment’ when they came to see the match live…
  • 25. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Activity Flow!
    …the TA will be asked to pose in front of the backdrop and their
    photograph will be taken;
    a promoter will note his/her name and email id; this photograph
    will be mailed to person instantly;
    a picture will also be given to the TA on the spot in a Olympus
    branded cardboard frame as his/her personal memorabilia
  • 26. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Options!
    Options to the CANTER to optimize cost or in case permissions
    are not given for a vehicle with brand fabrication…
    Mahindra MAX, a relatively smaller vehicle
    Toyota Innova MUV
  • 27. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Activity Flow!
    In case of using the option of a Toyota Innova;
    on one side of the Innova, the space from roof to floor, tip of the
    bonnet to the rear hatch will be used as a Backdrop; the back
    drop will have the same creative as mentioned earlier; it will be
    printed on one way vision self adhesive vinyl; the Innova will be
    mobile and park itself where ever there is a large congregation of
    the spectators…
  • 28. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Activity Flow!
    …the girl promoters dressed in Olympus branded apparel will
    disembark the Innova and will start inviting the spectators and
    other passerby’s to come capture their moment and collect a
    personal memorabilia of‘Olympus- I was here’
    photograph; the spectator will be invited to stand against the
    branded face of the vehicle and the photographer will take his
  • 29. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Activity Flow!
    …the promoters will ask for his/her email id and have it emailed
    across before end of the match using the laptop and the
    Data-card kept inside the Innova; simultaneously his photograph
    polaroidwill be framed in an Olympus branded card board frame
    and given to him/her as his very own personal memorabilia
    showing the world that he was at the match!!!
  • 30. Olympus captures the moment- I was here…Value additions- Face Book, Twitter and brand website integration!
    The agency recommends that we upload these photographs on the Olympus Fan page on the Face book and email the link to the spectator;
    Create a micro-site branded Olympus Cricket Mania gallery on its website; upload these photographs on this site; also have visual collaterals of our product range on this page
  • 31. IDEA- III
    Relevant Insights-
    • Most of the spectators forget to carry ‘cheer’ props in a hurry to
    reach the stadium on time
    • Only a few of them invest in expensive IPL memorabilia on the
    occasion of watching the match live…
  • 32. ‘Cheers for your team’ Olympus Kit
    A team of 6 well groomed promoters will be positioned near the end of the queue of spectators wanting to enter the stadium
    These promoters will have two satchel bags with them…
    In one satchel there will be 100 ml water bottles which will be offered to the spectator in the queue as refreshment
    The other satchel will carry Olympus Kits; plastic pouches which will contain branded T- Shirts, Visors and Flags
  • 33. ‘Cheers for your team’ Olympus Kit…
    Kit Contents:
    Branded T-shirts
    Branded Visors
    Flags with Olympus
    branding and having a ‘4’
    or ‘6’ printed below the
  • 34. ‘Cheers for your team’ Olympus Kit…
  • 35. ‘Cheers for your team’ Olympus Kit
    The Branded T-Shirt will have the following printed on the front chest area- Olympus ‘Last name of the home team and ‘I Cheer for Olympus + last name of the team on the back side
    For eg. In Mumbai the T-shirts will have “Olympus Indians” on the front and “I cheer for Olympus Indian’s” on the back…similarly in Kolkata it will Olympus Knights in the front and ‘I cheer for Olympus Knights’ on the back
  • 36. ‘Cheers for your team’ Olympus Kit…
    This team of promoters will approach people in the queue on random and offer them water…
    The promoters will offer select few in the queue a ‘Cheer for your team’ Olympus Kit
    The logic being that even if 50% of these spectators wear our branded t-shirts or visors or wave branded flags on the players hitting boundaries then our brand has a very good chance of being captured by the TV camera’s panning the crowd
  • 37. An idea to create customer pull
  • 38. Capture the moment, this IPL!
    The agency will deploy posters in 2-3 or all leading counters in the target city from 30th March onwards; the posters to announce- ‘Buy any Olympus product from 31st March to 7th April and win an IPL ticket’
    The scheme would be for the customer to come to the Olympus counter, purchase any one product, fill in a form saying one line on ‘why he loves cricket’, give his/her contact details
    There will be luck raffle each evening after 8pm. and the lucky winner chosen
  • 39. Capture the moment, this IPL!
    There will be 20 lucky winners in any one city
    The agency will buy 20 IPL tickets, all in a single row in a single match wherein the cities home team is playing
    The agency will deliver the lucky ticket and a ‘Cheer for your team’ Olympus kit to the winner at his/her residence
    The Terms & Conditions for the winners in this contest will be wear the Olympus kit contents when they attend the match
  • 40. Capture the moment, this IPL!
    A residence pick-up and drop will also be assured
    To ensure that the contestants wear Olympus branded apparel
    The winners will then be seated in one row which will become branded Olympus row due to the fact that they all will be wearing branded apparel; this will increase the chances of getting panned y the TV camera as well as create awareness for the brand within the stadium
  • 41. Capture the moment, this IPL!
    The mechanics of this promotion are;
    Average sales price of an SKU at the Olympus counter-=6,500/-
    Total Number of target cities-=9
    Total winners per city-=20
    Hence assured sale across 8 cities will be 8x20x6500= 11,70,000/-
    Total cost of the tickets and posters @1000 per ticket= 200,000/- or 16-17% of sale value
    This cost of this activity will be recovered partially from the sale
  • 42. Using IPL to get Binoculars back in vogue…
  • 43. Viral visibility- Offering Binoculars for the match for ‘up-close viewing’
    The agency recommends that Olympus provides 20 binoculars for each match to the occupants of the VVIP box
    Well groomed hostesses will hand over to each entrant of this box a branded package; the hostess will collect the persons visiting card and seat number
  • 44. Viral visibility- Offering Binoculars for the match for ‘up-close viewing’
    Each occupant will be given a smart package which will have a letter from Morai san wishing the person a great time at the IPL match; a binocular and simple note on ‘how to use it’
    The occupant will therefore get free sampling of our product to view the match
  • 45. Viral visibility- Offering Binoculars for the match for ‘up-close viewing’
    The side body of the product chassis will have smart Olympus branding
    The occupant will return the camera to the hostess on their way out after the match
  • 46. Stretching the activity after the IPL IS OVER…
  • 47. SMS & EDM’s
    The agency will collate all data collected from its activities during the match and make a city wise database
    This database will have the customers name, mobile number and an email id
    The agency will then do one round of sms burst thanking the customer for taking part in the Olympus Cricket Mania
  • 48. SMS & EDM’s
    The sms will have a unique serial number; the customer will be urged to show this sms with the unique serial number at any Olympus counter and get exciting discounts, office valid for 30 days
    Like wise, an EDM will be done in a week from the sms burst with a similar offer
    A letter from the Olympus marketing team will be sent to all MBO’s announcing them of this scheme
  • 49. Olympus Calendar
    The agency strongly recommends that they hire a relatively well known photographer on Olympus’s behalf
    We gear the cameraman with our range of professional camera and accessories
    The professional camera man then shoots candid shots of IPL fever including few frames of the TA interacting with the activation team
  • 50. Olympus Calendar
    Twelve such shots are then shortlisted by Harshad, Creative head of the agency; they will be the ones having PIP of normal shot and Zoom shot. Four of these shots will be chosen of people using Olympus Binoculars
    These shots are then used in making a annual Olympus Cricket Mania calendar
  • 51. Olympus Calendar
    These calendars will then be distributed to groups of TA wherein the applicability of our ZOOM and binoculars are most relevant
    Some examples are;
    All Bullet clubs in India
    Jeep lovers Club
    Rally Clubs
    Highway Automobile Associations
    Mountaineering clubs
  • 52. Investments
  • 53. Investments
  • 54. Lets take the crease!